Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank you!!!!

I wanted to thank you guys.... I have be nonimated at Book Blogger Appreciation Week for Most Chatty!!! You guys are the best!!!! You make my day, even when you have no clue as to what you did!!! Thank you!!!

And FYI... I am sorry that I have not been around lately. I really have tried to visit everyone's home... things have been kinda crazy at work lately... Let's just say that we are one less person (not me...) and their work was not done properly. So you know what happens when someone slacks off... someone has to pick it up... And that is what is going on! But I promise to make up for that.... Crossing fingers! I hope everyone is doing great!!

So, what has been going on in your life... or what is up for the weekend!! Talk to me! =)


  1. Hi Cecile,
    Yay :D Congrats!!!
    Such a well deserved nomination. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Yeay Cecile!! I am so thrilled for you!!
    Keeping everything crossed for you!

  3. There is NO ONE on the blog more well deserving of this one than you.I cannot wait to start voting.I am so glad about this and holding all things crossed,and breaking legs and blue ribbons flying and four leaved clovers and currently avoiding black cats and ladders.

  4. Hi Cecile huge congrats on the nomination hon you so deserve it! I'm so happy for you! Good luck!!!

    It's been a busy week here with homeschooling my son and blogging and housework and graphic work and is this week over already? LOL I hope you have had a great week my dear! BIG HUGS

  5. Congratulations Cecile:

    Lovely blog and you are very deserving!

    Good luck!!


  6. Congrats!!! Very well deserved!!

    My oldest son starts Kindergarten next we are busy preparing for that - or maybe I should say - mommy is busy preparing mentally :)

  7. Congrats Cecile!!



  8. Congrats Cecile!!!!!

  9. Congrats! And you know that I can relate to the work thing. Hang in there.

  10. Oh Cecile! I missed this post! How did I miss this post??

    This one is so for you! Definitley chatty!

  11. Hey Cutie! CONGRATS!!! So happy that you got nominated! WOOT!

    (((GIANT HUGS))) VFG

  12. ((((CECILE)))) You go, girl!!! I'm so happy for you. Good luck!!!!

  13. Hi Cecile!

    Congrats, we know this is one nomination that you deserved!


    Dottie :)

  14. Thanks you guys!!!! Without though, I would have no one and nothing to chat about, so the congrats goes towards you all and the nomination goes towards you as well!!!

    Thank you all for coming here and chatting with me or just stalking me or just plain old stopping by to say hi!! It really means the world to me to have friends like you guys!!!!

  15. Hi Cecile,
    Did I miss this post completely?? Hangs head in shame! You caught my attention with a certain bookcover *drool*

    You deserve this nomination hon, I just enjoy it each time we talk (((hugs)))

  16. Congratulations! You are certainly deserving of this nomination - you really go out of your way to make other bloggers feel welcome!

    Hope things get better at work!

  17. Way to go, Cecile! You deserve it, and I'll keep my fingers crossed as well! :D Just found out myself that I was nominated for 'Best Post', (thanks ladies!) so we can both hope together. :D

    Oh, and again, thanks for the BINGO award, I'll be posting that tomorrow. :D


  18. Well Done Cecile - I couldn't say it better.. definitely MOST CHATTY....


    Speak to you late on email.. ..



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