Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hubby Loves My Book Addiction....

Well.... this past Friday evening we were at some neighbor's house for supper and my hubby drops this conversation on me like it was nothing. Now mind you, we are in a house with about 8-10 other people having their own conversation, music playing in the background and kids running around.
Hubby: (very casually) Oh, I have a surprise coming in the mail to you.
Me: You do, what did you get me?
H: Oh, you know... one of those ereader things.
M: Yea right... really what did you get me?
H: No, I am serious. It is a RCA ereader. I found it on ebay for really cheap. When we get home I will show you the ebay post.
Now remember we are at the neighbors and my excitment is starting to be noticed!
H: Yea, I know how much you have been talking about those things. And when I found it, I thought you would like it.
M: Like it... or you kidding me.
Now everyone is starting to ask questions about what he got me. Then when I start to tell them what haubby got me.. they look at me like I have grown horns or something... they are not readers. Go figure!!! But I was excited!!!!
This is what I am expecting in the mail!!!!! Thanks to hubby!!!

I hope you all have a great Sunday!!!


  1. What a wonderful hubby! You are so lucky.Cecile please let me know if you can read acrobat docs(adobe) on it.I dont know how to convert them to read on kindle and am trying to find out if e readers can do that.Plse let me know.I will subscribe to comments

  2. Awwwwwww!!! That is so sweet and romantic. You are such a lucky woman Cecile.

    Have fun reading. They are so cool, I don't even think we have them here.

    Sat here and went awwww and told my boyfriend so he is googling ereaders now. Not gonna buy me one but he is thinking. Seems to think a mini laptop would be better from what I hear

  3. OK, now I have to show this post to my boyfriend. Hope you'll have fun with you ereader.

  4. Awwww - isn't it great when they do something that proves they'get' us and know what it is that will really make us happy. An ereader for us is other peoples jewells or flowers. Score for your hubby!!!

  5. Oh, that's what I have!! I love my ereader! If you need any help with getting it set up, let me know. You'll need a few things, like the librarian. If you bought your ebooks through ebookwise and fictionwise, then you can upload them through the ebookwise library, but any other place like my book store and more, you need the GEB Librarian to upload.

    Oh, I'm so excited for you, Cecile!

  6. Cecile...

    I must find out what hubby is up to - two weekend running....hmmmm

    I am so chuffed - can't wait for you to sart using it to let us know how it feels..

    Congrats hon...

    Pinch hubby for me... well done


  7. Cecile,

    Hubby is a keeper!! And yes, it is great when they do something that proves how much they 'get' us and our reading addiction. LOL

    I hope you enjoy your reader. :)

    Have a wonderful day.


  8. YAY!!!! I am sooooo happy for you!!! I love my Kindle..oh Cecile girl, you are going to get in sooooooooo much trouble buying e-books!!! LOL!!!

    You have a sweetie for a husband:)

  9. Aww what a thoughtful hubby! Congrats on your new ereader!



  10. What a sweetheart and romantic, too!!!!

    I hope you like it! And now you can really do some damage buying books cause you don't have to find a place to store them!

  11. What a great guy! Have fun with your ereader.

  12. Your hubby is so sweet. Getting a e-reader is cloud nine for us ladies.

    Congrats on your latest baby!

  13. YAY!!!! OMG you will absolutely LOVE IT! :o) So excited for you girl! Good job hubby!

  14. great blog. i'm following you now. you should pop on over to mine. i have all things books...
    nice to meet you.

  15. What a thoughtful gift! The fact that he did it on his own is sooo sweet! Enjoy!

  16. How fun! I think this is the reader you're getting. Looks like you could get tips and ask questions on this forum at MobileRead. MobileRead has been so helpful for me with my reader!

  17. Oh yeah he's a keeper!! I have an ereader like that too. AmyC helped me set mine up. It seems a bit stressful at the beginning... but it's acutally really easy. :)

  18. Cecile, you lucky girl! That hubby of yours is special! And he just bought it, no special ocassion? Birthday anniversary? Those spontaneous "just becase" gifts are the best!

  19. lucky little thing you! Now that's an awesome hubby!


