Monday, May 4, 2009

Book Diet ~ Smook Diet!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! In our little country town, Saturday the weather was absolute beautiful and Sunday was okay with some afternoon thunderstorms...

Now... for those that don't know... besides my regular day job (accountant), I have picked up a side job at a local plantation by my house. I help to cater whatever events they have if needed... I have done two events in the past two weeks and Friday was my first paycheck. So, as promised to myself... I would treat myself to some books!!!
That is why I got the job... to buy books (yea really.... no ~ part of the reason is Brooke's school is hosting a trip next summer to France/Spain and I WOULD LOVE TO SEND HER, so to help out with the cost of sending her and possibly ME, I have picked up this job to save the money.)
But first I wanted to treat myself!!! So, I worked again Saturday alllll day from 9 in the morning till 7 that night non-stop!!!
So today (Sunday), we did our normal grocery shopping and Brooke wanted to buy herself a couple of things... so we agreed she could go to the mall if she took me (because she drives) to Borders!!!!

And this is what I walked away with... are you ready for this...

Get ready for this one ladies!!!!

I am not sure you guys are ready for this one...

Now for this book, I will need to get Trail by Fire first, before reading this one... But I could NOT resist the cover! You want to talk about smokin' hawt!!!

Then thanks to Barbara and Charlotte for introducing me to this treat of a book...

Thanks to Dottie for allowing me to see this on her site... and I could not resist a title like this..

Thanks to the ladies at Lust In Time and Barbara again.... for making me look at this hot cover for ohhh sooo long...
Now, most of you know that me and Erotic Horizon did a duel review on Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs and they heard my only complaint about the book was that it did not tie in properly with the beginning of the actually story... so when I saw the cover it cried my name.... no really I am telling you, it was really crying. It was saying "Cecile **sniff sniff***, you need to read me to finish the story that you started to be satisfied." Now, come on... we all know you can not argue with a book and win!! So, I bought it....

I bought this book because I am trying to get my grubby hands on this series before I start reading... so when I saw this one... (because of my bad experiences of leaving a book behind and it not being there when I return...) I bought it...

Then thanks to VampGirl's week long drool fest over these brothers... I needed to ge this book to start reading the series.... I had to buy it.... I mean, it was treat to me day!!!

Now for the one I have really been saving for you guys...

This one...well... Hell, I will admit as any grown woman should... I bought this strictly for the cover.... Hell, it could have been in Spanish (and I don't even speak Spanish).. it could have been about how to fix a car part or how to... Hell, I didn't give a sh*t what the book was about, I just wanted to damn thing!!!!! Actually the blurh was pretty hot!!!! So, I might have to skip the BDB series just to read this one first lol!!!

And here is what got my juices going in Borders... I think I was even a little flush and drooling after looking at the cover... because there was actually a cute guy not far from me that keep looking at me... wonder why... lol!!!! Probably because of the drool...

Now what you think about that cover VampGirl???
Oh and Charlotte and Vamp.... you see what kind of hussy you have trained here!!!!!
I catch on quick!!! If this is what being a hussy is alllll about... girls I am so in over my head it ain't funny!!!!

***Cecile stands up....clears her throat....***
Hi, my name is Cecile and I am addicted to books. As you can see, I have a problem. The first step they say is admitting you have one... The second step is going buy more books.. I willl see you at my next meeting with some more books in hand***
Still staring at Sexy Devils!!!!!!!

Now, I want to thank everyone for posting reviews, giving your insights to books and to posting your widgets and you pictures of books; because without you guys, I would never know about new authors or exciting books to read. So, to everyones site that I have visited/will continue to visit thank you because i have walked away with something... a book in hand!!!! Thank you!!! You guys are awesome!!!


  1. Hey Cecile,
    You got some fine books there!
    Diary of Cozette is one of my favorites. You'll like Jo Davis. I just picked up Under Fire too. I really liked Trial By Fire. It is smokin hot! Of course, JR Ward, now you'll be an addict too!

    That sounds awesome, a school trip to France/Spain. I don't know if my school district does anything like that. I know there is one closer to Buffalo that does a three week exchange student program. Devin would so love to do that! But I'm not sure if we'll be in NY then, but that's for another day :). I hope you are able to save up the money. What an experience for her!!

