Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Back!!

Hey you guys!!! OMG.... I just finished reading the story... ((((standing up... clapping))))
You ladies were simply amazing!!!! Amy and Dottie... my hat off to you ladies!!! Thank you. I hope everyone had fun with this one. We will make this (at least try) to make this a montly thing!!! I am at work right now, but when I get home, I will be (hopefully - if Brooke and hubby leave me alone) posting pictures up of our weekend and the books I have been buying...

What did you guys do over the weekend??? I feel left out... fill me in!!!!
Hoping you guys are having a great day!


  1. Posted the book to you today :D Went a bit crazy with the tape though, lol

    All good here, celebrated Midsummer, 3 day weekend, yay

  2. Hi Cecile!

    Well, you missed nothing with me, the weather knocked out your power and internet. I was strand on a desert island. But I did read almost three complete books this weekend. One was really short, but I divided the rest of my time between Broken Wing and Faeries Gone Wild. Still have a little of Faeries Gone Wild to read.

    I didn't get to go book shopping. I did go the Walmart yesterday, but they had nothing new, but there were a few I have been coveting.

    Girl, you need to get over and enter me contest! I know you haven't had a lot of time lately.

    Thanks for letting us play on your blog. We all had a blast writing the short.

    Dottie :)

  3. I can't wait to see your pictures! I bet you all had a great time :D.

    I didn't do much this weekend. I started weeding my garden for the second time this season. Man, is that alot of work. I'll get it finished today. Maybe get a little sun in the process!

    Lea, you and even Blodeuedd all did a fantastic job on the story! I had alot of fun, as Dottie said, playing on your blog :D.

  4. Welcome back!!
    I spent the weekend reading mostly.

  5. Hey Cecile!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Mine was actually pretty relaxing! Thankfully!

  6. Hi Cecile! Welcome back. I also had a 3 day weekend, like Blodeuedd - it must be some European thing! I spent it reading because of all the rain that didn't stop through the whole weekend. I got three new books in the mailbox on Friday:
    Love in Bloom by Sheila Roberts, Fantasy Lover by S. Kenyon and The Inn at Eagle Point by S. Woods. First two I've already read :)
    Can't wait to see the pictures from your holiday.

  7. Welcome back Cecile!

    I hope you had an awesome time this past weekend. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. :)

    If you get a minute pop by and enter the contest I've got running this week. Maybe you will win a Jaci Burton book. ;)



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