Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Shopping Bag!

Okay... let's see what I have been up too!!! Before going to Red Creek this past weekend... my normal shopping on Sunday's lead me to buy some of these books... and others, I WON (YAY ME!!)... so without further adu... here is what's on my list of TBR now...


I bought Street Magic and Second Skin by Caitlin Kittredge before I even saw her on Bitten By Books and before I found her web site. For Street Magic it is #1 in the Black London Vol. series and for Second Skin, it is #3 in the Nocturne City (#1 is Night Life, #2 is Pure Blood).

Okay, now I have collected all the books in Christine Warren's series of The Others... One day, hopefully soon... I will start to read them!!!!

Now for this one... I am soooo excited to say that when I first started blogging.... this was the series that was raved about EVERYWHERE. I am excited to say that I now own all three... Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione

Now we just have to wait till February 2010 for the new book.... which I may have time to read the whole series before this one comes out... lol... here is the NEW COVER LADIES... Make sure to use the mops in the corner closet!!! For this cover model is smokin hawt and his tats are... let'st just say that I would spend all day tracing them for him.... and that happy trail... You see it Barbara!!!! ***WINK WINK***

These two book, I found at Wal-Mart for $3.96.... I bought them simply because for one, I can not tell you when was the last time I bought a book for this cheap (in a long time) and two, the covers and the blurhs were hot!!! Short little reads!!!!

Now for those that know that I read Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs and felt lost... I thought it was right of me to read the Mercedes Thompson series. So, I have started collecting this series!! I was proud of myself for buying the first one... Moon Called.

Edit: Thanks to Amanda.... I learned I had to series out of order....

Now, I forgot who's site had this as a contest as while back... (yea, you can make fun of my memory... I sure do!!!) OH wait... I remember who it was.... Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings. She had a contest and I fell in love with the cover (and of course the story). I will wait for the thrid book (Fraigle Eternity) to come to paperback. Melissa Marr's books: Ink Exchange (#2), Wicked Lovely (#1). Don't you love the covers, they are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Now, this book... I WON... at my fave author's place... Ms Lynda Hilburn!! He was a guest blogger one day... and I was the lucky commenter!!! Let me welcome you to Mr. Rick Taubold. He sent it to me in pdf format... so I will let you know as soon as I read this one. The two things that drew me to the books was in a particular part of the story it is set in New Orleans... and the family name of the people that he teased us with was Benoit... that is my family name. So, I just thought that was the coolest thing. Welcome to his vampire world...

Now this sweet little book... I found at Borders for $3.99.... yes, you read right... $3.99!!! I already had the book in my notebook to buy.... but when I saw the price.... OMG... do I have to tell you I would have fought anyone if they would have taken it out of my hands!!!
Lora Leigh's Nauti Boy's series!!! #1 is Nauti Boy, #2 is Nauti Nights, #3 is Nauti Dreams, & #4 is Nauti Intentions...

I found this and thought it was very interesting! This is a new author to me... Alisa Sheckley... Now... we have to read The Better To Hold You before reading this one ~ Moon Burn.

I won (YAY ME!!!) Man After Midnight at Lea's place... Closetwriter!! She is a huge Devyn Quinn fan...! Now this is a sequel for Flesh and the Devil! So, please read that one frist.... then Man After Midnight!

Now ladies... you will need to take a cold shower after you look at these covers!
I told these two men that I would rescue them from the books store the last time I left them there.... and low and behold... I did!!! ***grinning from ear to ear****let's just say that they were very nice in showing their gratitude****
Welcome to Ms. Elizabeth Amber's world and let me tell you what a world it is!!!!
I already have Nicholas (#1), Raine (#2), Lyon (#3) and Dominic (#4)!!! They are some special men!!!!

Thanks to Ms. Moonlight, I found this series... however, when I went to the book store... they only had a couple from the series... so I settled with this one... I just loved the cover. But I do plan on buying the rest of the series!!! This is Hidden Agenda by Lora Leigh!

This one.... I won (YAY ME!!!!) over at Megan Hart (one of my personal fave authors!!!!) place! Deeper... click on the word and fall in love ~ all over again!!!!

Now this one... his eyes were just calling to me... and his title... well.... Cynthia Eden knows how to write her men!!! I actually got lucky and bought the first one in the series!!!! Hotter After Midnight is #1, Midnight Sins #2 and Midnight's Master is #3. Midnight's Master comes out at the end of this month!!! So... hurry, go buy!!!!
Now, thanks to Dottie and her fae blood... She had posted this book at her place and when I saw it in the store... I knew I had to have it!!!! Mary Janice Davidson ~ Faeries Gone Wild. I think the name is just tooo cute!!!

Now, if some of you remember... Ms. Houston A.W. Knight had a super hero party at her place a couple of weeks ago with Ms. Carol Henry.... and this was the main prize!!! Well, my Hero won... and this is what I won ~ A Signed Copy of Amazon Connection!!!!

And.... (I know Barbara is proud of me) I won this at Lust In Time's place!!! A Signed Copy of Ms. Jennifer Haymore ~ A Hint of Wicked...


  1. Hey Cecile!!! I just got Jennifer Haymore's book as well in the mail!! I'm looking forward to it!!!

  2. Chris ~ Yea... I am still fanning myself over some of these covers!!!!

    Barbara ~ Well... I know you will read it before me... so I look forward to you thought on it... and did you notice Mr. Esctasy's Happy Trail!!!! Thought of you!

  3. Wow that is quite a haul!! Congrats sweetie!!

    Just on Melissa Mar's series..... I thought Wicked Lovely was first in that series?

