Saturday, December 24, 2011

From Smutty Hussy Cecile To All... Merry Christmas

 I want to wish all My Hussy & Smutty Friends....
A Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

But before I show you what wonderful presents are left at the lair....
May your weekend be filled with to much love,May you enjoy each day spent with family,
May you enjoy a whole lotta food!
Don't let the day get to you...
Put up your feet... Let the kiddies run wild... Let the wine run free
and enjoy the day that has been given to us!

But most of all, let's remember the real reason we are here to celebrate...

Then of course..... 
Let us remember the real reason why this Smutty Hussy Loves Christmas!!

I love that picture!!!

Now for the Smutty Part of Christmas!

Now tell me....

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Lol, yes what would xmas be without those last pics ;)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! :D Have a lovely holiday

  2. Merry Christmas, Cecile.

  3. Merry Christmas beautiful!! :)

  4. Hello, my dear friend!!!

    Oh my gosh do I seriously *heart* your post!!! LOL! I miss you lots and lots, and am hoping your Christmas weekend is going well for you! Merry Christmas, Cecile!!! *holiday hugs*


  5. Merry Christmas you hussy you! Mwah! I hope you have a great one with lots of fun and naughtiness.

    If you'd like a steamy read, check out the story at Passionate Ink and have a chance to win some awesome books.

    Sending holiday cheer your way.

  6. Merry Christmas Cecile! I hope you have a great one. ((Hugs))

  7. Merry Christmas! =D I love cookies and cake, but I love me some sexy men even more. ;D

  8. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  9. I always think Christmas is for families, but wouldn't have minded sharing mine with that Christmas baby on the card... "phwoar", as we say on this side of the pond :o)


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