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Review: Released by Kimber Chin & Giveaway

A Kimber Chin Short
Companion Story To Flawless
Launch Date: October 2009
Publisher: Champagne Books
ebook ~ 33 pages
A little scoop...
Is There Love After Murder?
Fifteen years ago, Alvar went to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Finally released, he comes face to face with the real murderer - the only woman he has ever loved.
~I obtained all this information from Ms. Chin's website. Please go --->>> here to check it all out!

Okay, to keep up with the FCC... Ms. Kimber gave me this ebook. I am reviewing it for my "viewing" pleasure only!
Now on to what I do best... Review!

This is a quick read; but let me tell you something - from the very first sentence to the very last, Ms. Kimber made me hold on to the edge of my seat and I could not let go. It was a mystery ride the whole way... with a very big touch of tender loving!
I can not tell you much about the story because I do not want to give it away. But I will tell you this, I love Ms. Kimber's writing style. Her stories take place in the now, which makes the premises of the story that much more believable. Her characters are in-depth and real and her storyline makes you feel like you are right there with the characters.
With Edenia, I could feel her pain and love. And with Alvar, I could feel his protection and devotion. This was another awesome story by Ms. Kimber! She just keeps getting better and better... Making me want the next story - NOW!

The contents of this story: An abusive (dead) ex-husband, jail time, a true best friend, a true lover and a gentle soul - oh and some lovable furry friends.
Now, I will let you read the story to piece together the characters!

Now, I searched my sources for the man I thought Alvar to be. I wanted someone of Spanish heritage, but as you can see my hussy came out and picked my man. Why you might ask. Because I can so see Gerard doing what Alvar did for his woman. When I thought of running into someone's arm to protect me. I saw him. I just could not find the perfect picture and since I can not take his picture... This one will have to do =)

~To read an excerpt of this story, please go -->> here.
~To check out another review of this awesome story, please go --->>> here to Blodeuedd's place!
~Be sure you stay tune because Flawless is due out February 2010!!! This is going to be Tavos' story!
And... FYI... I have a link on my side bar to read some of her FREE short stories!! You must check them out!

Now if you followed this review all the way - there is a surprise for you... =)
You should know me by now...
***insert evil grin, rubbing hands together, thinking of a great giveaway***

1.) Who is this open to: EVERYONE ~ ANYWHERE!!
2.) What do you win ~ Released by Kimber Chin!!
((in pdf format, so please leave an email addy))
3.) What do you have to do:

Just tell me the name of any short story title &
it's hero or heroine in any one of her short stories.

And guess how many people can win...
ANYONE who names the title & hero/heroine!!
You read right... EVERYONE can be a winner!!!
Now Get Reading!!!

Here are some links to some of her short stories:
The Perfect Tux
The Rookie
Mall Romance
Baking Classes
Masked Intentions

Okay... so I helped you out half way!!! LOL!! But you have to tell me the correct hero/heroine to the right story... lol!!! Good Luck!!!!
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  1. Oh my this is one too awesome giveaway :)
    Go for it all!

    Now I gotta read the story again and picture Butler as him, mmm, that will be fun

  2. Ha! found your blog Cecile...

    As for your challange...I must go read.

    And that picture of Gerard, divine.

    Off to the races...

  3. Hey Blodeuedd!! Isn't this an awesome give away!!! Ms. Kimber is the best!! =)
    Oh yes, you must re-read and picture Gerard... Delicious!!!
    I hope you are having a great day!

    MV!!!!!!!!!! Hey there!! I am so glad that you found your way here!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! I hope you like what you have found here so far... Yea, I have a thing for Gerard!!!
    Have a great day! Hope you stick around!

  4. Can't brain today - I haz the dumb. :)

  5. I've heard good things about Ms. Chin's writing but haven't read any of her work yet...

    I clicked Bumped with Joy/Tyler "I love her muffins" *snort* Looks cute!

    And mmmmmm..Gerard is a nice way to start my morning!! Thanks you and Ms. Chin!

