Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fly-By Review: Asylum by Cassidy Hunter

After defeating the bears in Sanctuary, Kimberlyn, Logan, Andrew, and Elijah discover new passions and have a few peaceful months exploring their deep love and hot passions.

The peace ends when Kimberlyn stumbles upon a vampire who begs Logan for asylum, and Logan has no choice but to grant it. The vampire has a hidden agenda, and once he has Kimberlyn addicted to him, the wolves must keep him alive at any cost. If he dies, Kimberlyn dies.

With the vampires comes the wolves’ fifth -- and a whole new set of problems when Kimberlyn refuses to share her men, can’t get enough of the vampire, and finds new desires with this unusual addition to the pack.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m, m/f/f/m/m, m/m/m/f/m), same-sex sexual interaction/practices (f/f, m/m), sex in partially shifted form, violence.

I obtained the above information from Loose Id's website.

This is not a short story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Cassidy put out another non-stop, riveting, heart pounding story of a pack of wolves who's lives are about to change due to the course of fate... Can fate be cruel with a twist of nice or can she be sweet with a side of nasty??

This book follows on the heels of Sanctuary... where Kimberlyn, Logan, Andrew, and Elijah defeat what they thought was a problem... now they are faced with all sorts of things plotting against them... Can they handle it??

This book was loaded with action, which I really loved. The loving is off the charts... which you will have to find out for yourselves... What - you thought I was going to give that away... Oh no...!!! If you have not read Sanctuary yet, I am demand you go out and get it today... so you can see what is to come in this story!!!!

To read more about Ms. Cassidy Hunter, please visit her website!!

**Fly-By Review... I am still out on vacation for a while, but I wanted to send this review out to you guys... So, in the future please know that I am still here....**

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  1. Hey Cecile! It has been too long! We are due for an immediate catch up.
    Thanks so much for the review. I'm happy you enjoyed Asylum! :)

  2. PS...I need to let everyone know that Asylum isn't actually a short. It's length is novel plus ;)

    Thanks again, Cecile!

  3. Wow that girl has a lot of men o_O

  4. Hey Cassidy!!! I am sorry, I accidentally put the notice about the short story. That was an opps on my part! But it was an awesome story!!!!!! And yes, we do need to catch up!

    Blodeuedd!! Hey honey... yes, she kinda does have more than a few men... but it is a good story!

    Have a great day ladies!

  5. I share your feelings about short novels, novellas and short stories--they are just short and leave little time for character and situational expansion. Even full-length novels sometimes cut such development short, but they are good anyway. Yet there are some wonderful stories out there and for paranormal lovers this sounds like a good one. Delighted to read your post.


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