Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Story Time Ladies

Thanks to Amy for helping me out with this one... Here is the beginning of his story.....

I spent the day at the park; it was a gorgeous day - sun up, birds out, breeze blowing. Beautiful. I was on my way to my car when I saw him standing there. He was holding his bat in one hand and his (get your mind out the gutter) glove in the other. He looked up and caught me looking (or should I saw devouring him with my eyes) at him and flashed me this gorgeous smile. My knees suddenly felt weak, my heart felt like it was going to explode, and I became very hot all over, and it was not from the sun. I had to pass him to go to my car; there was no way around it. He went to open his mouth to say something to me...


  1. I love the Round Robin story idea! I'll try to play later :).

  2. Hot tight body and you notice he is holding the business end of that slugger...

    I wonder if he means business as well, or only buff...


  3. Amy... Please do come back later! I know people (like me) are at work or whatever right now... So that is cool.

    Erotic... he is holding the business end because I had him so flustered he did not know which END what UP when I was done!!!! LOL!!!! ****poor hubby... lol****

  4. STORY...

    He went to open his mouth to say something to me....but then closed it. I watched his hand came up to my face, as if in slow motion. My heart began to pound rapidly. My lips parted to accommodate my harsh breathing. I stared into his dark eyes, heavy with…desire?

    “You have a leaf in your hair.” He said softly.

    The seductive tone of his voice washed over my body. I felt the slight tug on my hair, just above my ear, as he pulled something from it…the leaf. His hand remained between us, holding the leaf. I looked down at it, then back to his face. My eyes focused on his lips and a deep craving settled in the pit of my stomach to…

  5. Amy ~ Awesome! I so want to be the leaf he is holding!!

  6. So glad you liked it. I sure hope they kiss or something!! :P Someone please make them kiss, or at least some sizzling skin contact!

  7. Yes I hunted that guy down :D
    Good luck with the story, let's see if I can make something before I go tomorrow...we'll see. Going away for a graduation party/bday and back on Saturday.

    And yes my mind went to the gutter with that sentence

  8. Cecile;

    Man, I'm going a little nuts today but will try and get back later to join in. :)

    Great idea, nice eye candy...


  9. The suspense is killiing me!


    My eyes focused on his lips and a deep craving settled in the pit of my stomach to…lean in and kiss those full, luscious lips. He must have read my mind. I closed my eyes briefly and when I raised my lids, he was right there. His warm breath fanned across my cheek. His lips were now mere inches from my own. Without further thought I closed the distance. His lips were soft and pliant under mine. The wetness of his tongue licking my lower lip startled a moan from my throat. He slowly pulled away, and as if an invisible tether linked us together I felt myself sway toward him, not wanting to break the intimate contact. He lifted the hand that still held the leaf and lightly trailed it down my cheek. A sinfully sexy smile lifted the edges of his lips just before he said...

  10. "What's your name?"

    That voice, so deep, sensual and it wafted over me like a sultry summer breeze. His deep blue eyes penetrated and drew me in. I had to look down at the ground, suddenly feeling embarrassed by this unexpected intimacy with a stranger. I scrapped to toe of my sneaker along the dirt, pretending there was a bug to chase or something.

    "Drew." My throat feeling suddenly constricted the word, my name, came out like a croak.

    "Pretty name for a beautiful girl."

    He lifted my chin gently with the tip of his index finger, bent his head slightly so I was looking into his eyes again. He was tall and a sandy blond lock of hair fell onto his forehead.

    "So, Drew, would you like to.....

  11. Sorry;

    The above should be labeled "STORY".. oops...

  12. Hey Cecile!!! How cute is this?! I just got back from another wonderful trip to the dentist, but I'll definitely try and post this tomorrow! It looks like tons of fun.


  13. You guys rock... I am soooo loving this story up!!!!! Amy... OMG... kissing at the park and just meeting!!! Love It!!!
    Lea... this is awesome... Drew.. Love the name!!!

    This post will stay up till we come to an end with it!!!

    This is too fun!!!

  14. STORY~~~ This is Brooke adding~~~

    would you like to go for some coffee?" My mind went blank. I didn't know what to say. Of course I wanted to say yes but the words just weren't coming out. A sentence could finally form. "Of course!" I said excitedly and desperate. I didn't want to seem desperate but hell I was. We then hopped on his motor cycle and rode off. I then realized we weren't going to the coffee shop instead we were going.....