  4. Cecile,
    Wow great books in there. I am jealous :D

  5. Oh Amanda, if that is the case please let me know... I have a pet peeve about reading in order... and I have looked as much as I can online to see what is the order and have found no mention. So, if you or anyone knows the order, please let me know!!!

  6. I'll double check for you and let you know!!

    I know what you mean I can't stand reading series out of order!

  7. Yup the series order is:

    Wicked Lovely
    Ink Exchange
    Fragile Eternity

  8. Oh thank you thank you thank you Amanda!!! I greatly appreciate your help!!!
    Hope you have a great day!

  9. No problem glad to help!! I know how frustrating it can be to start a book and realise its not the first, have to stop and go and find it!

    Hope you ahve a great dya too! Sorry you missed out on DIK hope to see your name there next year *hugs*

  10. Very nice haul Cecile! I can't wait to hear your reviews of them.
    I have several of the ones you bought so I am really looking forward to your thoughts on those.
    *The Lora Leigh's really should be read in order to get the whole story of whose who and what's what.

  11. Very, very nice!!! You are going to be one busy(but happy) lady...looking forward to seeing the reviews....

  12. Amanda ~ There is always next year!!! =) Thanks for the help. It is frustrating to read and realize that there was a beginning to the story... I hate that!!!

  13. Ms Moonlight ~ I can not wait to start reading these either... I will on the look out for your reviews as well (as I always am :)) Oh believe me, I will be getting all the Seals IN Order!! I had a huge discussion with the manager at Borders... I didnt realize he was one of the managers... I have been going there for a couple of months and he is the one that ask "Can I help you". And everytime... I am like yes you can... Well this last trip I unloaded that I was not happy that they did not have all the books that go to the series. Told him that maybe I should talk to one of the managers... He ducked his head and told me he was one of them!! We had a good talk about what my thougths were; not that it will change anything! But it is nice to know that you can voice your opinoin over there!

  14. Cybercliper ~ Hey, haven't seen you for a while... hope all is well!!! I will definitely be one happy woman reading... Hubby might not be to happy... not paying to much attention to him... To much on my books, lol!!

  15. *FAINT I think I have fallen in love with a couple of the books you bought. But seriously Cecile how do you collect a series and wait to read it? I don't have that control. I like to devour my books the minute I get home from the bookstore. My Borders didn't have such an awesome selection, but I got Acheron for like $6.

  16. Been on the road...west coast last couple of weeks. Today deep into central Texas and it's 105 degrees. Don't get me wrong, I like it hot, but there's a mascara slipped off and headed south the minute I stepped outside, and the hair, well you can just imagine!!!

  17. Woot! You got yourself some good books there Cecile. I'm a bit green over here.

    ;) VFG

  18. IHBG ~ Hey! I love cover art... and when I am in the store with the actual book in hand.. I just melt!!
    That is part of my OCD, I have to collect all of them and I can NOT stand to read out of order. It is just something inside of me that will not allow it. Like Larissa Ione's series... OMG... I have been dying for that one... and JD Ward's.... but I would not even touch the others without having the first of the series in my hands. Im just weird that way!

  19. Cybercliper ~ Traveling.. Cool!! Expect of the temps!! Believe I know... My fave season is fall (bday is Oct. 30 ~ so I am partial) But this heat is killing us!!! Girl, won't even talk about the hair!!
    I am just glad that you are back!!

  20. VampFanGirl ~ Hey there!!! It took me a while to collect these books... but I gotta in my greedy little hands!! You where my library is if you want to borrow!!! =)

  21. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Cecile I SO SEE IT!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  22. Hi Cecile!

    You have some wicked wins and buys theree! YAY! Faeries Gone Wild!! I'll be reviewing it shortly. Heads up through, they're not your usual faery stories.

    Talk about some drool worthy covers, wow, you sure found them *fanning frantically* I love Hint of Wicked!! On my TBB list, as are most of the others!! LOL! We will soon be in debt over my book addiction!

    Dottie :)

  23. Barbara ~ I am so glad that you found it... It's it amazing what a litte Esctasy can do for you!!! What a MAN!!!
    And you and Rehv.... girl... *looking over shoulder for Vamp* Congrats!!! Told Lea, I have the video camera!!! The ceremony will be beautiful!! LOL!!

  24. Dottie ~ Hey honey!!! Thank you ma'am!!! I racked up some stuff over these two months!!! You would think that we would be satisfied with what we have... but NOOOO... we have to have more books!!!

    I cannot want for your review on Faeries Gone Wild. I love that name. Makes me think of some hot moments!!! I can't wait to read that one then... different!

  25. Awesome books!! I loved Street Magic, Bone Crossed, and Wicked Lovely.

    I am ordering my first Megan Hart book, Dirty soon!!

    Dominic's cover is making me drool!! :)

  26. Mandi ~ OMG... You have to let me know what you think of Dirty!!! You know how much I LOVE MEGAN HART!!!! I have not read that one yet.... Just finished with Broken!!! And am in the process of writing my review for that one!!!! Let me know...

    And Girl... Dominic's cover... all of her covers are freaking hot!!!! Drool worthy & hot flashes!!!

  27. Hey Cecile...

    I think I need to wrestle that notebook from you...

    you so make commandment number 9 worth breaking...

    "Just looking at the covers and i get my monies worth'

    What a haul girl...


  28. E.H. ~ Hey honey!! Well... snatching that notebook away from me will be very hard... even hubby has tried to threaten to take it away!! But SuperCecile always wins!!

    And just think, now that I am on vacation for a week.... I can book shop whenever I want!! YAY!! And thankfully Brooke wants to go tomorrow to see what she can find. Now how am I suppose to tell my child that she can not go to a book store. That is just not right... so we must burden ourselves as parents and take our children where they want to go... Hopefully off to the book store tomorrow!!!!


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