  2. Cecile,

    What a haul. I was eyeballing that Jo Davis book earlier - will have to put that series on the TBR list. :) You can't go wrong with the Black Dagger Brotherhood - that is one of our favs (I have a 17 year old daughter).

    Books Rock!!


  3. HELLO Sexy Devil. If I had that book, I would cut the cover off and put it in a frame next to my laptop.:)

    Dark Lover, Desire Unchained and On the Prowl - all favs of mine. You made out well!!

    p.s. I'm an accountant too:)

  4. Hi Cecile,
    Oh no, you made me drool. That was one hot cover you saved for last.

    BDB yes :D And I sure wanna read that Angie Fox series, it looks so fun

  5. Hey Amy!!!
    Dairy of Cozette, yes, I saw that one at Barbara's site forever! So, when I actually saw it and had it in my hands... It said take me home.
    Now the Under Fire series... I went visit Romance Bandits blog and that day ~ that was there special!!! And when I saw that cover... Well, *wipiing drool off* I just had to have it. I looked around for Trial by Fire, but they did not have it. So, I will have to save that for another day!
    And thanks to VampGirl for the BDB's addiction, I am already hooked and haven't read any of them yet!
    The trip... yes, I know they will have fun raisers and stuff like that, but I would like to save as much as I can for her. The trip will cost the same for me to go to (hubby said he is not into that - so if I can go, he wants me to go). Knowing Devin... he would love to go there... That would really get his creative juices flowing!!

    Michelle, Good Morning!!! You are right... I can not go wrong with getting the BDB books... I have acquired the first two now! I even saw the hardback at Wal-Mart Sunday, but I had to pass it knowing I had just bought all of these! Glad to see your daughter has her mothers taste in books!!!

    Mandi... YES... HELLO SEXY DEVILS!!!! Girl... the cover if freaking HAWT!!!!!! I can not wait to jump in that books!!!

    That is cool that you are an accountant too!! =)

  6. BTW- love Edward at the top of your page.

  7. Cecile!!! First of all, nice pic of Edward! Second, a Plantation?!?! How freakin' cool is THAT! I'd love to visit one.

    Okay, on to the books...DAYUM, girl! Go you!!! YAY!! You have Addicted and The Diary of Cozette!! OMGosh, I hope you love them as much as I did.

    As for the others you really got some smokin hot covers posted up there!

  8. Hi Cecile!!
    You got lots of awesome books!!! :)

  9. Blodeuedd honey, Drool away... cuz I have not stopped drooling that since that book hit my hot little hands!!! And yes, Ms. Fox series is smoking hot... no it really is... It is about firefighters!!! And they sound oh soooo delicious!!!!

  10. Thanks Mandi! Once I figured out that I could move him around... Oh you better believe he was going at the top... I mean that is where he belongs on top of me... oh I mean my page!!! LOL!!!

  11. Hey Barbara!!! That picture of Edward... just leaves me breathless every time!!!
    Yep... the plantation is about 2 miles from my house. And believe it or not, I have never been there before. I have seen it online, but never actually went there. Till I started working there! It is beautiful, I love history!! Visit me sometimes and we can go to probably about 4/5.

    Dairy of Cozette and Addicted, I got mainly because of you!!! You girls drive me to buy more books!!!! And when I saw these on the shelf, they talked me into getting them!
    Hot covers seem to be the theme for this shopping trip!

  12. Thanks Blanche... now it is to figure out when one I am going to read now!!! LOL!! If I had to judge based on covers... SEXY DEVILS wins hands on me... I mean hands down!!! LOL!!! A girl can wish!!! **Wink**

  13. Cecile!

    I just spewed my rice! You are too funny girl! OMG!!

    Awesome haul you got there. Yikes! a second job to service your book addiction - yeah well I work overtime to fund it, so what can I say.

    Good fun though right?

    You Rock You Hussy you.... LOL

    Warm Regards

  14. It's a deal. If I'm ever down by you we are hitting all the plantations! I'm a history nut!!!

    I'm so happy you got the books!! I really hope you love them!!

