Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bran's Brothers...

For those of you that do not know the back story, please follow along.

One day, I had Bran as a guest one day. He is Charlotte Featherstone's man in Velvet Haven. He is freaking hot... Here is the interview I did with him... --->>> here
Well, Houston A.W. Knight saw him... and immediately she whisked him away to her place... --->>> here. She has been tempting him with wine she sneaks from me and MV... and all of my m&m's and chocolate chip cookies!!! Well, today at her place... there was a threat on my head that I had to share Bran's brother's with her and the ladies... or they were kicking me out of her place!!! Now Hawk would never do that, hee hee, she just wanted to see Bran's brothers!!! And I don't blame her!!!

Now, as everyone knows, I do my research and I do it with well and with pride. I have to say that some of the brother's did not want to come forward. They have been hiding out in my bedroom... I had to coax them out with some sweet talking.. hee hee!!! I never give my secrets to bring a man to his knees... hee hee!!!

So, without further delay... I give you the brothers...

Now, I told you some where shy....
He was not sure he was up for the job.. so he was checking!!!
"Yep... It's good to go. I have no idea what Cecile is going to make us do for these ladies...
But I am ready!"

This brother was not sure he wanted to get out of the bed...
"I am not sure I am ready for this. I'm kinda new at this "going out in public thing"
He is very shy, so I told him that y'all would understand.

This brother, it took some sweet talking, but I got him around!!!
Hawk, this one is for you honey... **evil grin**

And this brother was not too happy that I wanted to share him...
"You know I am a one woman man, Cecile."
He finally agreed when I promised "with a cherry on top," hee hee...
there are just some things left for your imagination!!

Then Bran wanted to show you that his brothers were versatile in their professions...
Not everyone can be King of the Night Sidhe like himself. So, I finally managed to gather up these brothers... Whew.. It was a dirty job, but we had fun cleaning off!!!

And by this time, the rum was passed around and they started to loosen up a little... or at least the Lion Tamer did. He wanted to show you what he was made of!!

Then this is the baby of the group... Oh man!

So, these are just a few of the brothers that I could get my hands on... **well... hee hee....***
I hope this satisfied your palette for a little while!!!
With much Mrs. Cecile Smutty Hussy Loving....
Love ya!!!

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  1. BRAVO!!! Cecile!!! Good job! But ya' know - I'm keeping me Bran...he's the only brother with long hair! I love long hair! But, I admit, if I had to pick one...I'll ttake the brother with the glasses..ooops, he just ran off to my place....(evil grin)

    Awesome post, Cecile, I loved it! Woo hoo girl...you know how to find the men! But, I didn't catch what you said about that little secret to get them to their knees?

    I'm all ears! ;-)

  2. OMG!! Talk about some hot brothers, WOW! You sure know how to make a girl at home at your place!
    Would you mind if I try to sweet talk Tiger Man into dropping by at my place... ;) I sure would like to pet his little tiger *sigh*

  3. MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!
    I want to Bran, is wonderful with that hair in the wind!
    Cecile believe that I can kidnap him and bring it with me in Italy?

    The brothers leave them to you^-^


  4. I'm with ya on the Lion tamer ErotRomReader!! He makes my inner tigrees raor and purr at the same time LOL
    I love Bran, I really do but between him and his brother the lion tamer I am all snuggle and cozy!

    Thanks for this lush and sultry post...you're the best cecile ;)

  5. edit self...again; tigrees = tigress and raor = roar *sigh*

  6. Drooling here.....

    I am not picky... I like them all! Any chance in a little rendez-vous? And I am glad that Bran has brothers, more gorgeous eyecandy to look at! Wow, you must have a build-in radarsystem for finding gorgeous men!


  7. The Lion Tamer is very brave - even babies have sharp claws!

  8. I must say the lion tamer brother would cuddle up just right on my bed but, I wonder if I could convince your one-woman-man to let me be his woman for the day... I do need a bar tender.... *wink*


  9. daimn!!! Loving all the goodies you've provided Cecile! I don't think I can choose...I'll have to try a little bit of everything *evil grin* LOL

  10. Cecile,thanks for coaxing them out of hiding ;) They are some hot brothers!

    one said: "I have no idea what Cecile is going to make us do for these ladies"
    oh honey you have no idea**evil grin**

    I call Dibs on the baby of the group :D
    ***grabs his hand and drag him out to the barn**LOL

    Thanks for all the eyecandy this morning Cecile.

  11. Brave man having a lion right there, brave brave man lol

    Great post Cecile, Bran has got some hunky brothers for sure

  12. Great post Cecile.... are you trying to get me in trouble at work for licking my screen.. ;-)..lol .... they are all so yummy it is too hard to choose!!!

  13. Good Morning ladies!! Whew... It was a late night last night!!! Hee hee, but it was sooo worth it! As you can see!!! I am glad that you ladies are showing some love to Bran's brothers!!

    ~HAWK, honey this was for you! You can keep Bran all you want! I am just basking in all the loving from the brothers! I know you love your long hair man.. hee hee... The only other one I could find was the semi long hair guy! The one I said was for you!
    Oh, my one woman man... he is simply delicious!!! Oh, he ran off to your place huh... Hummmm....

    Girl, I know how to find me some hot men... hee hee!! And bringing a man to his knees... lol!! I might spill those secrets over some wine and cookies, lol!!

    ~ErotRomReader!!! Hey honey! I am glad that you feel welcomed at my place! That makes me feel so good! And believe me, I love my job of getting the brothers out of bed, lol!!! I think Tiger man... Would not mind dropping by your place. I might have to prepare him for hot it is at your place, hee hee!! And pet his "little tiger" huh... LMAO!!!

