Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Look

Hey you guys... I hope all of you guys are having a great week so far... Some of you are sick... or have kids sick... or even worst... hubbies!! Hopefully the my magic dust is powerful enough to make everyone feel better soon!!
Now on to other things... I want to make my page a little more informative for you guys... I know I don't surf the web much... so finding out things is a little hard... but still... if I can find it, I will post it. And if you want to drop me a line and let me know something... I will gladly post it for you as well!!
Now on the right sidebar of my page is for contests (and hot guys... and my super heros). The contests can be found under my hero/ines. Then to the left side, I will list the reading challenge that I am doing... and I will only be one at a time... (I am not that talented). Then right underneath that I am posting just released books and upcoming releases (and hot guys).
So, if there is something you would like to see, please let me know. And I will be working on my review section as well. Hopefully, I will be able to offer you two... a short version and my version.
Well, I hope you all enjoy stopping by as much as I love having you over!!!
Love hugz and smiles


  1. Your blog looks great, I love all the little things I can find on it...and I don't have any up and coming releases, hm. Should get some more man candy too, and update awards.

    But I think you will be more active this time, I hope it rubs off on me

  2. I think you're doing a great job with your blog.

  3. I think your blog looks beautiful Cecile. I especially love the gorgeous roses in your header.

    (((hugs))) VFG

  4. Your blog is super cool...

    I always find something to not only cheer me up, but info to jump onto other blog...

    I love it as it is...


  5. Cecile you blog looks amazing, so very pretty!!! Thanks for pimping my contest in your sidebar!! (((hugs)))!!

  6. Hi Cecile!

    Your blog looks great. I loved coming by to visit, catch you on news, and just see what's going on.


    Dottie :)

  7. I lurve your blog!!! One of my fav places to visit. Plus you have lots of Edward...LOL :)

  8. Thank you all guys! (((hugzzz to you alll)))

    Blodeuedd ~ I will go tackle down some more eye candy just for you... I will go searching tonight when I get home from work!!

    Ms. M ~ Thanks... You know we all love going to your place for that delicious man candy of your!!!

    VampFanGirl ~ Thank you. A very dear friend of mine (she is special) did the roses for me... She is awesome!!! And pink roses are my fave!

    Erotic ~ Yay, you are out and about... I am glad to see you feeling a little better! Thank you! I said earlier when I started bloggin that that is my job - to cheer up someone, make someone at least smile or make then laugh! Glad to know that I am doing my job!

    Blanche ~ You are more than welcome!! I love your contests and what everyone to know about them! Thanks for the kind words!

    Dottie ~ I am glad that you do visit... I would miss Tink if you didn't!! Then I would have to stalk you... lol!! I am glad you like coming here!!

    Mandi ~ HOW can I not have Edward... that is my husband. **wink** Thanks for kind words!!

  9. I love your blog! Your page is beautiful and the hot guys are an added bonus! :)

  10. Your blog always looks great, Cecile!

  11. Cecile :D Hehe thanks, I will look forward to seeing that then.

  12. Hey Cecile!!! You're blog looks great, you know I love the pink. And I agree with MsM you are doing a great job with it!!!


  13. Your blog looks awesome Cecile!

    I think you have done amazing with it in a short period of time. :)

    It's well organized and beautiful.


  14. Found the guy you had left for me ;)
    Yup he can take me to the ballpark anyday

  15. Missy ~ Thanks! I agree... hot guys are always welcome!!! And especially at my place...

    Amy, Barbara and Lea.... Thanks you guys!!! The kind words are much appreciated it. I am just glad that you like to visist my place as much if not more than I love going to your's!!!

  16. Fantastic!! Love the look - I love stopping by and reading your posts and adding to my TBR list!!!

    Thanks for all the great work you do on your blog keeping us informed.


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