  15. Hey Lea!! I am glad you could make it over!! I love the thought of making you spew rice!!!! LMAO!!! Hey look... if I gotta be an addict, they just as soon be hot, sexy and damn near irrestible!!!
    Yep, second job to pay for the books! It is fun, I actually love it. I get to meet all kind of people. Thanks for the compliment about rocking the hussy club!!! LOL!!

    Barbara... yes, it is a deal!!! I promise you, you let me know and I will map it out!!! You would love it, I promise!

  16. Damn girl! You got quite a book haul there. I hope you fall in love with Wrath and the BDB with 'Dark Lover'. And oh yes, that Sacha White cover is HAWT!!!

    Prepare yourself for some amazing reading with 'Addicted'. Charlotte is insanely talented.

    Happy Reading!

    P.S. Can you put up some Jacob love?? He's my man! Or wolf I should say. :)

  17. Hi Cecile!

    Damn, I mean Hell Yeah..that's on smokin' hot cover on Sexy Devil...not if I could just see a liitttle bit through *eye straining against laptop screen* Ouch..I don't think my head was supposed to actually hit the thing... couldn't resist!!

    Addicted is fantastic!!! You will freaking love it. Charlotte has a fabulous voice!! You have official joined the Hussy Squad!!

    Man, you sure made out good at the bookstore, my hubs won't even stop by the mall anymore!! I only get to go when it's just me and Kirsten, and she spends the whole time doing the eye roll thing, because I have to have more books!! It truly is an addicted, but one I'm happily feeding.

    Dottie :)

  18. YAY!!! Thanks Cecile!!

    (((hugs))) VFG

    *sigh* Jacob...

  19. I hope you enjoy your Jacob slide VampGirl!!! I did that all for you honey!
    If I can make you smile, then I did my job for the day!
    Yea, I really can't wait to start reading any one of these books!!! And yea... Sexy Devils is one of the hottest covers I actually own. I love my vampire covers and all that... but this one wins pants down... I mean hands down!!! LOL!!!

    Dottie... LMAO!!!! Just imagie walking around the store with that book in hand... I keep bumping into the end of the shelves because I was not paying attention... (Weird thing... you know how the state a guy is in when he is aroused and he thinks/feels every one knows... know what I mean ~ that is how I felt... like everyone knew that I was a hussy ~ especially with the drool action going on) But ask me if I cared... hell no!!!! I had a hottie in my hands and I was PROUD!!!! Then when I was doing this post and trying to put the picture up... EYES were WIDE open!!!! OH he is yummy with extra whip cream and cherries on top!!!!

    Yea, I bribed Brooke to go to the store. She did the eye roll thing at me. "Do we have to mom," is what I got! Girl, don't worry I know what you mean... those eyes they give are not pretty!!! But hey... bribry is a nice thing!!! Especially if it means I get to buy some books ~ hell yeah!!!

  20. My name is Kristie and I too am a book addict. Though I'm trying to stop buying - I don't seem to be quite able to do it.

  21. Kristie you are tooo funny honey!! You are welcome to my meetings anytime you want to come... as long as I can visit you on the island of confusion!!! LOL!!!

  22. Hey Cecile..

    Love your haul of books and i totally agree with you "Sexy Devil" is one sexy book...

    You are going to fall in love with the brothers and become just as fickle as we all are with our love for them.

    I still trying to get myself from under my TBR pile to read Addicted.

    Did Brooke get any thing or did she just stare in awe at you cleaning out the store....

    Happy reading

  23. Hey EH!!!
    I was very proud of my haul!!! I felt like a big girl ~ buying my own books with my own money!! LOL
    Yea, I am half way through Sexy Devils... could not put it down last night/early this morning!! It is good.

    I will tackle my TBR pile, I am promising myself. Even if it means playing "e-n-me-ne-min-o" with the books!

    Girl, Brooke took off to one of the nearby stores while I was there. Kinda the reason I felt like a big girl.. She tells me, "Okay, Mom I will go to the store right down the walkway while you stay here." I did not realize how long I had been in there until she came back, "Mom... (insert evil eyes) are you done yet??"
    She is something else!


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