Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Wallpaper!

Kristie J at Rambling Romance started this one... and I finally catching on... This is me and my Baby girl ~ Brooke!!! This was around Christmas time this past year!
She actually changed it... I had a beach scene on it before... then one day recently, this was there... and I saw it very fitting to put this!
Hope you enjoy!


  1. loving the wallpaper hon..

    How beautiful you both are together...

    I can't get my demons to stand long enough without threat of murder for a photo..


  2. Beautiful picture! You girls so look alike! And what a beautiful mother and daughter you two are :)

  3. How adorable!!!! You two are def mother/daughter!! Beautiful!!

  4. Hmm. Are you two related? ;) Gorgeous picture!

  5. ~Erotic~ Thanks!! That is my baby! Oh, believe me, she thinks she is all that *wink* She has her own camera card just for pictures SHE takes of herself!!! She loves taking pictures of herself!!! She is something else!

    ~Host~ Thank you so much!!

    ~Mandi~ Thank you as well!!

    ~Chris~ I would never guess that was my child!!! She says that sometimes... "Do we really look that much alike (and laughs)?"

  6. Awe, you two are so pretty!

    ;) VFG

  7. You two look exactly alike and a strong resemblance to Julia Roberts thrown in as well.It is a beautiful photograph.My teenager loves taking photos of herself as well and always with a pouty mouth which my 4 year old baby boy now thinks is compulsory if he is having his photo taken.

  8. Yvette ~ Thank you very much for your kind words! She is my baby and I love her so much. She is definitely something else when it comes to photos!! She has mastered the arm thing... where they can take a picture of themselves and the arm is not in the picture at all and you can not even tell that they took the picture themselves! Something else really!!
    I love the bit about your 4yr old!! That is funny!! But I can see that!


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