Thursday, August 11, 2011

**OUT NOW** First Night by Cassidy Hunter

I have sooo stole this from Cassidy's website! I just had to get the word out!!

First Night by Cassidy Hunter

First Night has a release date of August 8 with Liquid Silver Books! And you can find it now (pre-order) at All Romance eBooks. Read chapter one here.

Mila lives with her shadow and her people in a cursed clan. The Myaian men cannot get their women pregnant, and in order for their people to survive, sympathetic outsider clans determined to do their duty donate their men to the Myaian women; but only one man every few years.

When Mila is chosen, she is ecstatic. She wants a baby more than she’s ever wanted anything--at least until she meets the huge Ednian, Lake.

In spite of a rocky start, the two can’t deny the bonds that begin to form between them, both physically and emotionally.

Then Mila’s shadow nearly kills her and Lake, determined to get her and his future child away from danger, takes her damaged and unconscious to his people.

Mila isn’t about to let him rule her life. When he refuses to allow her to return to her village to see to her people, she sneaks away and runs straight to the arms of a nightmare.

Now her only hope of surviving is the man she left. Will he reach her in time to save not only her, but the child she carries?

First Night by Cassidy Hunter

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  1. Hey Cecile *blows air kisses* Hope all is well!!

    Love this cover - it's gorgeous!

  2. Hey Cecile! I adore you! Thank you so much for helping me get the word out about First Night. :)

    I've already received a review for First Night, so I'll just paste it here! The reviewer said I could ;)

    Review: Jarrah Dale from Goodreads-

    "I pretty much only give 5 *'s to a book that I would gladly read again. And this is one that I would gladly read again.

    My one word of advice?

    Ignore the cover!!!!!!!!*(Okay, she doesn't think the cover is dark enough for the story.:))

    There, with that done, here's why YOU should buy this book, NOW:

    1. You like vampire stories, but you don't like them all warm and fuzzy. You want some danger to your read.

    2. You like smutty interludes with odd creatures.

    3. You like to mix it up with a dark -fairly tale like - read once in a while that grips you by your toes and makes you squeal!

    4. You like girls and guys that are tough enough to do what they need to do, and don't mind seeing a few of the characters who gave the H/H a bad time coming to a bad end!

    5. In summary, you like smutty fairy-tale-like dark stories about vampires who aren't as nice as they seem (pet, pet, but don't bite!) and like a read that will keep you turning the page for hours as a time.

    So go BUY it already."

  3. Thanks, Patti! The cover was created by Anne Cain :)

  4. That's one of the nicest covers I've seen in ages. The story sounds great too.

  5. Patti (Caught in a FAB Romance)~ Oh gosh, it has been a while honey! How I have missed you! And I see you changed your name (a bit)! I hope all is well honey!

    Cassidy Hunter~ Hey honey! Did you honestly think you could sneak this around me! I guess not! Just holla on me anytime honey! You know I love ya! And of course I am so glad that you posted the review here! Girl, let's get that word out!

    Lucy V Morgan~ Hi there!!! I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for peeking in!!!

  6. oooh! sounds good, cecile! i just may have to add to my shopping list! :)


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