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Lynda Hilburn and Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest
Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight counsels vampires. Her life changed forever when she discovered a preternatural underworld, met Devereux, the powerful leader of a vampire coven, and was forced to rethink her notions of “reality.”
Still adjusting to her new role as an expert on all things paranormal, she schedules what she believes is simply another radio interview. She couldn’t be more mistaken. Not only does the radio host behave very strangely, but an ominous, on-air call from day-walking vampire Lyren Hallow turns Kismet’s world upside-down -- again.
Shortly thereafter, Maxie Westhaven, a tabloid newspaper reporter in search of a juicy story, befriends Kismet, leading her into a bizarre world of role players, lost souls and death. Enter Victoria Essex, Devereux’s building manager and resident witch, who discloses a startling secret of her own.
Meanwhile, Luna, Devereux’s hostile femme fatal personal assistant, recognizes a perfect opportunity to throw a wrench into her boss’s blossoming relationship with the human psychologist, and, to complicate matters further, Kismet’s old boyfriend, self-absorbed Psychologist Tom Radcliffe, shows up with his own outlandish request.
Kismet and Devereux live to tell another tale… are you ready for this one…
Kismet is still as hilarious as she was in the first book, if not more… she never lost that! And Devereux never lost his HOTNESS!!! (mental note… hubby walked by and saw that sentence.. He laughed and looked at me and said “He never lost his hotness huh..” what can I say… I love me sum vampires!!!!!) Thought I would give you a laugh!
Kismet opens the story by going on a radio talk show. It is no where near Larry King Live; just picture a short, bald bad version of Howard Stern. She probably would have been delighted to go on Larry than this dumb ass program. Carson is the host of the program and he is one cocky S.O.B. Kismet wanted to help her career by venturing out to the media; to kinda help clear things up. Since, recently she was involved in a heavily reported serial murder investigation So, she wanted to help her career to be put in perspective, to allow people to see what she really does. The callers she gets all deal with vampires. One caller has cancer and wants to know if she gets bitten, would she be cancer free… yea, but you would be dead. Then one called wants to know,
Why do you think women get turned on by the idea of having sex with a vampire? I mean, aren’t they bodies cold and hard like statues? How arousing is that?
OH MY GOSH, if she only met Devereux, she would completely understand… just ask Kismet =)!
Okay and FYI… when Kismet says that
the hairs on the back of my neck rose and goose bumps swarmed over my arms,”
you better believe something bad is going to happen… or she will come into contact with someone not at all nice.
Enter the next caller and the beginning of the story…
My solar plexus tingled as it always did when a vampire was near.
Whoa. What‘s going on here? This guy has the vampire voice, for sure. And his vibe is definitely bloodsucker. But it‘s daylight, so he can‘t really be a vampire. I shouldn't be able to feel a vampire over the phone, right? I don‘t trust myself anymore to make judgments about who‘s a vampire and who isn‘t. Brother Luther slipped right under my radar and that almost got me killed.”
((Now, if you didn’t read The Vampire Shrink, Brother Luther was one crazed vampire with some serious issues. He really needed a shrink! Don’t worry, he is worth reading the story to find out who/what the hell he is!! LOL! ))
Back to the caller… His name is Lyren Hallow, Vampire Hunter Extraordinaire. Okay, he is a vampire and he is a vampire hunter! He is very old, probably older than dirt. His powers are quiet well… powerful. He manages to put the “listening“ population into a dream like state while he chats with Kismet. He wanted to inform Kismet that he has been hired to harvest… (get the name… harvest… dark…vampire… ) someone she knows. He thought it only sporting of himself to give her a fair warning and besides he wanted to take a stroll into her mind…