    ~Veronica Bennet! Hey Honey!!!!!! Well, you will have to ask Hawk if you can have Bran... she seems to keep him very close to her... umm... side! But if you peek now, I think she said my one woman man ran off to her place, so she may be occupied right now, hee hee!!
    Thanks for coming over honey! Ciao!

    ~Leontine! Hey honey! Oh... the Lion Tamer.. Your inner Tigress Roar... LMAO!!! I like that one!!
    And you are all snuggled with Bran and Lion Tamer... Glad they can keep you warm honey!!

    ~Marissa!! Hey honey, I am glad that you could make it today!
    Honey, my Smutty Hussy Radar is built in... and believe I take notice!!! A little rendezvous huh... =)

    ~Chris!!! I thought the same thing when I saw the little tiger... LOL!! But he wanted to show you ladies that he was brave!!!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr!Hey honey! You are taking the Lion Tamer too! Humm... I will have to see about my One Woman Man! He is something else. He was the hardest to convince to come out and play!!

    ~s7anna!! Hey honey! I am glad that you are loving up some candy today honey!! A little bit of everything huh, lol!! Go for it girl!!! Just watch out for the baby... he is a handfull!!

    ~Elaing8!!!!!! Hey honey! Oh girl, it was hard work coaxing them to come out and play... but it was sooo worth it. Anything to make my girls smile!!! I did try to warn them as to how hussified we are!!! They thought I was bad, hee hee!!
    OH, you like the baby huh.. Isn't he something else!!! He is freaking hot!!!

    Elaing... don't catch the barn on fire... I know how hot things can get!!!

    ~Blodeuedd!!! Yea, he is a very brave man, but he wanted to show you ladies that he was brave!!! Just glad you like what you see!!! Have a great day!

  14. ~Brande!!! Hey honey!
    You crack me up!!!!!!!! Licking your screen... If you think that is bad... You should have seen me last night... Hee hee!!! Glad to brighten your day!!!

  15. ahah of course i opened this post with my mom in the room...it seems i'm not the only one who enjoyes the brothers lol
    YUMMY *wipes drool*
    Love the lion tamer ;)
    aHHHH Cecile you spoil us really

  16. ahah of course i opened this post with my mom in the room...it seems i'm not the only one who enjoyes the brothers lol
    YUMMY *wipes drool*
    Love the lion tamer ;)
    aHHHH Cecile you spoil us really

  17. Vera nice, Cecile. You do your job well, darling. :D And of course, you know what I did with all those brothers. haha You might just see them 'pop' up on screaming O Fridays. *big evil grin*

    You do keep a girlie happy!

  18. Awesome post!!!!! HOT brothers..NOM NOM NOM. Hello Lion Tamer!

  19. ~pattepoilue!! Hey honey! Well, I am sure your Mom enjoys a few "good" men!!! LOL!! Oh don't worry about the drool... One of the boys does that for me... He loves to clean. Hee hee... =) The Lion Tamer seems to be a favorite today... lol!!! He loves his kitties!! LMAO!!

    ~Kira Daniels! **Thank you honey** I take pride in my job, I really do!!! **evil wink** And you talk about me with all the Wing Slayers... hee hee!!! I know what you would love to do with all these men!!! If they do wind up on Screaming O Friday... You know I will be the first one there!!!
    I do try to keep you all happy... You have no idea how hard it is to satisfy the inner hussy!!!

    ~Mandi!!! Nom Nom Nom is right honey... Oh the great part was coaxing them out of bed this morning to do this!!!! Hee hee!!

  20. OOOH! Cecile,
    SOOOO glad you shared!

    Quite the divine speciman's these brother's of Bran. The shy one caught my eye...and than the one with the baby tiger...hmmmm

    I may even share my wine...:-P

  21. MV. ~ Oh you are sharing your wine with me honey!!!
    I am glad that you like the brothers!!! They are quiet a treat!!!
    Seeee... I share... Now will you share your wine!!! hee hee!!!!

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I needed this post! Yummmmm! I'm coming to live at your house ;)

    (Is that a little Mike the Tiger? I'll take him and his trainer please!)

    I was reading something today at lunch and the heroine called the hero "sex on a stick" and I thought to myself - That's Cecile's kind of guy!

  23. Oh Patti. You must find out what the review is for... because I know no one else who uses that... and I would love to see what fits her bill!!! And awwwww thanks for thinking of me!! you are too kind!! And of course that is a baby Mike the Tiger!!!! And yes, you can come live at my house... They love to stay inside and play.. I mean work!!!

  24. didn't catch what you said about that little secret to get them to their knees?

    Lingerie Access

  25. ~Kanishk... Some secrets are well.... secrets!!! LOL!!! I might spill the beans one great day!!! I'll make sure to whisper them to you when I do!
    Have a great day hon!! And thanks for coming over to visit!

  26. You sure know how to make a girl at home at your place!

    Lingerie Access

  27. Well I do try my best Kanishk!! I am just glad that you feel welcomed! And please... stay and join in the fun any day!!!

  28. Cecile I broke the young one...he needs to recooperate. Can I have the 3 Firemen :D

  29. Elaing... You broke in the Baby!!! ***Gasph*** Oh my....
    And now you want the three firemen... Umm.. they are giving me some serious eyes here... I will have to see....
    I'll be back... hee hee

  30. Oooo la la! The firemen threesome are my faves. I sense a manwich coming on!!!

    Thanks for the delicious eye candy!

    :) VFG

  31. ~VampFanGirl, you sure are right about my delicious fireman!!! A man sandwich and all your sides are covered by this team!!! When I found this picture, I just knew.... they were for my place!!! =)


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