Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Mailbag!!!!

Hey Ladies... Wow!!! What a week we had last week!!! Thanks for all of your support and help and input!! I am glad that I got to share my love for an author with you guys!!! I can't wait to do it again!!!

But for now... while I was out doing my normal grocery shopping on Sundays.. and since it was all about the contests and Devereux... what he did not know... was that I was out hunting for new men... And let me tell you something... did I find myself in a hell of a situation with all of them calling my name!!!! So, without waiting any further waiting... these are the men that came home with me!!!!

This is in no particular order...
If you click on the authors name... it will take you to their website...
If you click on the name of the book... it will take you to either an excerpt of the book or the authors page of the book...
If you click on my Friends name... it will take to you their place... which I hope you check out...
And if you click on their Review... guess what... yea, it will take to you their review of the book!
Until I become tech savy.... yea right... the links go directly to that page.. I do not know how to make it open in a new page for you... if anyone does, i would appreciate the help!!!

I now own the first three of the series!! I already had Lover Awakened by JR Ward... so I had to have the first two!!! I won't put a blurh about this one... why... because you guys have read it before or have been to VampFanGirl's web site to know what they are about LOL!!!!

Now this little find was interesting... This is a new author for me Dakota Cassidy.

From Booklist: Cassidy, a prolific author of erotica, has ventured into MaryJanice Davidson territory with a humorous, sexy tale of cosmetics saleswoman Marty Andrews. She is so obsessed with her career that she has no friends and no boyfriend. But one evening her teacup poodle goes berserk and attacks a huge dog, and Marty is bitten. Her color palette is no longer flattering, and her legs start growing hair like crazy. Then hunky Keegan Flaherty shows up and apologizes for turning her into a werewolf while in his wolfish form. Turns out he is CEO of Pack Cosmetics and alpha of his werewolf pack. As Marty tries to come to terms with her bizarre new state, her lust for Keegan, and her derailed career, she finds love, danger, friends, family, and the ability to swear like a drunken sailor. --Diana Tixier Herald

I won this book over at Darque Review's. For the time begin... it is ARC!! It is set to come out in June... This is from Lilith St Crow's site:
Dru Anderson has been “strange” for as long as she can remember. She travels from town to town with her father, hunting the things that go bump in the night and eat the unwary. It’s a weird life, but a good one–until it all explodes and a zombie busts into her new house.
Alone, terrified, and trapped in an icy town, Dru’s going to need every inch of her wit and training to stay alive. Can she trust the boy who is just a little too adult–and just happens to get bit by a werwulf? Or the strange blue-eyed boy who tells her she’s heir to a long-forgotten power? Can she even trust her own instincts?
Because Dru is not the first in her family to be killed by the darkness of the Real World. The monsters have decided to hunt back–and now Dru has to figure out who to trust, who to fight, and when to run. And not incidentally, she has to figure out how she’s going to get out of this alive.
And she has to do it by sundown, or it’s all over…
Oh it is a YA reader... just in case you were wondering!
Now for those of you thatknow that Erotic Horizon and I did a combo review of Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs.... and how I needed more information... I bought On The Prowl... I needed to learn more about Anna and Charles.... Oh Charles... what a man!!!

Now, I thought when I purchased this one.. I had the whole series... until I went to Borders this weekend and guess what was waiting for me in hardback (now I didn't get it because as you will see my buy was very long)... yep... another book Seducing An Angel... To find out what these books are about click here... Mary Balogh's site.

Now, thanks to Dottie.. I bought The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox... Opened it up... found out there was a first book... Yep... pet peeve.. can't read till I have the first one... well, I found it ~ The Accidental Demon Slayer!

This little find was out of place at WM... and of course it was only 4bucks... what smuck would pass that up... Not me... Ersi Rose for an excerpt click --> Chapter One.

Now for the next two books... I blame the ladies at Lust In Time for having Ms. Elizabeth Amber at their place one day... and if you know me and covers... well, I had to have Nicholas... then when I found out he had brothers: Raine, Lyon, and Dominic.... well... I had to get one more... I will save the others from Borders soon ((I'm coming guys!!!))

Then a dear online friend blessed me with Tempted, Broken and Dirty by Megan Hart!!! I can not tell you how happy I was to get these!!! Now, for those of you who do not know, I did a review of Megan Hart's Stranger and I loved the book.... I finished Tempted in two days!!! The review will be coming this week!!!

Then, thanks to Lea @ Closetwriter (Lea's Review) ... and thanks to Beth Kery... I HAD to get this one, Daring Times... I could not find Wicked Burn at Borders... so I got this one...

This one I won at Vampire Wire's site, Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione! I was so excited (again) to get my hands on a book that all y'all have had posted on your side bars for sooo long!!! Now, I have the second one... I need the first one to start reading!!! But oh what a cover!!

I won this at Lea's place!!!! Man After Midnight by Deyvn Quinn...