Now with the conversation over… Carson thinks she slipped something in his drink, because he does not remember where the time of their interview went…
Now even Kismet is still dealing with her own issues of real vampires alive (or so to speak) amongst her world…
Ever since I stumbled into Denver’s hidden vampire community, I’d been struggling to regain my balance - to find some sanity to cling to in the midst of one absurd revelation after another one.”
So, now she is dealing with vampire wanna-be’s, real vampires, crazed and almost lunatic sadistic vampires… now she has to deal with vampires hunters who are vampires themselves! Damn, this world just keeps getting crazier and crazier with each page turn!
With the interview over, she headed out the office. She was bent down when she was muttering something to herself about Carson. She was surprised to hear someone mouth off about him just as bad as he did about them. This is a brief description that I cannot pass up,
Carson Miller is an oozing wart on the ass of humanity. No, wait. He’s what gets sucked out of porta-potties after sports events. No, wait. He’s what you squish out of a pimple.
I love that analogy. Now as far as the person giving this wonderful analogy of this slime ball of a person… let’s meet Maxie Westhaven. (Maxie is short for Maxwell ~ yea, her parents wanted a boy by all means.) She is a reported for National Skeptic Magazine.
Now, if we thought at the beginning of book one was that Kismet’s love life was lacking… (of course, before she met Devereux)… her girl-friends… well… let’s just say that her love life was better than her girl friends…!!! Poor thing. That was another thing that I associated with her… I don’t have many girlfriends at all… so when she met Maxie, she thought she had a new friend… yea, you noticed I said had… You will have to dig into this story to really finds out what happens to them. Now the thing that makes Maxie a little special, if you will, is that she has pure silver hair. She says something happened to her when she was twenty. But she tells Kismet,
Maybe I’ll tell you about it after we get to know each other better.”
So Maxie figures what the best way to get to know your friends… invite them to a vampire staking! That is exactly what Maxie invites Kismet to on the very same day they meet… Boy, talk about trying to impress you friends!! LOL!! Now being the “sensitive” one, she picked up nothing abnormal about Maxie. Just keep reading the story to find out about this one…
Oh and ps… Kismet’s office is now in one of the many beautifully, stunning multiplexes’ that Devereux owns. He pretty much made her take the offer… but she could not pass up an offer that sweet (it even has a private bedroom in it for when he Pops in for his own private session)! She was kicked out of her last office; due to the fact that a dead body was discovered there and the walls and carpet were covered with blood… It was a very nice parting gift from Brother Luthen… remember him!! And the owner did not like the attention she was drawing. So, with being evicted… she had no where to go. So taking him up on his offer was a matter of “I need a place to work”… yea right… it also had to do with Devereux!!! LOL!
Now the building had its own personal office manager… let’s meet Victoria Essex.. She is the high priestess of a local coven of witches and the owner of an internet-based Wiccan ritual supply business. And her body… is to die for… the description goes like this…
”Her naturally curly, golden blond hair was chin-length, with tight spirals framing a heart-shaped face. Sharp cheekbones, dimples, a straight nose, and round, peridot-colored eyes caused her the appearance of the exotic girl next door.” “But her body was a different story. It was voluptuous in the richest sense of he word- wide hips, rounded belly and generous breast. The self-identified Wiccan Mae West.
But I love her own job description…
I’m his bloodsucker bullshit detector.
She is truly what I would want in a friend!! I know you girls will love her as much as you love Kismet.
I will share with you this part…Don’t ever say that I am not a nice friend. I will skip some of the non-Devereux descriptions…