    Love Brooke =]
    Where will your mind go with this one??

  15. mind went right into the gutter with that one, Brooke!

    And now that I know you are reading this, if I should add more, I will try to keep it PG13! :P

  16. Story-

    I realized we weren't going to the coffee shop instead we were going...

    farther into the country, the houses along the road becoming more sporadic as we rode. My nervousness nearly got the better of me, but I closed my eyes, drew in a long steady breath, and blew it back out. Desperation is a crazy thing.

    I'd seen the guy around a time or two before, and I really had no fears of being alone with him, even if a little part of me thought I should.

    I relaxed into him. My arms were gripped around his waist, my cheek resting against his back. I could feel his muscles tighten and relax as he steered us along the winding road. We finally came to a narrow turn-off off the main road. The unpaved road jostled me around causing my spread thighs to rub deliciously against his lower back.

    We finally came to a stop. With graceful movements, he removed himself from the bike and helped me off.

    Deciding to throw all my reservations to the wind, I liked my lips and asked, "So, what are we doing here? I don't see any coffee shop around."

  17. Amy...believe me... there is no reason to keep it pg-13... To make the reason I say that about Brooke... being around public school -high school- she has told me things that I didn't know... and she tells me "Mom, you didnt know that's what that meant"... Cant tell you how I hate that!!! but laugh at the same time. LOL! Now I am going read the story's progression!!

  18. Amy...believe me... there is no reason to keep it pg-13... To make the reason I say that about Brooke... being around public school -high school- she has told me things that I didn't know... and she tells me "Mom, you didnt know that's what that meant"... Cant tell you how I hate that!!! but laugh at the same time. LOL! Now I am going read the story's progression!!

  19. ...I liked my lips and asked, "So, what are we doing here? I don't see any coffee shop around."

    He flashed that unbelievible grin again. It told me everything and nothing all at the same time. He offered his hand to help me off the bike. I was thankful for the stablity of his hand to hold; because when I saw that grin, oh the things it made me want to do. He breaks my train of thoughs by telling me that he plans on making me fresh coffee. Okay, I must have been so wrapped up with him that I did not notice the neat little cabin set off the road. We start walking towards a cabin; I trail him from behind admiring my veiw. Not watching where you are going it not a good thing when you're walking in the woods. Yea, I tripped and no sooner than I did, he was there holding me in his arms. They felt so good and he smelled so delicious. He pulls me up and now I am touching him - chest to chest. He must have read my mind because the next thing I know....

  20. You read my mind! I was thinking cabin!! I'll contribute some more later! It's turning out very nicely.

  21. Man, you ladies are naughty.... lol

    I'm at work, so will tune in later if I can...

    Great Fun

  22. Story-

    He must have read my mind because the next thing I knew...

    he lowered his head and lightly kissed my lips. Remembering the feel of him at the park, how good those delectable lips felt on mine, I opened to his exploration. His tongue slipped into the warm cavern of my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on as my body soared to such unbelievable heights of desire. I wanted him, and by the feel of the bulge between his thighs, I could tell he wanted me.

    He pulled away, and I whimpered at the loss of contact.

    “Come on, I said I’d make you some coffee.”

    Coffee? Was he out of his mind? Coffee was the last thing from my mind. How could he possible snap back from such an arousing, thorough kiss, and think of coffee?

    With our fingers lightly hooked together, I followed his lead to the secluded cabin. He opened the door and to my utter disbelief what I saw before me both shocked and stimulated me. Everywhere I looked...

  23. It's gorgeous here, too, and that guy back for another look!

    Love the new look of your blog, and the New Moon widget is AWESOME!!! I gotta get me one of those!!!!

  24. Story:

    Everywhere I looked was pillows. Beautiful, colorful, fluffy pillows, on a rustic looking couch, on the wood floor in front of the fireplace, on 2 wooden chairs that sat next to a small pine table to the right of the door against a floor to ceiling window overlooking the lake. Lovely art adorned the walls, family pictures held a special place on the fireplace mantle. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. There was an obvious feminine influence in the decor of his cozy hideaway.

    The butterflies that had been fluttering in my stomach ever since the first touch of his lips on mine suddenly took flight. My heart sank.

    I stopped and looked up at him. "Are you a married man?" I whispered.

    "No, I'm not a married man." He lifted his hand and took a lock of my long auburn hair in his fingers. "There was a girl once, but she.....