I won this one from Blanche's place (Blanche's Review)!!! I read her review and fell in love with this one!!!! On The Prowl by Crystal Jordan.... and OMG!!

Now, I never did get around to posting a review for Sexy Devils, because as soon as I finished reading it, we went into the contest... So, I guess I will just have to re-read that one (damn **dirty wink*)... but I am loving up Sasha White's writing style. She has a thing for quick erotic!
We will see if that is the case with Wicked!!

And while I was picking up her hot novels... I could not pass up Drake's story, Primal Male... he is from Sexy Devils!!

Now, I had the second one... When I saw this little Fire Fighter... I knew I had to get him; besides, he is the first one!!! This is by Jo Davis, Trial By Fire. What can a girl say to this... I could not say no!!!!
Now, I was excited to see this at Borders... this is the third installment in Rhyannon Byrds series of Edge's!!! Edge of Desire!!! Of course I had to get it! Can you blame me!!!

This one I bought because it sounded like a fun read!!! And it is a Southern story... and if you know I am from Louisiana... I had to get this one. Kimberly Frost's Would-Be Witch!

I saw this one and had to pick it up... It was calling my name... At least for now... this is the last one in the series so far.... So maybe if I can hurry and collect all of them.... I can finally get to read this one!!! LOL! You're So Vein by Christine Warren...

Now that is all for now...until Borders gives me another 40% off coupon... Damn them and those things!!! My TBR pile is out of control!!!! But its okay.. because some of these covers... I don't mind just looking at LOL!!!
Thanks for staying with me!!!


  1. Hi Cecile,

    Lol, that was one great post :D I wanna steal some of your books ;)

    But do tell if the Angie Fox one is good, I think it sounds funny and looks great. I am so curious about it

  2. HOLY COW WOMAN! You got some goodies up there! BTW, I have to warn you...Elizabeth Amber's books are HOT. Aren't her covers stunning?!

    Raine is my personal fav.

  3. How long did it take you to acquire all of those books?? Damn, that was alot...Very nice!

    Happy Happy reading to you!

  4. Second what Barbara Said...

    Is there anything left in the shop...
    And I totally agree with you - you do have a battle on your hand with all them sexy man.

    My money is on the guy on Elizabeth Amber - Nicholas - He is HAWT, HAWT...

    You did fine with the link... I am sure if you give any one of us a shout when you are ready, we are more than willing to show you....
    If you're having a slow day at work - Link me on yahoo - I will talk you through it...

    Great post - off to the store for me this weekeend..


  5. Blodeuedd ~ Hey Hon! Thanks... you are more than welcome to try to steal some of my books *wink* I do share!LOL!! I will definitely let you know about Angie's books. That is one reason I bought them, they read to be funny!

    Barbara ~ Girl... when I get me some books, I get me some books!! And yes, Elizabeth's covers are smoking (with fire still trailing the pages) hot!!! Oh my dear lord!!! I can see why Raine is your fave.. he is the one with the most skin!!! LOL!!! Seriously, the covers are amazingly drool worthy!

    Amy C ~ Hey honey... Hope you are feeling better today! I acquired those books (not that ones I won) in two days. I only go out shopping on Sundays to do the grocery shopping thing... and that is when I buy...

    Erotic ~ The battle has only begun.. because they are scream (or should I say whisper, because they know I only take them out at night) my name... They want me, I know they do!!! LOL!! I try to leave a little behind me, but no man is safe around me!!!
    And I will be sure to hit you up when I am ready to do the link thing. That way, people can go there without leaving me =(

  6. Cecile!!!!! You did good!!! I like the way you shop!! You got some great books :)

  7. Goodness girl..I am going book shopping with you!

    I love On the Prowl, Larissa Ione, and Mary Balogh:)

  8. Blanche ~ Girl, put them coupons in my hand and watch me go to town!!! Then the sad part is I hit Borders first... then go to WM for groceries... and hit the book section there!

    Mandi ~ Girl, come hop in the car!! I figured if I have one addiction in life, it is buying books! I have to be able to hold them in my hands... that is why I am so debating the kindle or any other machine like that... I love my covers... Yea... I am a hussy by nature!

  9. Nice haul Cecile- Happy reading!
    "Strange Angels" sounds like a female twist of the CW's TV show "Supernatural" (which I love) about brothers who hunt supernatural beasts-taught by their Daddy (the family business they call it-lol).

  10. Thank Ms. M ~ I have not seen Supernaturals... but I bet it is good! With hunks as hot as I have seen or read with the books we have.. I would love to be in their family **cough** business!!! LOL!