An enticing aroma caressed my nostrils and a velvet voice whispered...” “Soft lips trail my neck…” “His throbbing manhood…” “Devereux stood next to the bed, oozing sexuality…”
Now this sounds like something we would say, (Kismet said this talking about herself looking at him)
Various parts of my body grinned, jumped up and down, and yelled “YIPPEE!!! The rest of me held my breathe, reading for the metal popcorn.” I love that part!!!“He hooked his thumbs into the waistband, and angled the leather down his leg.” “His naked body definitely qualified as eye candy!!!”
I thought of Ms. M there… how we adore all her eye candy she offers to us!! And here is my Devereux being described as the perfect eye candy!!!
Yes, it was that good.”
Now the funny thing about Devereux and Kismet in this books, is they have couple issues just like the rest of us…. He knows it is her destiny to be his mate…but the psychologist in her… is having a hard time accepting him for what he truly is… a dead man walking!
Excuse me… after mind blowing sex like they just had… Yea, you are going to have to either win the book or go get it… to read about those delicious scenes, you have to accept him for what he is… but warning to you new ladies… he is a bit bossy and commanding.. But he is 800 yrs old… so he is use to having his way!
Then we find out more about Hallow… We learn that he really is the oldest vampire on the planet. But what is said about him living that old is that - his brain cells start to distort, causing a stronger reliance on the old brain - the primitive mechanisms. He brain goes back to the dark and evil nature of what he truly is - a vampire.
He is, in essence, a perfect killing machine.
He also has a stable of female slaves… and he plans on adding Kismet to it!~ But the bad part of being one of his slaves, is that once he is finish with you (to say), you are a mere shell of yourself.
I have seen the empty shell of the women Hallow leaves in his wake. Their minds are useless and their bodies wasted. They have described their captivity in ways that sound like human heroin addiction: pleasure beyond belief followed by an aching need that never ends. Apparently, he can create such ecstasy in the women that they would rather die than leave him.”
Now think about that for a minute… Humm… hot sex is awesome… but to want to die than leave him… hummm… I don’t know about that girl!
Well, while this story continues to unfold, there are two women (one from book one that I did not introduce you to, Luna… she is a real bitch of a vampire.. I needed to leave something for you to get your hands on and get pissed about and she is it… because she is not a likable character… but in this book… oh just wait… I can’t wait to get her in a dark alley with some of my own vampire magic and kick her ass… and not to mention Maxie’s ass either!! You‘ll see!
Now with all honesty….. My battery is fixing to die (told you the computer would over heat from all the hotness that Devereux possess!!! And those hot sex scenes I was thinking about…) and yes you guessed it… I have no clue where the damn battery charger is…
I hope you guys had a wonderful time at my first contest Now I will introduce you to the love of my life creator… Ms. Lynda Hilburn. Please take the stage!!!
Love you guys and thanks for hanging out with me and Devereux… we must retire to bed now… It is 12:30 am for us here… while I try to type and he tries to… well… we’ll keep it pg!!!!
Join me in welcoming Lynda Hilburn
1- Can you tell us a little bit about yourself:?
In addition to being a writer, I’m a licensed psychotherapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist and professional intuitive living in Boulder, CO. My psychotherapy clients provide lots of inspiration for characters and plots! I just disguise the “real life” situation and use the general ideas.
-2- What is your favorite and least favorite thing about writing?
My favorite part is being able to create anything my quirky, weird mind comes up with. I’m only limited by my imagination. My least favorite is forcing myself to sit in front of the computer every day! I definitely need to work on my self-discipline.
-3- Who or what inspires your thought process?
