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Quickie Giveaway & Gina Gordon Gets Naughty at the Lair!

The Lair would like for you to give a warm welcoming to...

Ms. Gina Gordon.....

She has seem to have snuck in the Lair undetected

and brought with her.... some hot men.......

The Temptation of the Alpha Male

We all give in to temptation. Whether it’s coming on to the handsome man from your neighborhood, eating that sinful dessert that goes straight to your thighs, or buying those knee-high leather boots you’ve been eyeing in the store window for months.

We all know Cecile can’t resist her Tribal men *wiggles eyebrows*

Admittedly, my biggest temptation is books. I know, I know, boring right. But I cannot go into a book store and NOT buy a bag full of books. It’s sort of like I’m on auto pilot. And that buy with one-click option on Amazon isn’t doing me any favors either.

But since we’re in the lair, I will stay true to my fine Hussy form and talk about the next best thing to books—the Alpha Male!

I like the take-charge confidence and masculine presence of a man that knows what he wants and how to get it. I love that tortured soul with a rough exterior that turns to total goo when he finds his soul mate. I swoon over a man that takes control but knows exactly when to step back and give the heroine room to exercise her own strength. I like knowing that a man can get so riled up with want that he teeters on the edge of losing control—but of course never does. At least not with the heroine, but that doesn’t stop him from ripping off the head of the bad guy.

I recently watched the movie Speed with my husband for about the gazillionth time and I had forgotten that Jack Traven is the quintessential Alpha Male. Keanu Reeves is perfect in his portrayal of a bomb squad cop, his body buff and his hair buzzed. That white t-shirt and cargo pants just add to the sexy package. Damn that Sandra Bullock was a lucky gal. But I digress.

I am usually a fan of cowboys who can very much be Alpha Males, Lorelei James writes an Alpha cowboy like no other. But the image of a uniformed/military Alpha has been weighing heavy on my mind because of these:

You can’t get any more Alpha than these covers. You can’t get any more drool worthy. Thank you Lori Foster (:

In short, there is nothing more appealing than an Alpha Male. And for all you women who squawk about the unrealistic portrayal of men in romance novels and how they are always sexy and hot and extremely built—well….you can stick it! I love the fantasy of the romance hero. I love the hope that somewhere out there is a woman who has found her real Alpha cowboy and indulges in being tied up to her headboard night, after night, after night.

So what about you? Are you an Alpha or Beta?

Now for the time you all have waited for - besides seeing those hot covers.....

Giveaway time!!!

Now this is going to be tricky.... Because I asked you if you are an Alpha or Beta....
You have to answer that... Only because I am curious.. hehehe..

But the real question is....

What is your Naughty Temptation????

The winner will win an ecopy of
Temptation in Lingerie!!!!!

Don't forget to leave your email addy!!!!!!

The contest ends.....

April 20 (TONIGHT) at Midnight EST
My Time Zone - Gina

And I will announce the winner....
April 21st Thursday

Here in the comment section...
So, bookmark this post and come back tomorrow to see if you won!!!

So hurry up and thanks for playing!!!

Gina Gordon is an erotic romance writer living in Toronto, Canada. Her latest release, Temptation In Lingerie, is available now from Lyrical Press. Find out more about Gina at
And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. I definately love Alpha men! Unfortunately, my biggest temtation is also books. Even knowing that I have alot already to read, I can't resist buying more, and then more and more. I think there should be a rehab, no never mind. I would not go! LOL

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  2. I love a strong alpha man in books but in real life he would get on my nerves really fast. My temptations are books and contest. I have so many books to read that I could go forever without buying anymore but I can't help myself if I see a book that looks good as soon as I can afford it I will buy it.

  3. LMAO @ --- you can stick it!
    you got that right :)
    Great post.I love those covers you posted..yum :)

    (don't enter me in the contest)

  4. Hi June! If there was a rehab for books I would fall off the wagon every time. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Sherry! Hmmm..I don't know. I think I could handle an Alpha Male. And I agree, my tbr pile is disgustingly huge. Thanks for commenting.

    Hi Elaine! I would never tell you to stick it LOL

  5. Alpha 100% to the core. I like them hot as hell, rough around the edges, and in control. Especially in the bed room, or bathroom or wall... Whatever you all know what I mean. Thanks for the opportunity for something from the awesome Gina G.
    janeencerrito at yahoo dot com

  6. What a great giveaway thank you much I love to read about alpha males the strong take the lead types! The book sounds so good can't wait to read it!

  7. I'm going to say alpha, but it really depends on the character and what his priorities are.
    My biggest temptation is dessert.

  8. Janeen, ...or car, or kitchen or floor LOL I get it. Thanks for commenting.

    latishajean, I love when a man takes the lead..those are my favorite books (: Thanks for stopping by.

    Leni, dessert is good too! What about an Alpha Male feeding you chocolate mousse while you read a book? Sounds good to me! Thanks for commenting.

  9. I love Alpha men also. My biggest temptation is books. I can't get enough of them. I am always either buying them or winning them. I have so many book write now. I enjoy reading so very much. Its my to escape from my life. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  10. I love the Alpha Male (notice the caps). My naughty temptation is reading erotic romance. It was my big secret until just recently! :)

  11. ALPHA ALL THE WAY! I don't want anything else. That is the only type of man that can handle me. ITA he has to be confident, masculine, dominant.

    Oh yes, those covers from Lori Foster are to die for.......

    My Naughty Tempation: porn.

  12. Tore, looks like Alpha's and books are very popular! Thanks for stopping by.

    Jen B, tell the world. Nothing to be ashamed about. I love the looks I get when I'm standing in the erotica section of the book store (:

    Artemis, all mean business LOL thanks for commenting

  13. Cecile's loyal are the best. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment.

    And the winner of a copy of Temptation In Lingerie is....

    (And you can thank my cubicle mate for pulling a name out of a plastic bag lol)


    I will email you with your prize later tonight.

    Thanks again!

  14. HELLOOOO! Wow, ok I know the competition is over, but I have been a bit of a naughty awol blogger but now I am back and blogging like a maniac and trying to catch up, but that is all an aside.

    COZ I LOVE ALPHA! It is true I do, the odd thing is on Monday I blogged on Gutter Girls about how I loved Vikings....been to see Tron you see.

    I want an alpha on the outside, sqishy in the middle with a strong core, who won't mind bad tempered little me. =D

    Great post! I have missed all of this.


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