    Not part of the story: by the way, my word verification is "hyman" - go figure.. lol

  25. LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Maybe that's a sign, Lea, that our heroine needs to be a virgin still?

    Oh and I like where your mind went with the pillows and feminine atmosphere! Mine was leaning toward some crazy bondage scene!! ANd great place for some one else to pick up!

    Cecile! This was such a great idea. This is a lot of fun!

  26. You are right Amy, this is totally fun!! I am loving this up!!! Thanks for the add on Lea... and the twist this story now let's see where this is going!!!

  27. Hi Cecile!

    I'm just no good at these things!

    But maybe I'll try later!

    Dottie :)

  28. Hey Cecile! I just wanted to pop in and say, "hi". Hope you're having a great weekend.


  29. Hi Cecile!!

    You girls are good, it has been fun reading what you've come up with!!! :)

    Happy Saturday!

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  31. Okay, I wasn't going to post this, but here it is anyway!


    "There was a girl once, but she found someone else. She left behind what she didn't want, and that included me." He drew a ragged breath, exhaling slowly, inhale deeply nostrils flaring, relaxing and breathing in my scent.

    He touched my thigh causing my heart to go into overdrive. It was maddening that he had this effect on my traitorous body, someone I had just met. I didn't even know his name. I drifted further away, putting a little space between us.

    But maybe that was part of his attraction, part of the mystic. I let my eyes find his again, moving closer, breathing in his spicy scent as he had mine. I knew I shouldn't but I closed the distance between us and let my hand trail down the side of his face, across the rough stumble on his chin, fascinated by the effect he had on my heart.

    Then he reached up and captured my hand bringing it to his....

  32. Nice, Dottie!

    I'll have to put on my thinking cap today and add some more!

  33. Hi Cecile :D
    You got 1st prize in my little contest.

    I am sure I had your email somewhere but can't din it now, so could you email me at blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com with your bookpick and add.

  34. STORY--

    Then he reached up and captured my hand bringing it to his...lips. My breath caught on a moan when his tongue laved each one of my fingers separately. It was pure torture to watch his tongue lick each digit, wanting him doing that in other places.

    With utmost regret, I pulled my hand from him. I had to ask before this progressed any further. “What’s your name?”

    “Ah, my lovely, Drew. You are just know thinking to ask my name?” He chuckled and the sound reverberated through me. Growing serious, he added, “But I must warn you, if I tell you my name, I’ll have to…

  35. BTW, Cecile, I've been keeping track of this in a word document, editing alittle here and there. It's up to 1500 words!!

  36. Back for story Cecile!


    Growing serious, he added, "But I must warn you, if I tell you my name, I’ll have to...keep you. I may never let you go" he added with a devilish chuckle. He reached out stealing my hand again, turning my palm up and to his lips. He brushed his lips across the tender skin causing a riotous tremor within my core, a sigh escaped my lips, I could feel myself trembling.

    It felt like he was trying to drink in my soul, just with a gentle brush of his lips. I still needed to know his name, if for no other reason that to call it out in my dreams.

    Biting my lip, I asked again leaving my hand held close to his body, "What is your name, I need to call you something." I was fighting to keep my sanity, I wanted nothing more than to let him keep kissing me anywhere his heart should desire to go.

    He grinned even deeper, knowing my resolve was weakening, and said "My sweet Drew, you can call me ....

  37. Great addition Amy, this is kind of fun!

    Wow, 1500 words! I don't believe we've written that much!

    Dottie :)

  38. Damn that was good ladies.... Dottie you bet me to the punch... lol!!! We must have been typing the same time!!!


    Story -
    "My sweet Drew, you can call me ....

    He took my fingers again and brushed his lips over each one. Damn those lips. But oh what a pair of lavious lips they are and what they do to me.

    My thoughts were all over the place; I wanted him to strip me down and take me right here, another wanted to sit here for hours and listen to him talk, another thought was where the hell did my common sense go, another did not give a shit as long as he kept touching me like this.
    My thoughts must have raced across my face because the next words out of his mouth took me totally by surprise...

  39. Story - I could not let this go...

    because the next words out of his mouth took me totally by surprise...