Everything: clients, songs, friends, my son, movies, TV shows, other authors. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie and I’ll think, “Wow, that was great. My characters wouldn’t do that, but they’d do the opposite . . .” and my brain is off and running.
-4- Has there ever been a book that has completely rocked your world?
I think Bram Stoker’s Dracula turned me into a vampire fiend. It’s all his fault. No, wait. Anne Rice helped, too! LOL.
-5- What are you currently reading?
Actually, right now I’m doing some nonfiction research about brain scans and addictions. Not as much fun as vampires, but good for my work as a psychotherapist.
-6- One pet peeve?
Just one? LOL. This isn’t writing related, but I really find it incredibly rude when people talk loudly on cell phones in public places like restaurants, the post office, the library, etc. Didn’t their parents teach them any manners?
-7-Where did the ideas for Kismet and Devereux come from?
Kismet is a much younger, prettier, thinner version of me. I usually write about parts of myself. I know, that sounds egotistical. I think all writers utilize parts of themselves: the aspects we know about, the aspects we’re afraid we are, the aspects we have unconsciously repressed, the aspects we wish we were, etc. A client inspired the first book in the series, THE VAMPIRE SHRINK. I went home that evening and started typing the story of a Denver psychologist who finds herself pulled into a vampire underworld. Devereux was a surprise. I expected my vampire to have long, dark hair, but he insisted on being blond. I’m very influenced by the old vampire books where all the vampires came from Europe. Devereux is not only a powerful, ancient vampire, he’s a gifted wizard as well. He is my idea of a brilliant immortal – more concerned about knowledge and wisdom than in indulging his primitive nature. He has control over himself and no interest in territorial disputes with other vampires or other species.
-8- Are your characters living up to where you envisioned them going or have they high-jacked the book and took it in their own direction?
I tend to write by the seat of my pants, so I never know where anything I write is going. I’m constantly surprised by what the characters come up with. Of course, I realize it all comes from my unconscious mind, but it’s fun to stumble along behind them!
-9- What do you like best about Kismet and Devereux's character?
I like that Kismet uses her mind to solve problems and I love Devereux’s expanded wisdom (and his gorgeous physical self, of course!).
-10- What do you expect next from Kismet and Devereux?
Kismet is slowly discovering elements of herself that haven’t been explored. As a scientist, she has had to accommodate a “reality” she would have considered madness. She has adapted very quickly, and will continue to learn more about the hidden world she’s pulled into. Devereux will share more about himself and his long life. Hopefully, he’ll soon tell us why Kismet is so meaningful to him . . .
-11- How big an impact will/or does the readers views and opinions have on your next book?
I tend to follow my own inner ideas about the books. So far, readers are enjoying the unfolding world of Kismet and Devereux.
-12- What are you currently working on?
The third book in the series, plus I’m expanding a different vampire novella into a novel and brainstorming an outline for a series about a couple of psychics in Boulder, Colorado.
I just found a link to the German version of THE VAMPIRE SHRINK coming out in November, 2009. What fun!
-13. How can we find you online?
Thank you for interviewing me, Cecile!! You’re the best.
Contest and Interview
First Prize
The Vampire Shrink
Dark Harvest
(Open to all comers)
Second Prize
Special Surprise
This is open to only those people who have read the book already – This will just add to your pleasure of having read a Lynda Hilburn Book.
Free For All
Ms. Hilburn has a box of Cover Flats for DARK HARVEST, and would be happy to sign one and mail it to anyone who'd like to send her a self-addressed, stamped, large (9x12) envelope. You can send that to: Lynda Hilburn, PO Box 20443, Boulder, CO 80308.
The contest the rules are simple.