  20. That is so cool!! What a great hubby :) I'm touching wood don't worry ;)
    Congrats on your new gadget.. hope you have fun using it :)

  21. OMG, I can not being to tell you what a shock this was to me. I never thought he would actually listen to what I really wanted... and then to get it!!!
    So, yes, he does earn some brownie points in his favor for this!!! And I even read him all of the comments that I received. Of course, he did not realize what a WONDERFUL gift he really got me until I read what everyone had to say!!!

    ~Yvette Kelly
    I will definitely let you know as soon as it comes in and I have a chat with Amy C. From her comment, she has one just like this and I will be calling her up to make sure I do everything right!!! And then I will email you and let you know what it can do!!! I have been going back and forth over (if I did eventually get one) which one to get.

    Now you are pushing it girl.. Romantic, lmao!!! Yes, that was very sweet of him to do that =) And it is romantic in our way of thinking!!! An ereader beats roses any day!!! Oh, well, maybe we can find you one and ship it to you!!! That is an idea!!
    See, I looked at the mini laptops... and to me it is the same as a regular laptop. I will let you know how much more slimmer this is compared to a laptop or mini if you want.
    But at least he has the idea planted in his head!!

    I hope boyfriend gets the hint. I have been talking about an ereader since I found out about them... since I have been blogging... So I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Kristie (J)\
    You could not have said it better "isn't it great when they do something that proves they'get' us and know what it is that will really make us happy. An ereader for us is other peoples jewells or flowers." Thanks for the encouraging words Kristie!!!!

    ~Amy C
    Oh Amy, I will definitely be taking you up on that offer!! You will be the first person I call when it comes in the mail!!!! Because now that I have one... I have no idea what to do and what to do with my exisiting ebooks!! So, I will be emailing you!!! Thanks for the offer!!!!

    ~Erotic Horizon
    I am not sure what he is up to.... Two weekends in a row he has done something sweet!! Maybe aliens invaded his body...
    You guys will be the first to hear about once it comes in!!!

    ~Michelle G
    Oh girl... he did prove that he "hears" me when he wants too, lol!!!

  22. ~Mandi
    Thank you... I am soo happy for me too. I can't believe hubby got me that!!! I told him that now I would really be buying books!! And my debit card can not run from me, because some of the ebook stores... saves your credit card info!!!!! So, no more hidding!!!!

    Thank you!!! =) He was very thoughtful when he did that. That is one of the sweetest things he has done!!!

    ~Charlotte Featherstone
    Girl, you know I am going to do some damage buying books now... and it has a back light to it too!!! That means I can STILL read when I go to bed!!!! Under my covers!!!!

    ~Heather D
    That really is very sweet of him!

    ~Carolyn Crane (aka CJ)
    Yes, I do have to give credit where credit is due. And he did a wonderful job with getting me this!!!!

    ~I Heart Book Gossip
    Very sweet of him!!! I can not tell you the times I have opened my mouth about the kindle and ereaders and wanting one so bad... But never getting one. And I was okay with... I knew that in time, I would get one... when the price went down... But I was not expecting that!!

    ~Monroe Dawson
    Thank you!!! Do you have one like this or another kind?? I am asking because I know there is always a debate for those that do not have them. I am.. was... one of those people. I would watch what everyone had to say. So, just curious! =)

    ~Kelly Moran
    Oh and new friend!!! YAYAYAY, I love meeting new peole and thank you!! I am glad that you like it! I will be popping over there as soon as I post these comments!! Thanks for adding me!!!

    I do have to say that is a very thoughtful gift! And you are soooo right "The fact that he did it on his own is sooo sweet!" That makes it all the more precious to me. Still in a little shock that he did that!

    Oh, Chris... thanks for links. I will save them for when it comes it!!! Thanks a million for that!!!!

    Yea, I am going to keep him... the thought alone that he did it by himself saves him a couple of twenty more years, lol!!
    I will be emailing Amy C as soon as it comes in!

    ~Pelehini aka Lisa
    No special ocassion... no birthday (not till October), no anniversary (already passed in May)... nothing... Just out of the blue!! So needless to say that I was tickled pink and be sides myself when he told me would be an understatement! LO!L

    ~Houston A.W. Knight
    Yes, very lucky girl!!! Did not ever think he would get me one, not even for my birthday. It shows a little side of him that is sweet!!!

