Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do Not Forget about Story Time Below This!!!!

Okay ladies do not forget to check out the Story Time below this post!!! It is going amazing well!!! My friends have really kicked it into high gear. Their only request is please do not change the direction of the story…. We are hussies and proud of it!!! So, we want sex to happen!!! If anything drop by to tell the ladies what a wonderful job they have done!!!!! It is better than I ever could have imagined!!!
Now on for the reason for this post…
I want to apologize for not being around like I use to be… I am learning that it is very difficult to make your rounds to absolutely everyone place and do it all in one day. Please forgive me if I have not been to your place lately… there have a few things going on in life that have taken a presence over everything…
The first thing… Tomorrow, I am going to work to hand in my two week notice. Another accounting firm approached me and gave me a proposal. The proposal is better than what I have now and the future of this company is very bright. All the partners are under 40 with small kids (so the understand me taking off for Brooke). I know they will be around for at least the next 20 years; which is great for me. That is what I want in a company. The company I work for now… My main boss is pass the age for retiring; it is just a matter of when and no one knows where the company will go after that. So, I needed to have a foundation I could trust. So, I had my interview this evening and I took the job. I was sooo pleased with myself. I had a lot of help from friends as to helping me make sure I made the right decision. And I did it! If my current job takes the two week notice, I will start July6th.
That is another reason I have been away… I have been cleaning out my computer - deleting files… nothing bad, just my fave web site, shops, travel… things like that. I wanted to make sure my work got out (so they could not say anything about me leaving) and I had to stay away from the internet. It is so bad for your health!! LOL!
Now with the new job… I will not be online either till I figure out what is okay. Like checking emails and things like that. So, please be patience with me.
That leads me to my next reason… I am taking the advice of a very dear friend of mine… I am going to try to go to bed early (yea, it is already 11:50pm). Since I have found the world of romance and paranormal… I have been staying up reading till past 2 in the morning. Also blogging… checking emails, doing bills, looking for coupons… things like that! So, I am going to try to start going to bed early. I will try not to neglect ANYTHING OR ANYONE!!!! I know us women are superwomen and could do everything, but we need sleep… and I have not been getting that much. And with the new job… I want to be on top of my game!!!!
The next thing that has had my attention… we are going on our annual trip to Red Creek, Mississippi this weekend. We started last year; it is a group of about30/40 people. We rent cabins and four wheeler ride. Or should I say we four wheeler played in the mud!!! You get stuck very easily! Here is a picture from last year and this was not a deep hole. That is me in the purple hauling my four wheeler out of hole! It is fun… it is a weekend where you know you are not staying clean. We ride four wheelers, go swim in the creek and ride some more. Brooke ever rides her own and goes through some of the holes.

We had a blast! Looking forward to it this weekend… We leave Friday morning and come home Sunday evening. We have one trailer that is pulling 8 to 10 bikes right now… and more will bring their own. One cabin is housing at least 20 people, another couple has their own cabin and we have ours… I do not share! When I am ready for bed… I am ready for bed! LOL! I will hopefully be taking tons of pictures (need to figure out a way that camera will not get wet)!!! But hopefully when we come home Sunday… while hubby and Brooke take a nap… I can post up the books I have been buying and the ones I have won!!!! And pictures from this weekend!!!
I will try to get online tomorrow to check out the story!!!!
You guys are awesome!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!
Love hugz and smiles!!


  1. Congrats on the new job!!!

    I totally hear you on the no sleep thing. I stay up way too late and the kids get me up way too early:)

    Your vacation sounds like so much fun!! I rode ATV's a few years ago on vacation and we had a blast!

  2. The new job sounds great :D
    I am glad you got it, and I hope all goes well.
    Up to 2am, oh my, then I agree with going to bed early. I who think going 11.45 is cutting it rather late. But I can't manage 11.30 anymore it seems

    Have a great weekend!!! :D
    Oh perhaps it's strange to say that already but Midsummer here, yay, holiday

  3. Congratulations on the new job Cecile! We miss you, but whenever you can manage to getting back online will be awesome!

    You and Brooke enjoy your weekend - sounds like a blast!!


  4. Hi Cecile!

    It's great about the new job!! You rock girl! Congrats! It's okay if you can't be online as much, just check in every once in a while, we miss you! :( But you definitely need to get to bed earlier, 2 am only happens for me if it's insomnia, then I'm not sleeping anyway.

    Have a great time of your vacations, sounds like a blast! Brooke looks cute on the ATV! She's such a sweetie anyway! Have a good time and we already miss you!

    Dottie :)

  5. Awesome news about the new job Cecile!! CONGRATS!!! I can totally hear your excitement about starting too. I'm so happy for you girl! (((hugs)))

    Ooo, looks like fun in the mud was had by all last year. ;) My husband and I have quads but we go to the sand dunes, not the mud. It's still dirty though in the sand let me tell you. The grandules get everywhere!

    Good luck with your new job and have fun this weekend!!

    ;) VFG

  6. Cecile, congrats on the new job!!! I'm so happy for you. It takes a lot of guts to move from the comfort zone to the unknown :)

    Have a nice trip! Looking forward to seeing you around :) with new pictures.

  7. Best of luck with your new job!

    Have a great time this weekend, too!

  8. Thanks you guys!!! I promise, I will be around... just not during my working hours...

    When I come back from this weekend, I will post about the new job and the old job! And hopefully have pictures from this weekend!!!

    We live around a lot of sugar cane land. So, that is normally where we go ride our four wheelers at. And we also live around a lot of wooded area, so we can take off from our house and go there. And our area, when dry... has a lot of dust... I dont mind the dust... like I mind the sand!!!!

    Thank you guys for understanding!! (((Group hug)))


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