  • Visit everyday to catch up on the reviews.

  • For a first entry post about the contest on your blog and leave the link on comment on MONDAYS POST.
For entry into the second prize give away leave a comment on TUESDAY POST – stating clearly that you have read the book already…

  • For a second entry leave a comment on FRIDAYS POST

  • Contest run from 18th May to 26th May

  • Contest open to all international entrants as well
What are they saying about Dark Harvest
“As the follow-up novel to The Vampire Shrink, Hilburn continues to develop her characters and throws another life altering situation at them. This time around, we’re introduced to Hallow who is a vampire slayer of some repute. He’s so good even Devereux is really concerned about his presence. Things get even more dicey when it becomes obvious that Kismet is the object of his desire. Again, Kismet has attracted the attention of a dangerous psychotic vampire and she still has no reason why. I do have to say, that I really enjoyed this novel. After the great piece of work of The Vampire Shrink, Hilburn doesn’t let us down with Dark Harvest. The story moves along at a pace that keeps the reader interested without giving away too much of the plot . . . Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Harvest and I can’t wait to hear when the third novel will be out. Again we’re given a great story with some interesting characters who continue to entrance us. I, for one, will definitely be buying this when it comes out in a couple of weeks. So if you haven’t gotten your hands on the first novel yet, then you really need to.”
Literary Escapism
“This is a continuation of a series that can be read alone. It's action-packed and sexy but not graphic. It's even got a sprinkle of humor. A really good book.”
Affaire De Coeur, 5 stars
Dark Harvest is the long awaited sequel to The Vampire Shrink and the second book in the 'Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series'. I was lucky enough to win an ARC copy of this newest book that isn't due out till October and reading it left me dying for more. Kismet is a great lead character and it was interesting to see how her character changes in this book when Hallow gets involved. It was a steamy, bloody and funny read with Kismet's and Devereux's dialogue making me laugh more than a few times. The introduction of a few new characters and the reappearance of some others made this a great sequel and I can't wait to read more. I have to say that I loved The Vampire Shrink and thought it couldn't get any better but the author has excelled with Dark Harvest and should write more and faster!”
Amberkatz Book Blog
“This superb Mile High chick lit urban fantasy will appeal to fans of Laurel K. Hamilton and Lilith Saintcrow as the heroine’s courage and mouth will remind the audience of their respective stars. Kismet is an independent soul who begins to lose her free will as Hallow works his magic to break her. The love between the vampire and the psychologist is beautiful to behold as he painted her portrait before they met. That link and why Hallow obsesses over Kismet are critical to the story line as Lynda Hilburn writes a unique and bewitching vampire in Denver thriller.”
Harriet Klausner


  1. I sooooo want to read this book - loved the first one.

    As I said in Monday's post - this contest has been posted on my sidebar all week!!

    Thanks for a great intereview.

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    Hotness - indeed..


  3. Kara, thank you for keeping me at your place. Devereux appreciates the attention he is drawing!
    And if you loved the first one... trust me on this.. you will fall immediately in love with this one!!! I love the relationship humor in this one! They seem more real, like a couple... they make me laugh!!! Expect when I get to read about Devereux taking off his clothes... ***sigh***

  4. Hi, Lynda and Cecile! I really enjoyed reading the interview and review.

    How in the world do you find the time to write with such a demanding job?

  5. Erotic ~ Yea, I thought I was going to choke when he said that... I did not even notice him behind while he was reading... I was still wrapped up in the hottness... So it took me a moment to get my bearings when he said that. I LMAO when I "got it!" And I was like "Yea, his hottness never goes away!!"

  6. Ms. Lynda, I have a couple of questions for you. Will Devereux unmask the tale of why he thinks that Kismet is his ultimate mate? Will she dig deeper into her "powers" and discover what she can really do?
    And of course, do we get to read about some more hot sex (or at least some hot taking his clothes off) description scenes!?!?! He is just to hot!!! You do know you created a true hussy in me, when you created that man!!! Gawd, he is just.... YUM!

  7. Ms. Lynda,
    I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule and life to take part in this... To share with us your thoughts! I hope have enjoyed yourself here! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    Oh and ps... thanks for letting me keep Devereux at my house!!! He has been an absolute dream to have night and day ***Wink***!

  8. Good morning, everyone! Thanks so much, again, for all the lovely support.

    It's overcast here in Denver, which is not normal. We usually get over 300 days of sunshine. But as Kismet (my alter ego!) said in the first book, "Coming from the Midwest, I miss the introspective embrace of a grey, overcast day."

    Barbara: My biggest problem is finding time to write. Ever since I came back from the Romantic Times Convention (and visiting my parents) in Florida last month, I've been a sick puppy. Allergies or flu -- I don't know -- but when I'm not working, my body wants to sleep. I'm finally going to break down and go to the clinic next week and see what's up. But I've promised myself that I'll get a certain number of words finished on Kismet book #3 every day! I'll be working on my self-discipline, for sure! Thanks for asking.