    "You still up for that coffee." Who the hell was thinking about coffee at this point!! But that gave some time for common sense to kick in. Damn that common sense to hell. I held out my hand, "Since we did not get a chance to formally introduce ourselves, hi Cabel, it is a pleasure to meet you." Damn those lips again. He took my hand and turned it palm up and kissed the center of my palm. Okay, can you say knees went weak. It suddenly got hot in the living room. I had to make sure the fireplace was not on. It was not on, but I sure was. "I will make the pleasure all your's Drew." Oh damn damn damn... common sense where did you go.

  40. The story is not over with ladies... Amy, thanks for keeping this in your docs for me!!! I greatly apprecaite that and to know we are at 1500 words is awesome!!! This is sooo much fun!!

  41. The count is up to 1,880!! How much longer do you think it should be, because I have an idea that could maybe end it soon. Or do they still need to have sex? :P

    Cecile, you should do this again. Maybe every couple of months :).

  42. Thanks Amy!!! Wow!! That is amazing.
    Well, I think the story should come to an end soon, but I do think that sex should happen... after all this a "quickie" lol!! And it is a really good little story! Not as good as your.... ((And if you are reading this an don't know... go to her place and check out her story ~ awesome)) but it will do. I think I will do this more often. I had a blast with this! Work your magic Amy!!!

  43. Oh no, the sex is getting close, nope I can't write that, Amy should have a go at it ;)
    So here is something

    I backed away a little, and saw the fire in his eyes. I took a deep breath and felt my knees go weak again. Those eyes, the drove me crazy and he knew it. I bit my lip and too a step forward instead and let my fingers wander.
    "Is that a promise?" I asked and smiled a little. I was burning up and I wanted him to burn with me.

  44. I'm thinking maybe some coffee is in order before the sex??? lolololol

    Is Drew going to sacrifice her virginity to Cabel whom she has just met??

    Questions to ponder...

    Have a great day everyone.


  45. I'm with Lea, they should at least get the damn coffee!! lolol! What's the old saying...Coffee, tea, or me? (well in this case Drew)

    And definitely have to ponder the virginity issue. After all, she just found out this guy's name!

    More thought needed!

    Dottie :)

  46. Oh, Blodeuedd! That was a nice little addition!! I like it! "And I wanted him to burn with me." That is a good sentence to start a sex scene! I, umm, don't mind writing sex :).

    Hmm, coffee before sex?? They do need to have some damn coffee though!! Let's do it after sex!

    Hmm, and should she still be a virgin? I've never done virgin sex! :P

  47. Lol, when did I miss the virgin part, well she better get that coffee then :)

  48. Sorry, I just can't see them having coffee yet!! :P I think they need a cup of hot and steamy sex first < g > And It's a brewin now!


    Cabel nodded. “Oh, yes, that’s a promise. I am going to give you so much pleasure you’re going to swim in it.”
    “But I can’t swim,” I added demurely as I spider walked my wandering fingers up his chest, until they came to his exposed skin above the collar of his t-shirt. I heard the audible intake of his breath at the contact. Oh, yes, he was burning up right along with me.
    “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll hold you.”
    Bolder than I ever thought I could be I pulled his head down to mine, and whispered against his lips, “Forget the coffee, teach me to swim.”
    With that he swept me off my feet and carried me to the couch with all the plush pillows. Carefully, yet I could sense the restraint he held in check so as not to scare me, he lowered me down to the softness, his own body following to rest beside me.

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  50. STORY:

    Those penetrating blue eyes held me captive yet again as we lay there, our bodies flush together on the couch. His soft lips touched mine almost reverently.

    "Are you sure?" He whispered. Then the tip of his tongue made a delicate trail down the side of my neck. He pushed the strap from my blue tank top and bra over my shoulder and laided gentle kisses on the sensitive spot between my shoulder and neck. Goosebums rocketed down my arms.

    As the question passed his lips, I looked up at the wooden beams of the rustic cabin. My heart began a staccato beat in my chest and my breathing quickened. I could feel the evidence of his rock hard arousal large and proud pressing against my private place.

    Questions began to swirl through my lust addled brain. What was I doing here with this beautiful stranger? Who was Cabel? If I did with him what I had never done with another man what would happen afterward?

    As indecision implanted its vice like grip around my chest, I could feel my breaths began to woosh inside my head. It was like listening to the roar of the sea inside a shell.

    Cabel suddenly raised he head and looked into my eyes, his face blurred, I pushed him away and tried to sit up on the side of the couch.

    I cluched my hand to my chest, I couldn't breath. I heard Cabel's deep voice in the distance calling my name.

    Then everything went black....

