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Review: Amazon Connection by Carol Henry

This is taken from The Wild Rose Press
Holly Newman has been sent to monitor GlennCorp’s pipeline project to ensure it doesn’t endanger the rainforest. Working with GlennCorp’s two field engineers, Holly approves the proposed route. But trouble-shooter Jake Daniels arrives in Manaus and postpones signing contracts.
Jake has been sent to investigate a money-laundering scheme involving GlennCorp’s two engineers. Jake’s boss suspects Holly is an accomplice and orders Jake to get ‘close’ to her. The last thing Jake needs is to ‘get close’ to a tree-hugging female.
Jake plans to keep an ‘eye’ on Holly. Holly follows Jake into the rainforest to keep an eye on him. Sparks fly. And it has nothing to do with ‘saving the trees’. Being stranded in the back of beyond isn’t what Holly bargained for. Neither was being kidnapped.
Will their misadventures in the dark, mysterious Amazonian Rainforest keep them apart? Or will it be the catalyst that brings them together?
228 Pages
Print ISBN 1-60154-405-7

Okay, to keep up with the FCC... I won this book at Hawk's place a while back (no, I do not remember the exact date). And I am reviewing it for my "viewing" pleasure only!

Now on to what I like to do best... Review....

This book was a quick read. It pulls you in from the first page and I really mean the first page. Then the story begins... You will get whisked away to the tropical place of Brazil.
From the moment I met Jake Daniels, I had to laugh at myself because I kept wanting to call him Jack Daniels!! He is sent into the rainforest to check out two engineers that work for same company as he does - GlennCorp. His boss/owner seems to think that these two men are doing some "dirty" dealings. And it is Jake's job to get to the bottom of it.
Holly Newman is trying to protect the rainforest with all she has. Making sure a pipeline project runs the path it is suppose to is her mission. She has worked next to the two men in question for quiet some time now... and only know them to be slime-balls when it comes to women - not their jobs. But what's that question... How well do you truly know some one??? And to prove that she is dedicated to her job, she takes Jake up on a trip into the rainforest to finish some research.
OH yea... It sure does get hot in the Amazon!!!!
These two have the banter that I so love and their chemistry is about as sultry as the nights of the Amazon.
There is action, adventure, drama, there is even "fighting for a good cause", there is hurt, betrayal... and of course... sexual tension, some hot loving and of course... a HEA!
And yea.... Jake is a sex on a stick man... I made you wait for that one!! =)
This book really had it all in the compact pages of 228!

Please stop by her website --->>> here and look around!
While you are at it, why don't you go visit The Wild Rose Press and get a book for yourself... It comes in ebook or paperback!!
Let me know what you think....

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  1. Lol now I think of him as Jack Daniels too. Nice review Cecile. You sure find those sex on a stick kind of men, hm, maybe I am too picky?

  2. I even read Jack Daniels at first, didn't see he was actually Jake!
    Nice review, Cecile!

  3. Nice review, LOL Jack Daniel it is! Sex on a stick man, mmmmm, you can never read enough about those men!

  4. You sure find those sex on a stick kind of men,

    Lingerie Affection

  5. Sorry, I'm giggling too hard at your caption for Mayhem to be able to comment intelligently! :D

  6. Loved this review - this sounds like a fun read! Thanks for the smile...

  7. I happen to be a fan of Jack Daniels! *yum* lol

    And of course he's a sex-on-a-stick man. What other type of man would Cecile read about??? :P

    Great review!

  8. Hey hon, sounds like you had some fun reading this one :D Sultry nights in the Amazon...I feel my inner Jane stirring!

  9. Hey Cecile! "Hot Loving" sounds like I'm gonna have to add this to my list. Great Review!

  10. this was a great books you guys! even though it was a quick read... it was hot and spicy and the woman kicked some ass!!! i loved it!

  11. Ladies, I'm glad Cecile found my book appetizing enough to share her review with all of you. I didn't want to go so far as calling Jake 'Jack' Daniels when I was writing Amazon Connection, but I too referred to him as Jack right through to the edits!

    Cecile asked if I was working on another book, and the answer is yes: China Connection, with Jackson Taylor, is almost finished. I promise to try and make it just as sultry and sensuous as Amazon Connection.

    I don't have a blogspot, but I do have facebook -- feel free to join me.

  12. Ooo this one sounds cool and a great setting that you don't see often too. I love those and sex on a stick is always a good thing! Great review girl as always. :)



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