Friday, May 15, 2009

Contest Alert!!

This is for Lea... This is her personal Angel... (Like my Mr. Bounds down there... **WINK**) that she loves to sit on her lap... I mean shoulder!!! Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Okay, it's Friday and time for a break... A break for an angel to wisk me away!!!! Don't you agree!!! Oh my the way... after you finish drooling over this angel... make sure you check out the side bars for contests!!!!

Now, this is my afternoon delight!!!!! He will be ALLL over my place... and I do mean ALLL OVER!!!

More to come... Love you guys!!!


  1. *giggles*
    Angel Friday is my fav, yummy, yummy

  2. Good Grief...I almost choked to death...give a girl a little warning next time... :-)

  3. What can I say... the true "hussy" as VampFanGirl and Charlotte would say is coming out in full force!!! I think they would be proud of their baby hussy!!
    I love me sum angels... Gawd, aren't they absolutely delicious!!!

  4. Nice!! Very very nice!! Happy Friday to us all!!:)

  5. Ha! Awesome angel hunkage Cecile!

    However, you must check out "Jonah", my favorite angel (on my shoulder) here:


    You have an awesome weekend Cecile!!!


  6. Thanks you guy... it makes looking forward to the weekend... a whole lot brighter!!! and hotter!!!

  7. *Drooling* I'm so lovin' those angel picks Cecile!

    Thanks for the contest alerts!

    :) VFG

  8. Oooh that last one was all sparkly! *sigh*

  9. VFG... you are the first one to mention anything about the contest... maybe I should have done that separately!! LOL!!!! Girl.. I am loving me up some angels....!!

    Aymless.. hello there! Glad you came... Hope to see you stick around! Glad you liked my angels!! The bound one is mine to stay on my site!!! He is very yummy!

  10. Wow Lea's angel is mmmmmm..what was I saying now again ;)
    I really should find a hot angel of my own

  11. Hey Cecile!! Thanks for the pick me up. I'm lovin' the angels ;)

  12. Cecile!!! OMG!!!!

    I'm totally blushing here.... He does sit on my shoulder.. ;)

    You are tooo funny...

    Have a good one.

  13. Hey baby hussy, you've officially graduated to toddler hussy! lol! Now, you do know how to share, right???? GAWD, ST. Peter take me now if this is what is going to greet me at the pearly gates! Grrrr!!!!

  14. Blodeuedd... Yea, I tend to get a little speechless when I look at them too!!! And a little drooly!!! And a little hot!!! LOL!!!

    Barbara... Hey, I told you when I started blogging that I am here for my friends!! And girl... what girl could use a pick up like this!!!

    Lea.... Happy to make you blush!!!! Girl... I am here for the team!!! Oh and I believe ***wink wink*** that he just sits on your shoulder... if that is what you would like me to believe!!!

    Sophie... (((((clapping)))) I graduated to toddler!!! YAY for me!!! LOL!
    Share... that is not a nice word for toddler... you better think of moving me up to at least teenager level to share... toddlers do NOT share their toys!!! LOL!!!
    Honey, if it was any of these men that would meet... I will be there with bells on!!

  15. Hi Cecile!

    Go check out Darque Reviews --- You won baby!! Yay!!

    Congrats Cecile!!

    Dottie :)

  16. Oh Cecile, the angel sweetness is overwhelming.. especially angel #1..... oh my, my, my *fanning*

    Have a great weekend!! And Congrats again!

    Dottie :)

  17. Can I just sit here at your blog all day and stare? :)

  18. Thanks for letting me know Dottie!!! Today was a VERY busy day for us... And I have not been home nor near a computer till now... 11:56 pm my cst!
    So, thank you for the heads up!
    OH, and I am glad that you are luvin up sum angels too girl!! I think we could all use an angel to sit on our lap.. I mean shoulder like Lea!

    Mandi... you can sit here alllll day longggg if you want honey!!! Just as long as you know I do not share very well... but looking is fine with me!! LOL!!!! Glad you like what you see!!


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