    Not part of the story:

    HA! I know, I'm evil... ;)


  51. Lea, you are evil!

    Damn virgins! ALways passing out in the heat of the moment! I think she needs to be slapped!! :P LMAO!

    So, I guess she still is a virgin!

  52. Amy...

    Tisk Tisk... We can't sexually initiate the virgin with BDSM... no, no, no!!!


    Besides, Cabel is a Alpha hero right??? Gentle, gradual initiation. ;) Maybe after reviving her and some coffee! lolololol


  53. Damn, and I thought maybe Cabel could drip some hot candle wax on her to revive her....if the slapping didn't work first :P.

    I have an idea...must go explore it!

  54. GFI...

    However, if any hot candle wax rears it's ugly head - I'm outa here!!! ack... lol


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  56. Hi guys!


    Then everything went I started to slide only to feel Cabel strong arms lifting me, gently cradling my body against his.

    "Tell me you've done this before" he growled desire evident in his pulsing body.

    I steadied myself and glance up passed his stumbled chin, "Sure, I my dreams" I replied pressing myself tighter against his chest.

    "I guess before this goes any further, maybe we should have that coffee" he said with a grimace though still holding me closely against his body.

    "I don't know....

  57. Slapping, hot candle wax, Ouch!!!


    My puritan eyes! LOLOL!!

    Dottie :)

    verification word: miniperv

  58. I am laughing so hard here right now, I can't help it.
    Slap, coffee, or candle vax, ack the eternal question

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  60. STORY-

    "I don't know, maybe you should just take me back to the park.”

    Embarrassed that my body became so overwhelmed by his touch, yet not wanting to break the contact with him, I sighed heavily, then attempted to pull away.

    “Not so fast, my sweet innocent Drew. Remember I said to you that if I told you my name, I would have to keep you?”

    My heartbeat quickened as I saw a gleam of something wicked and unnatural in his eyes. Holy shit! What have I got myself into?

    His smile revealed gleaming, white…

  61. STORY

    My heartbeat picked up as I saw a gleam of something wicked and unnatural. Holy shit! What have I got myself into?

    His smile revealed gleaming, white...fangs! Fangs, what kind of creature has fangs, my racing mind was demanding, but my pounding heart would not let go.

    Fascinated, I drew his head down to my lips, drinking from his mouth once again. Slipping my tongue between his lips, feeling the pointy hardness pricking almost delicately. A groan slipped from the deepest part of my body. Desire fired hot like a branding iron through my heart.

    "What are you" I whispered against his lips.

    "I'm what you desire most....

  62. We got fangs, Baby!

    Update on word count...2600 words! That's just awesome!

  63. Shit! - Fangs?... This goober plays baseball in the daylight???

    Okay, *sigh*....


    "I'm what you desire most, a first love who will NEVER let you go. I felt you Drew, deep in my soul, you are destined to be mine."

    "Oh. Um, I guess that is why I am feeling such an intense attraction for you too Cabel. You know, I've never. At least I...."

    Cabel smiled, he still held me close in his arms and I was looking up into eyes which were swirling and change like the sea in a storm, they were mesmerizing. I was again feeling embarrased, and my throat was parched.

    Cabel bent his head and kissed me gently on the lips, across my cheek and then I felt the points of his sharp fangs pricking my neck. Instead of feeling frightened, I became aroused, my breasts tightened and molten heat spread like volcanic lava south to my core. Holy. Hell.....

    word verification "abide" - I'm trying.... lol

  64. Well, shit, Lea! You're not supposed to pay attention to the beginning of the story!! :P I wasn't!

    That was my bad!! I wanted fangs, dammit :D.

    You know, Edward can go into the sun! He just gets all glittery like :P.

    Oh but I just had a thought, maybe they aren't vampire fangs?? Maybe they are Wolf fangs!!!

  65. He does live in a secluded cabin! Maybe he is a shapechanger??

  66. STORY--

    He was going to bite me. I sensed it clear to my toes.

    “I must know what you are, Cabel. Please, tell me.”

    My hands threaded through his silky hair. His breath fanned across my neck. My senses were in overdrive, waiting for his reply.

    “I am an acient, Drew. I am werewolf. And you are mine.”

    Then he bit me.


  67. Excellent Amy!

    Lea, you crack me up! I'm using my son's computer right now, and he came to check on me I was laughing so hard!