  11. This is an amazing list! You're in for a few weeks of good reading at least with those. I'm never sure if I should hug or curse the marketing people who come off with those 40% off or 3-for-the-price-of-2 ebates :-DDD I'm especially glad you are going to read the first 3 BDB books as this is my personal favorite series - I was less thrilled by the last installments, but books 1-4 are among the best I have read in any genre and hands down, the most addictive novels I have EVER read. I can finish one of those books and go immediately back to page one to read it all over again. I've done it quite a few times :-DD

  12. Oh girl...every fantasy I have is centered around a Black Dagger Brother. Whoo!! is it hot up in here?!!! You will love Larissa Ione and after checking you list out I'm thinking I should go find On the Prowl for the cover alone if nothing else! Are you going to rank them to let us know your favorites?

  13. Cecile, what an assortment of books! Lucky gal! I have strange angels waiting for me as soon as deadlines are kaput. Im really looking forward to it!

  14. Ya know people downed Wards Black Dagger Series and Ive only read the first one but I loved it!!OH and I love Patricia Briggs do you read her Mercy Thompson books? ALSO I see you like Twilight...have you read The Host by S. Meyer? you got lots of great books! JEALOUS! lol

  15. YOWZAA!!! Girl, you got some GOOD books!! I'm a bit jealous at the moment. I'm looking forward to all the hot reviews that you inevitably have lined up. *wink*

    Happy STEAMY Reading,

    :) VFG

  16. Mary ~ Hey!! Thanks! I felt like a lucky girl when I was checking out!!This is an amazing list! You're in The sad part... is that that is not nearing the tip of the ice berg of books on the TBR shelf!!
    Oh, I agree with you on not knowing what to do with those people who come up with those 40% off or 3-for-the-price-of-2 ebates. Well, if loved the BDB collection, you should visit VampFanGirl site to read her reviews! She did an awesome week long review of all of them!!!
    I cannot wait to dive into the series myself either!!! With all I have heard about them... I can not wait to see these men in action!!!

  17. Cybercliper ~ Hey Honey! Wow... every fantasy you have is centered around a Black Dagger Brother. Just watch your back around Barbara and VampFanGirl lol!!!
    Yes, another series I cannot wait to start on is Larissa Ione's. Girl, some of the books I buy for the cover alone!!! Just joking... I do read the blurh... but who could pass up a cover like Sexy Devils by Sasha White!!! I mean really!!!!
    Oh, once I am done reading them, I will let you know what I think of each one!!!! So ranking them... yes!!!

  18. Sophie! Hey there!! OMG... The cover of that book of yours... I am still hot and bothered by that picture!!!
    I hope deadlines dont get you downl; so you can enjoy some me time of reading!!!

    Monroe ~ Welcome!!! I hope you stick around and enjoy yourself at my place! OH I know alllll about the BDB series... and believe me... I cannot wait to put my hands on those men!!
    I did not read Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson's series yet... The first one I bought was Cry Wolf... that is why I have to back track! But I want to get my hands on that series as well!
    You say love Twilight!!!! That is an understatement!!!!! I love me some Edward!!!! I did not read The Host by S. Meyer. I am going to wait for that one to come to paperback. I just didnt fall for the blurh... I don't know. I'll see though.

    VampFanGirl ~ Girl, I am so glad that rock does not have you again!! Girl... I said those men were calling my name... and we know it is not nice to say no!!! LOL! And you know I will have me some very steamy reviews to come with some of these hot books!!!

  19. Congrats, Cecile, on taking home the goods @ Lea's place.

    Happy Reading!

  20. Wow Cecile! You've got some authors there I haven't heard of! I look forward to your reviews! I thought my TBR pile was big-you've got me beat just with that list alone!


  21. your TBR pile is great! lucky you

  22. Wow!

    You've got some haul there girl!! You enjoy all your wonderful reads. :)

    You have some of my favorite books and authors there in the stack Cecile.

    Have a wonderful TGIF. :)


  23. The Book Resort ~ Thanks! Yea, I got some sweet stuff from Lea! And after reading her review of that book... I can't wait to read it!
    Hope you have a great Friday!

  24. Hey Lisa ~ Yea, that list alone put my TBR pile over the top...
    **Thank goodness Hubby and I have separate closets because that is where I *hide* I mean put my books at!!!
    I can't wait to read some of them that I have!

  25. Hey Lea! Thanks... I am glad to see that you approve of my list *cheesy grin*. I can't wait to begin reading some of them!! Some more than others... simply because the covers Lol!!
    Hope you are having a great Friday!

  26. I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded your blog the 'One Lovely Blog' award!

    Stop by my blog to pick up your award!!

  27. That's a lot of goodies. If only money grew on trees but on the bright side at least I was able to get Would Be Witch from the library. That called to me too.

  28. Monroe ~ You are such a sweetie!! Thank you so much. I just hope you enjoy coming to my place as much as I enjoy hopping over to your's!!

    Barbara!! Hey girl!! Well... money doesn't grow on tree, but that second job (working at the planation) is nice for the addiction!!! And believe me... as long as Border sends those damn coupons.. I will keep working! LOL!!


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