Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Back!!

I'm back everyone! This is Brooke! I was going through my books and found some that I read and are not in use anymore. I wanted to have a little fun and have a contest but be warned these books are in O.K. condition (due to spine creasing, few tears, etc.) so my mother said that I just have to give those away. The book is called Speak no Evil [click on Speak no Evil for a sonopsis] by Allison Brennan. This book is kind of C.S.I. like. It is listed on the book blurh as a romantic suspense.

Never mind my mother said that I can [because she doesn't like her name in big capital letters].
I am going to have some fun and have a Book Nerd contest!! Here's the DEETS:

In order to enter the contest you have to:
Send in a creative idea for a sandwich! That's right you heard me, a sandwich. It's that simple.
Whoever has the most creative idea will win. [P.S. it has to be edible and tasty](I'm tired of ham and turkey)

The contest will end Monday @ 6 central so mark your calendars!

The prize: A [slightly used and o.k. condition] Speak no Evil book by Allison Brennan.
and did I mention it only costs an idea!!

So sign up now!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey Brooke... Love the contest idea... you have to give me a while to come up with something...

    I'll harass my kids and see what they get up to in the kitchen...

    I will be back... say hi to your MOTHER for me...


  2. Hi Brooke!!! Very cool EH I need just a little time to come up with a fantastic sandwich! :)

    I'll be back in just a bit......hi Cecile! :)

  3. Hey Brooke!!

    Oh wow, I'm the worst cook on the planet! Besides I won the last contest, so I'm going to sit this one out and give everyone else a chance. :)

    Cecile: don't forget to enter today's draw at closetwriter okay!!


  4. Hey you guys!! Thanks for entertaining Brooke. She so desparately wanted to have a contest of some sorts. She knew that everyone has contests going and she said she is tired of eating turkey sandwiches... So while I was cooking one night, she went on my blog and posted this... Thanks again... You guys are the best.. I will be posting soon about my thoughts on Sexy Devils... Girls, I could not resist NOT reading that book!!!

  5. Hi Brooke,

    I'm a huge fan of Allison Brennan and I've never had a chance to read "Speak No Evil".

    I love to melt cheese (has to be the real thing) on two pieces of bread with pickles, bacon and dijon mustard.

  6. Chicken Teryaki sandwhich with a slice of pineapple, tomato, and lettuce. Its delish. A bit different from the regular hand and cheese.

    Please count me in for the contest.

  7. Cecile ~ Brooke will be online this evening to read your comments... She is going to love this. Thank you all for showing her some love!!! She loves to "play" on mine, because she knows that I have such a good time with you guys!!! Thanks!!

    Thanks Razlover's for joining the club!! I am glad that you are here! Please stick around... we have some fun here!

    Hey Gossip Girl... I am glad you peaked inside to see what's going on!! Hope you stick around!

  8. Oh, a sandwich idea, huh? My son, when he was oh about 4 created his own sandwich and he still eats it today. It's not too awful creative but for his little mind it was very will need...
    two slices of bread,
    shredded cheddar cheese,
    shredded mozzarella cheese,
    a slice of american cheese,
    and some miracle whip!
    And Wallah! You have a triple cheese sandwich! LOL

  9. Brooke ~

    EH-Please do harass them because I am tired of turkey sandwiches! That's all my mom knows how to make. I am desperate!

    Blanche-Just don't forget the deadline's Monday. Looking forward to your idea.

    Lea-as Gusteau on Ratatouille once said "Anyone can cook!"

    Razlover- Thats one heck of a sandwich! Thanks for the idea.

    IHEARTBOOKS-Sounds like a delicious sandwich. Makes me think of Hawaii! Thanks for the idea

    Amy-Woah what a sandwich!!! Tell your son he has a very intresting way for cuisine. =]

    Thank you everyone for submitting! Keep on sending ideas. I love all the ones so far. It will deffinately be hard to pick!!

    Love Brookes-A-Million

  10. Okie dokie:

    Take a hoagie roll or sub roll - something sturdy.
    Red wine vinegar on both pieces.
    Tiny bit of mustard cause the red wine vinegar is tangy.
    Cajun roast beef (or regular if you don't groove with the cajun)
    Sliced provolone cheese
    Sliced tomato
    Sliced cucumber
    Sliced avocado
    Salt & Pepper to taste.

    Enjoy. :)

    I buy a huge loaf of french bread and make this sammie then cut it into 4 pieces. All you need is some sliced pickles and a side of tater salad and you're good to go. LOL

  11. I think Razlover should win. I'm going to go try that sandwich.

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  13. Brooke~

    Michelle-first of all I love the name. [that's my middle name] Sounds like a scrumptous sandwich. Can't wait to try. Thanks for submiting

    OB- She does have a great idea! doesn't she

    Gosh all this reading is making me hungry.
    I don't know who I will pick. But keep sending ideas!!!

    Love Brookes-A-Million

  14. Hi Brooke (and Cecile)!

    My most favorite sandwich when I was growing up was (don't tell my mom, she'd be pissed if she knew I ate this) peanut butter and jelly with smashed potato chips. You have to smash the potato chips before you put them in the sandwich, otherwise it's gets very sticky and messy, but all in the name of good clean fun. Hmmmm good! Sweet and salty, with the goodness of a lite layer of peanut butter. I haven't had that in a while!

    Dottie :)

  15. My Blog~Very interesting but may be delicious! Thanks for the comment

  16. My favorite sandwich is:

    Robert Pattison and George Clooney with me in the middle...

    Oh wait - we are talking about foooood. (although that sandwich is quite edible)

    My favorite sandwich is a meatball sub (hehe..balls...srsly get my mind out of the gutter!!)

    Three turkey meatballs, marinara sauce and provolone cheese. You have to make sure the bun is toasted so it doesn't get soggy!

  17. Cecile - could you email me at when you get a chance :)

    (Unless there is a way to contact you here...)



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