    Dottie :)

  68. STORY:

    I felt a twinge of pain as his two sharp incisors broke my skin. Then it was as if little bubbles of sensual pleasure began to purcolate from the top of my head radiating through my entire body centering at my core.

    I arched in Caleb's arms and meweled, then cried out in pleasure as the first orgasm I had ever experienced crashed through my body. I writhed against him rubbing my centre against his erection that I could feel pulsing and straining against his clothing.

    Caleb drew his teeth from my neck and took a long leisurely lick over the punctures. Then he bent his head back and howled. The sound was soothing to my ears.

    I heard howling as if in answer at a distance. I looked at Caleb, and was about to ask.

    "Do not be afraid, they are of my pack and now know I have claimed my mate and marked her. You taste like honey, my love." With that he swept me into his strong arms and lay me on the couch amongst the soft pillows. As he looked down at me, I could see the desire flaming in his eyes.

    My arousal began to peak again as he gazed down my body, it was as if he was drinking every part of me, inside and out. Like a cat in heat, I arched my back and ran the tip of my tongue along my lower lip.

    Caleb seemed to be bringing out the brazen in me, I'd never behaved like this with a man.

    A growl came deep from his throat. "I want inside you Drew, I need to be inside you. Do you want that too?"

    A little heavy on the melodrama but eh.... lol Nite Ladies...

  69. I love it, love it, Lea!

    And you used that word again...percolate!! I just love that word!

    I must add soemthing tomorrow for sure! We're gettin to the sex now!! Please nobody change the direction this time!! I must have sex!!

  70. OH wow!!!!! I am in hussy heaven!!! Thank you ladies!!! You are truly awesome and I am loving the werewolf alpha male and I am loving that we need sex now!!!

    Oh, yes please do not change the direction of this story!!!!

  71. Story ~
    A growl came deep from his throat. "I want inside you Drew, I need to be inside you. Do you want that too?"

    Want that too... was he kidding me... Wanting does not even come close to the way I want him. My body has betrayed me. When did I become such a wanton woman. I feel like a sex toy all wind up and ready to explode; just from a single touch from him. Okay, focus Drew... he asked you a question. "Do I want this. If I didn't want this, I would not be here." "So, you are sure you want this - as bad as I do," he said. Oh hell, feeling his body tremble as he spoke was doing things to my lower body that I could not explain. "Cabel, I know we just met and I have just learned some unusual things about you in the last few minutes, but there is a desire here that is more than just about me and you. I can feel it through my bones. I can't explain it, just feel it. I know this is right." I took his hand and put his palm on my heart. "You feel that, you feel my heart. I have never in all my life, felt more alive that I have in the past few hours with you. Something is right with us and I am not about to question destiny. Would you?" I took the first step to making this what I wanted, to let him know that I wanted this as bad as he did. I hooked my fingers underneath my tank and pulled it slowly over my head. Thank goodness I was wearing my sexy bra and matching panties. Yea, the thoughts we think of. I tossed in on the floor. Then I took his shirt and did the same. And oh man when I did that....

    Good night for now ladies!!! See you tomorrow!
    Love hugz and smiles

  72. STORY-

    And oh man, when I did that he was on me before I could blink.

    With savageness that near stole my breath, Cabel thrust his tongue into my mouth. His hand gripped my chin, holding me in place as he devoured me. He literally consumed me, sucking and licking and nibbling, until I thought I would burst into flames.

    “You taste different,” he breathed against my lips.

    I gazed at him, slightly confused. “What do you mean, ‘I taste different?’”

    Cabel rested his forehead against my own. His hand made its way to the waist of my elastic banded shorts then eased underneath. My stomach tightened and I held my breath. Slowly he rubbed over where I ached for him, his finger barely penetrating my slit. I knew I was wet and ready, but the sensations I was not prepared for. I nearly came again when he slid one of his fingers inside me. The intensity of feelings at his invasion left me panting. I thrust my hips as he plunged in and out, in and out.

    “When I bit you, it linked us.”

    His words penetrated through the haze of my burning need for him. I almost forgot I asked him a question, my mind so overwhelmed with the pleasure he was giving me.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. STORY:

    "When I bit you, it linked us."

    His words penetrated through the haze of my burning need for him. I almost forgot I asked him a question, my mind so overwhelmed with the pleasure he was giving me.

    I was almost beyond understanding when his words finally began to sink it.

    "What do you mean we're linked?" I panted as I tried to follow what Cabel was saying.