    Cecile: Devereux will have to give Kismet more of the information she wants in the next book. They actually will have an interesting journey together (I'm not telling), and she'll discover more things she has a hard time believing! Since she drank some of Hallow's blood, Kismet is now different so her abilities will manifest in different ways. I'm having fun thinking up new metaphysical descriptions for her new tendencies. And of course! More sex with Devereux and more descriptions of his body. I read your comments about Alan Stevens from the first book and maybe -- just maybe -- he'll visit in book #3.

    Back to work . . .

    Hugs, Lynda

  9. Cecile, OMG, I have to read this book, like NOW! The world of Dev is just sucking me in!

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself this week Ms. Hilburn! Loved the interview Cecile!

    Happy Friday!

  10. Oh damn!!! Now, this will be good if Alan enters the picture again.. because for those of you who don't know it... Alan is very hot undressed and in bed!!!! Yummm again! **Mouth watering thinking about his bathroom scene,damn** Yea, those of you who read, might want to re-visit that scene... and those of you who haven't read.. wait till the contest is over... and if not lucky, you have to go get it and read that part!!!!
    But the chemistry between them two is very good... just not as HOT as Her and Dev!!! But oh just as spicy!

    Thanks for those tid-bits Ms. Lynda! I cannot wait to see the journey those two take. And who will lead lol!!! And where her powers take her!

    OH OH OH OH thought just crossed my mind... Imagine here with PMS and her powers... damn, now that would make her really a kick a$$ chick!! Watch out when she gets like that and Dev wants to be bossy!!! I would be scare of her! LMAO!!!

  11. Pelehini ~ honey, just wait till you actually read alllll about Devereux!!! He can just do about anything to you... and that is through the pages of the book.... ***oh just imagine****

  12. Ugh, hope you're feeling better soon, Lynda

  13. Dang Cecile, I forgot all about Alan and Kismet's "almost" encounter. Where is my book? I must find it now! Don't you worry, if I don't win, my order is ready...I just have to hit 'send'!

  14. This review was as good as the first one.Now I really want to read these books.
    crossing fingers to win!!!!
    I enjoyed the interview too.

  15. Welcome :D and great interview there Cecile.
    The books look great, has been a fun week getting to know more about them

  16. I have to have these books now! I've been tempted by them all week. Can't....control....myself.

  17. Pelehini ~ WHT... you almost forgot... how could you!! LOL! That was one of the hottest bathroom scenes.. (except for Reyen in My Lords series ~ will discuss late... Devereux does not like to bothered with other men... he hs just enough control for Alan)

    OMG... that was a very hot almost scene!! Girl... you better to go that page right now **evil grin**

  18. Thansk EJG! I had a blast doing this!! Yes, keep everything crossed!! LOL!! You are more than welcome! I enjoy introducing my friends to authors whom I adore... and their men that make my mouth water!!! And Dev... well.. he can make a lot more happen!

  19. Blodeuedd ~ Well, I am glad that I can share my books with you... You always delight me with you selection of books.. I thought it only fair to share mine too!!!

  20. Jody F. ~ Girl.. tempted is not the word I would choose when speaking about Dev... He is my chocolate any day of the week!!! Resisting him is not in my nature... When he demands my attention.. I have to give it to him!!

  21. Great interview, Cecile.
    The books sound great, it has been a fun week getting to know more about them. I'm crossing my fingers in hope of wining ;)hmh...
    Great contest!

  22. Well Host, thanks for sticking around! I appreciate it! And good luck!!
    You have to get to know Devereux, if you love vampires and an awesome story line... you will love these books!

  23. Congrats! You have something here.

  24. Liyana ~ Thank you so much! You are too kind!

  25. Awesome interview!! I have both books, actually in all honesty I've had them for a while now. I am just really starting to get into Vampires and such and have pulled both The Vampire Shrink and Dark Harvest off my TBR and I can't wait to read them!! :)

  26. Hey Blanche! I knew you had them... but I wanted to read the interview... now if you remember you can still win something even though you have both the books right....