    ~DeSeRt RoSe
    I am glad that you are touching wood, because I really hope that it all what it says it. I know ebay is really good about their stuff... so I am praying!!! But that is very sweet of him to do that!! Thanks!

  23. OH That is awesome hon I am so happy for you! You have a very thoughtful and sweet hubby! I know you will love it!

    I have been wishing for one of those myself for quite a while now maybe I should let my DH read this post maybe he would get inspired lol!

    OH and I wanted to tell you that you have another award over at my place hon! :)

  24. Cecile,
    I think my boyfriend liked the mini laptop idea more since it could be taken anywhere and I could use the internet, I am always on his computer you see, it's a reason why he has 2 now lol.

    But yes the idea is planted there, and he did a lot of browsing only to find that there are no e readers available in any Nordic countries, wow that sucks. Aren't we in the backdrop of civilization.

    Still he is thinking ;)

  25. Hi Cecile!

    Wow, what a lovely ereader! I am so jealous, it's on my wish list!

    I don't really care what kind I get, I just want, must have one, well, someday anyway.


    Dottie :)

  26. That's so awesome, Cecile!! Your hubby rocks!!!!

    (((SUPER HUGS))) VFG

  27. What a guy!!!! Too sweet!

  28. Aww, congrats Cecile on a thoughtful man and the new ebook reader!

  29. That's so nice! Most people I know (the physically present ones) think my book fascination is like some kinda illness and speak in whispers about it.

  30. Oh yay, getting presents like this is always great! And wow, that looks exactly like my ebook reader only mine is an eBookwise 1150. Still, I love it so I'm sure you'll love yours too!

    Happy reading or e-reading now! =) You've got a great hubby!

  31. Oh what a sweetie! You're gonna love it! I love my sony and yeah your going to get in tons of trouble buying books to fill it up :)

  32. Aw, what a sweet hubby! :D Who needs flowers and candy or expensive vacations when you can have an eReader instead?

    Though the other options aren't bad either. :) LOL.

    Hope you enjoy your new gadget!

  33. JennJ
    I do have to say Jenn, that he was very thoughtful and scored some major points this that little buy!!! =) Oh.. that is a great idea.. and let him read the whole thing that way he would know that he scores major points with not only, but the rest of us ladies!! Beause all know how invaluable those things are.. I think if asked what I would not leave home without... (besides an actual book... it would be the ereader... then my family, lol)
    Oh... another award... you are to kind!!!! I will be heading over there as soon as I am doen here!!

    Well, the seed is planted Blodeuedd!!! I can understand the mini.... And I completely understand if they are not offered in your area. Civilization.. you are right about that. Maybe he might surprise you!! Who knows... if my hubby does this... Gosh only knows what could happen next!! LOL!!!

    ~My Blog 2.0 (Dottie)
    Hey Dottie!!!! Girl... I was completely shocked when he told me what he got me!!! I really siked now to open my mail when I get home from work!!!

    Thanks VFG... He is something alright... lol...
    (((Super Hugss to you, haven't chatted with you in quiet some time))

    He is a special kinda guy!!! Thanks!! (((and a super hug to you too... )))

    Thanks Ames!! So glad that you stopped by!!!

    Honey... join the club!!! People around here think I am crazy. Hubby does not understand HOW I can read so much!!! But he understands enough to realize that the ereader

    Oh YAY, a new friend!!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here!!! I do have to say that that was very kind of my hubby to do that for me!!! AND to get these awards just made my week!!! Thanks for coming over and hope you stick around!!!

    OH, love him I do!!! I knew this was only a step deeper into my ***book-o-holic addiction*** It's only going to get worst!! LOL!!!

    Yes.. I said the same thing Book Queen... "Aw, what a sweet hubby!" Thank you for coming over!!! Thanks!

  34. I am slowly getting back to the land of the living after my migraine - hate it, makes me a hermit for 3 days - but that cast aside...

    Cecile, you lucky woman, can I have your hubby call my hubby so yours can tell what to do :D Enjoy this fabulous present from him, what reading pleasure you'll be receiving from this little device!


  35. What a wonderful, loving husband you have!! I'm going to show your post to my husband because all he ever says is that I have "too many books strewn about". I always answer him with "then get me some more bookshelves!"
    I can't wait to see how you like your reader. Congratulations!!


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