Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay... what more could you ask for???

Okay, I was taking my afternoon snack break at work... and it hit me!!!
I like making everyone feel a part of the group... so I figured I would share my snack with you. all... You can each have a piece of chocolate... (((Not my Angel!!))) But lo and behold my Angel did come to me with chocolate all over him... Yes, I did shut my office door while I had my snack...

It is Wednesday and the week is almost over!!! Hope you enjoy your afternoon snack... I sure did ***wiping the corners of my mouth, wink wink, he was very yummy for the tummy (((and other parts as well)))***

With lots of love going to you...


  1. Mmmmm I am sure he was very yummy for the tummy-
    I need to go and wipe off some drool now

  2. LOL!!! He was... I need more afternoon snacks like him more often!!!

  3. He just might be too rich for my blood.. I'm glad you had him...

    And i hope it was good for him too...


  4. Erotic!!! LOL!!! Girl... let's just say that I won't be going see my doctor for any tests soon... I am sure I have high blood pressure, high cholestrol, and everything else under the sun from too much of him... but damn was he worth it!! LOL!!

  5. You know he was good before but now with the chocolate........oh yea......that's really good!! :) I need a chocolate break!

  6. That is what I thought when he walked into my office with the chocolate over him... I needed that break!! LOL!!

  7. Huh? What? Did you write a post? Between Edward and your angel, my eyes are otherwise occupied;)

  8. BTW - Today is Robert Pattinson's B-day!!

    What should we get him for a present??? :)

  9. Yuuuummmy! Chocolate and a sexy bound angel. Now that's my kind of afternoon delight. *wink*

    :) VFG

  10. Hi Cecile!

    I'll have some please! Extra chocolate on mine!

    Yum Yum. I love chocolate...especially chocolate covered angels.

    Dottie :)

  11. Oh I am sorry Mandi that I did not response quicker... I was giving Edward/Robert his present!!! ***very evil smile on my face***

    Oh Yes Vamp & Dottie... I think this will have to become a regular on my site... and afternoon delight is what we should call it... because believe me after seeing him bound... ****oh what naughty thought am i thinkin***

  12. OMG...I love the angel, the lips, the chests, the...need I say more?


    YAP, I need to add a link to your blog ...great blog you've got!

    huh, oh, there was a book you were talking about? Sorry, I missed that. ;-)


  13. Hello Ms. Hawk!! I am glad that you hopped on over to check my place out!!!
    Yes, I stole MY angel from Sophie's Renwick place. He was begging me to take him!!! And who am I to turn him down!!!
    I am glad that you liked my place and hope you stay!!

  14. Awesome Angel and chocolate! Who could ask for more!!!


    Great post Cecile.

    And everything seems to be working fine.

  15. Thanks Lea!! Yea, this angel is becoming my cup of coffee in the morning!! I am liking waking up to him!!! *wink*
    Thanks for checking out my place to make sure all is well in it... I think some of my problems... is work!! I think they actually want me to do something sometimes... instead of play lol!!

  16. Man, oh, wait...gotta get the drool off the keyboard, fingers keep slippin'..ok, now what was I saying'...oh yeah, wings and bound hands. I hope those are really big knots, hehehe

  17. LOL!!! Thanks for coming over Cybercliper!!! Hope you like the place and stick around!!! It has been fun!! Girl... I love me some angel... with bound hands.... fun to play with!!!


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