Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Before I Forget....

forgot to mention this in my What's Going On post...

My dear friend Caffey's Read is hosting her first contest... This is from her place:

Contest:Now here's my first contest on my blog. I love to share what I've read with others. And I thought one way to do this besides posting about my reads on the blogs as well as my love for visiting my reader friends blog is to give out a book that was read once by me, so know its not a new copy but very gently read by me.
She just wants to share in the joy of reading... Head over there and tell her I sent you!!! That way she knows we are spreading the love for our fellow bloggers!!!
I have to share this with you... I saw this is at.... The Book Resort' s place... she is a doll!! Team Edward still Rocks!!!! But those arms are looking mighty.... tasty!!!!

Then Ms. Larissa Ione announced today that her new book.... Ecstasy Unveiled... Now has a cover... and let me tell you... OH WHAT A COVER IT IS!!!!!! Delicious!!!!


  1. Hi cecile! I just had to steal that New Moon pic from your blog and post it on mine! Hope you don't mind? :)
    And don't start me on that cover, I'm still drooling....

  2. OH MAN! I seen this New Moon pic on the new Moon site (that I check dailly lol) Im so excited about this movie Im gonna pee my pants! EEEKKKK! Like 4 months to go! :o)

  3. I just seen the new moon pic OMG Jacob is so hot in it!

    And that cover Phew! I'm drooling on my keyboard right now!

  4. I really can't wait to see "New Moon", this was a great book and I hope the movie brings it to life.

  5. Host ~ Hey! Girl... Steal away... As long as you leave Edward for me... you can have all the Jacob you want, lol!!! It is a very hot poster though, I must admit.

    And that cover... OMG!!! Isn't that hot!!!

  6. Monroe ~ 4 months and counting down!!!! I am glad that we are in good company together!!! Because I can NOT wait for the damn movie to hurry and get here!!!

  7. Amanda ~ Hey.... I will admit that Jacob is looking very hot & tasty in this poster!! But Edward still rocks!

    And the cover.... I love the design of his tat!!! And those abs!!

  8. Ms Moonlight ~ Could not agree with you more. I really do hope that they bring to life the whole book within the movie. Because this book sets up the other two. I am keepign my fingers crossed!!!

  9. Hi Cecile!
    I must say that that is a nice poster...but still team Edward. I like that he is in the moon

  10. Blodeuedd ~ Girl.... TEAM EDWARD all the way!!! I do love that they put him and those gorgeous eyes of his in the Moon!! Very sexy!!!

  11. Mmmmm yummy. Thanks Cecile. I saw on Literary Escapism that this will be the new cover for the 'New Moon' books. I might have to purchase a second copy...

    Here's the link: http://www.literaryescapism.com/2009/06/23/3456/

    ;) VFG

  12. Wow VampFanGirl... you are right. You us and our covers!!!

  13. I loved the Twilight series, and can't wait to see New Moon...even just to look at all of those sexy men, LOL!!

    Would love for you to check out my first published romance novel, The Road To Love. Maybe it would be something you would enjoy enough to suggest to your bloggers, which would be amazing!!

    Lisa Renee Faust


  14. Lisa ~ Hi & Welcome! Yes, I am major Twilight.... Edward Fan!! We are counting down the months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds till the movie comes out!!!

    I tried to open the address you gave me and for some reason my computer wont let me open it... (Im at work).. this is my email address... alliwantandmorebooks(at)gmail(dot)com. Is your book available in paperback, hardback or ebook or all of the above?? Would love to read it!


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