Friday, November 6, 2009

Awareness & A Gift

Through the internet and blog world, I have met some very generous, loving and caring people. I consider myself blessed to have "met" all of you.
Speaking of being blessed and the time for giving thanks... I want to bring a dear friend of mine and her "mission" to your attention!

This is from Ban Sidhe's Worlds place..... First hear her words....

A good friend's aunt was just diagnosed with breast cancer but her insurance will not cover her chemotherapy. Without this treatment she has little hope of being there for her two children.

In an attempt to help her family raise funds I am selling ornaments and tutorials for one of my beads on Etsy. A lot of purchases made in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness go towards research - 100% of the proceeds for the tutorial and 50% for the ornament will go towards buying the life saving medication needed for this young mother.

If this is a cause you feel drawn to - please visit my site. If not, or you are financially unable to help, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

This is called the Dove of Hope.

Now, I want you to think about it... if this was someone you knew... what would you... Ban also has pink ones too.
I bought the pink one and plan on hanging it up on my Christmas this year!!!!
And like she said, even if you can not afford it... a prayer goes a long way! I want to thank you!

We have to SAVE THE TATA's!!!!

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  1. Good post Cecile, We do have to save the tatas I'll just go for a pray since I never buy anything from abroad (worried about internet hacking and such).

    But I really should buy a pink ribbon from here.

  2. Ack - how horrible to need such expensive treatment and not have insurance. :(

  3. Wonderful post. Thank you for spreading the word. I'm going to post this link on Twitter too, if you don't mind.

  4. Stacy... Mind... OMG.. .I feel honored!! Thank you so much! I think that is the least we can do is help spread the word and say a prayer!

  5. That is just terrible. What a thoughtful post, Cecile. My prayers are with her and her family.

  6. Cecile, you are so sweet. The dove is beautiful, I'm over to check it out.

    I know that even with insurance medication and treatment is expensive, I can't imagine how expensive it is without insurance.

  7. Cecile, you are a true friend ! Thank you so much ... most people wouldn't go so far for someone they know - look at what you're doing for someone you DON'T know.
    'I' am the one who is blessed !
    Oh and Stacy, you are a generous soul as well. I thank you as does my friend's entire family :D

  8. Hi Cecile,

    That was a nice post and thing to do.

  9. Ban, I was raised to treat others as I would want to be treated. And I would hope that I would have friends that would do the same for me!!!
    Besides ~ isn't that what friends are for!!
    Thank you everyone for stopping by! Like I said... If you can't afford to get one... at least bow your head and say a quick prayer for her and her family!

  10. Great post Cecile and that is such a great cause. Cancer is a devistating disease my mother and father both struggled with it and the costs are just horrible on top of everything else. I wish her all the best and prayers and best wishes her way. I will twitter about it as well. :)

  11. Thanks, Cecile, for sharing this with everyone. Cancer is such a devastating disease, only to be made worse by insurance companies not's ridiculous. I will help any way I can, including prayers.


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