    What you use to read before Blanche? ~Curisoty the Cat~ asks!

  27. I haven't read of the series and they do look really fun! Thanks so much for the review.

    I too find your husband seeing HOTNESS hilarious!


  28. Hey Gaby~ Glad you could make it! Now if you do now own this series... make sure you read the instructions to enter the contest, because... you can win a copy of either one!!
    I know you will love Kismet and Devereux as much as I!

  29. Hi Lynda! I think I posted on the other post about having found your E-Books when I started them with the Wild Rose Press!! So thrilled you got to get your single titles out too! I don't have these single titles but they been on my wishlist to get! I'm excited about these and so do want to read them!!! (By the way I posted up on my blog the link to here! Seems my post disappeared or maybe I posted somewhere else here, LOL).

    Neat on your role as a psychologist and putting that skill too to use in your book! I'm a social worker and love to see these themes within books! And this one is unique! Was there other themes you needed to research for your books? Anything unique or funny or different that you found researching?


  30. What a great interview!! I really enjoyed learning more about Lynda Hilburn:) I am srsly wanting to read these books now. *goes off to find credit card* :) Thank you!!!

  31. Awesome review and interview Cecile! Lynda Hilburn really does ROCK! Doesn't she?

    This thing I liked about Dark Harvest was that it was as good as TVS. And, that sociopath antagonist - one scary dude!!!

    Awesome reads.

    Thank you Cecile and Lynda!

    Warm Regards

  32. The more I read about it the more I want to read this Dark Harvest and more of Lynda's books!

  33. Thanks you guys!!! I loved having an interview with Ms. Lynda! She was awesome and Oh yea... Lynda ROCKS!!! I love each character that she has in the books... even Luna for her purpose of the story... even though I still want to stake that b!tch!

    And oh gosh... who could resist Devereux!

  34. Hi Cecile! *waving*

    Just stopping by the check out your interview. I'm so glad you pick this author and these books, I really think I'm going to like them. Can't wait to take a peek inside the pages.

    Thanks Cecile, it been fun reading about Linda Hilburn's books.


    Dottie :)

  35. Hey Dottie!!
    Yea, I love Ms. Lynda! These were the first books I picked up after Twilight... This is what got me hooked **besides MY Edward** into the world of paranormal books. I immediately fell in love with her. Then she is also the reason I started to blog... I went to her site and told her what i thought of her books and when she responed, I thought i died and went to heaven!! I had no idea authors were so sweet to talk back to us!!!

  36. This sounds like a great book. I love vampires and also story lines where part of the population knows and part doesn't.

    This is my first time on this blog and already I love it enough to become a follower. Thanks to closetwriter for posting about this on her blog.

    BTW, Lynda I love how you spell your name!
    lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

  37. Hi, everyone! It's so wonderful to read all these great posts. It makes my heart sing! You have no idea how much authors appreciate this kind of loving support. You're all the best!

    I actually got some writing done earlier. Wrote a very sensual scene with Kismet and Devereux. I always know whether it works or not by how my own body reacts as I type the words. LOL!

    Hugs, Lynda

  38. Kytaira ~ I am so glad that you have become a friend of mine!!! =) Thanks Lea! I am also glad that you like the sound of the books!! They are awesome and so is Ms. Lynda!!

  39. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Lynda... OHHHH I can not wait to see that scene with Devereux!!!! oh and Kismet!! LOL!!!

  40. I skipped the Dark Harvest review because I wanted as few spoilers as possible about what happens in book 1, but I did read the author's interveiw and enjoyed it. I think a lot of writing actually have trouble with the discipline of writing...perhaps because inspiration doesn't come on command on a 9-5 schedule :). Very interesting. Thank you ;).

  41. Mary M.~ You could have read the review for Dark Harvest; I do not give away to much detail... I like for the reader to walk away from my reviews with interest of the book... not with knowing all about it. So you can read... I promise! =) If there is ever any spoilers I promise to let it be known!


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