    "I mean I'm a part of you, forever and always. And you're part of me and my pack" he said sliding a hand under my bottom, further arching me up and against him. Bringing the softest part of me against the hardest part of him. He continue to plunder my body, wringing another orgasm from my as yet untouched virginity.

    I felt his fingers leaving me as I whimpered gently not wanting to lose the part of him that was reeking havoc with my senses. Now, his hot feverish hands were slipping inside my shorts, easing them down gently, rubbing small circles across my slit, swelling the soft part, causing my heart to pound uncontrollably. "Bite me...

  75. STORY-

    "Bite me, Cabel. Please, bite me,” I begged and whimpered. I needed more than his hand. But what, I didn’t know. I just knew that my body felt empty and a longing for something began to eat away inside me.

    “Shh, Drew,” Cabel murmured against my throat. “Not yet.”

    “Cabel, please. My body…it needs…”

    His lips cut off my rambling attempt to voice what I couldn’t explain. This yearning. This emptiness.

    “I know, baby, I know what you need. And I’m going to give it to you.”

    He rose then, and I thought I would scream at the loss of contact. I watched as he quickly stripped off his remaining cloths then pressed his now naked body back to mine. I sighed in relief. My hands roamed over his back. His muscles flexed and I felt his straining cock jump. I almost giggled, but held back.

    “Take my cock in your hand, Drew. Touch me. Guide me where you want me.”

    His blunt demand jolted my body back into a mindless frenzy of…

  76. Nice Amy! LOL! I love it. Thinking and wondering...hmmm...What could come next!

    Dottie :)

  77. STORY

    His blunt demand jolted my body back into a mindless frenzy of...desire and anxiety. I wanted to do as Cabel ask, what his body was demanding. His eyes were watching me with deep desire. I hoped my inexperience wouldn't show as I tentatively traced a finger along the sensitive tip, tracing a circular motion much as he had.

    My very touch made his body jerk, his head arching back, a moan of pure pleasure escaped his lips.

    "Do it again, Sweet Drew, just like that," he demanded in a voice that conveyed the desire now shaking his body, transmitting it to my body, quivering with excitement.

    I did as Cabel asked, but less tentative this time, brushing his thickening cock across my belly, feeling his need growing.

    "What is that you want Cabel," I teasingly whispered. I grasped his cock tighter guiding that sensitive tip to my opening, but Cabel stopped me.

    "No Drew, take your time and I'll take mine," he said dragging his head down to my tightening breasts, begging to be touched, needing to be fed upon.

    As he slowly....

  78. This is a cool way to pass the time with with friends as you all must be. I have enjoyed this story and am looking forward to the ending.

    Ya'll are awesome.

    I laughed a lot and loved the hot candle wax idea. Then Amy wanted to slap her and I was LMAO.

    As it all progressed without the wax and slap Amy finally got to have her sex. lol

  79. As he slowly… sucked one of my hardened buds into the warmth of his mouth, I thrust my hips up seeking that which was in my hand. It was time. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to have him inside me, every last inch of him. Without further thought, I positioned his shaft at my entrance.

    “Swirl the head of my cock through your slick heat, coat the tip…” he broke off on a groan that sounded painful when I did what he told me.

    “Fuck.” Cable strained above me. I knew he wanted to go faster, but held back due to my virgin state. “I’ve waited so long for you. My mate.”

    And then he slid into me, slowly, gently, invading me so sweetly. Our bodies trembled together. He thrust his hips, my inner walls clamped around him, sheathing him perfectly. Together we moved, riding the storm of desire.

    I could feel my body dancing on the edge of climax once again, and knew it was only a matter of moments away. And when the pleasure unleashed through me, it poured into Cabel, and together we danced. We moved as one, holding on tightly to the other as the music of our pleasured cries filled the air around us. He rolled to his side, taking me with him to rest on his chest, still clutching me in his embrace.

    He claimed me not just with his bite, but with his body too. Eventually I knew he would claim my heart as well. This was only the beginning for us, and oh what a sweet beginning it was.

    THE END!

  80. Providing everyone is cool with the ending, we got a word count of 4,360!! That is awesome.

  81. It is awesome, Amy.

    Nice writing to all of you.

  82. Great ending Amy!

    Wow 4,360 words! Great short story!

    Thanks to everyone who help or just enjoyed following a long and laughing with us!

    Thanks Cecile for letting us with your blog!

    Dottie :)


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