  6. LOL Cecile!
    You're the best!
    Gerard can be my hero ANY TIME!

    You may wish to save the reread for when Flawless comes out (Feb 2010).
    Released happens at the same time.
    I know I love reading them together.

    Waving at M.V.!
    Cecile has the greatest challenges, doesn't she?

    hear you about having the dumb.
    I pulled an allnighter
    working on a short story
    I wasn't supposed to be writing
    (I couldn't help myself,
    I had to find out how it ended).
    Lucky for us,
    Patti posted an answer.
    Thank goodness for Patti!

    My publisher slapped my hands
    for posting Bumped on my blog.
    She still says she's going to
    publish it but as a freebie.
    So that's good news
    for those of us
    who like to read stories offline.

  7. Good afternoon,

    Released sounds good.I haven't read anything by Ms. Chin (well except for the short story for the contest) so I'm looking forward to reading more.

    I've read Baking Classes
    The hero and heroine are Todd & Becky

    Nice pic of Gerard,he is one great looking man**sigh**and that accent just makes you melt :)

  8. Wonderful review! The book sounds fab!

    Masked Intentions -- David & Elise

    And I LOVE Gerard. Its the accent. He was always cute to me, until I heard him talk during a Jay Leno interview. OMG! *swoons* AND he said he LIKED BEING NAKED. I about fell on the floor!! And yes, he said that. Word. For. Word.

  9. Hi Kimber!

    You know, I LOVE reading new authors, and I have to confess I have not had a chance to read you before--this is a PERFECT opportunity. Woohoo!!

    Cecile--glad to be here..btw LOVE your photos!!!!!

    ( long is this contest...? hoping its a day or two..or so. Yeah, I move slower than pondwater some days)

  10. Cool I love the pic of Gerry too love me some Ger! I haven't gotten to try anything by this author yet but she sounds great! Hope you have a great weekend my dear! BIG HUGS

  11. Excellent idea Kimber :) That I shall, and yes picture Butler mmm.

    Cecile, yes one awesome contest indeed. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I am going to the movies to watch 2012 yay

  12. Cecile: There is an award waiting for you at my blog!

  13. I just read the comments and cecile, you got tagges by such a great meme...I look forward to your answers *grin*

    I love it when a book makes you feel it all and the hero/heroine of this story sounds so great!! Off to check things out ;D

  14. How about Mila and Tony (oops, I mean Nick) in Some Bunny Done Some Bunny Wrong

  15. ~Karin, you gave me another great story to read by Ms. Kimber. I must have missed that one! How could I... I am not sure... but man this woman can freaking write!! Thanks for stopping by and answering the question!!!

    ~Leontine! I am waiting for your answer dear!! Hope all is well for you and hubby! And yes... Now I have to search out some m/m books to read to take part in that meme... And stop smiling... =)

    ~Oh Missy... I am heading over there right now!! Thank you so much honey!

    ~JennJ! Oh you must read Ms. Kimber's work. They are short stories... you would read those in no time... and fall in love with them!!! She is awesome!

    ~MV!!! Oh you know I am so glad that you made it over here!!!! Honey, I am glad that you find my place to your liking!!! I try to "please" everyone! I love new to me authors... and anytime I can introduce on to my friends... I will. And Ms. Kimber is no exception... I will pimp her out to everyone!! She is that awesome!!!

    ~Kira... I remember reading that at your place about Gerard loving to be naked!!! Oh hell, he could walk around my house naked anytime he wants, lol!! I love anytime I can find a hero how reminds me of him!!! And Alvar was no exception!

    ~Elaing!!! Hey honey, I am so glad that you made it here!!! You are going to love Ms. Kimber's work. Like I said, they are short, but hot!!!

  16. Hi Cecile!!

    I haven't had to read Ms. Chin work yet, but I will!! Released sounds great!!

    And you know my thoughts on the gorgeous Mr. Butler, yyyyuuummmmmyy!!



    Dottie :)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hi Cecile!

    I went back and found a title and hero/heroine for your contest!!

    Masked Intentions --- David and Elise

    Thanks sweetie!!

    Dottie :)

  19. It was rather interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.


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