Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh, how loved I am (((super hug)))

Blog-land is an awesome place... Just when I thought things were going great.... Things turned awesome!!!
I am very proud to announce that I have received two more awards... You ladies are awesome!!! This award comes from JennJ @ Sapphire Romance.... You must go show her some love at her place!! She is awesome!!!

And the rules for this one were...

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

The New Blogs that I have recently discovered....

Hilda @ The Dip-Files (she is hiliarous when she is chatty!!)
Tricia @ My Reading Addiction
Patti @ Book Addict

I hope you go to these ladies place and show them some love!!! Their places are awesome!!!

Then, I received this one from Barbara @ Happily Ever After. She is such a wonderful person and an awesome friend. Even though we have never met, she is one of my dearest friends! Please make sure you go by her place, she will never steer you wrong when it comes to books!!! She is the Queen!!! And from Anna @ Anna's Book Blog. She is the Queen of information!! If you want to know when a book is coming out or what an author has upcoming... she is the person to go to!!! Show her some love and support and go by her place!!!

The Kreativ rules state that: Once you receive this award you are to list seven of your favorite things and then nominate seven other blogs.

1. Edward (Twilight) ~ Thanks to Ms. Stephenie Meyer
2. Lindsay (Addicted) & Matthew (Sinful) ~ Thanks to Ms. Charlotte Featherstone
3. Axel (Blood Magic) ~ Thanks to Ms. Jennifer Lyon
4. Toffer (Graceful Submission) ~ Thanks to Ms. Melinda Barron
5. Alex (Tempted & Naked) ~ Thanks to Ms. Megan Hart
6. Nicolas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic & Vincent (The Lord of the Satyr Brothers ~ Elizabeth Amber)
7. Maddox, Lucien, Reyes, Paris, Gideon & Aeron (The Lord of the Underworld ~ Gena Showalter)

Come'on, really... What did you think I was going to say... I am a hussy at heart!!!
These are other true hussies at heart.... Show them some hussy love!!!
2. The Ladies who bring us... Lord Craven-Moore... @ Lust In Time
3. Dottie @ My Blog 2.0
5. Mandi @ Smexy Books
6. The Ladies at Desert Island Keepers
7. Leontine @ Leontine's Book Realm
I had to add another one.... because without her... we would have no eye candy...
8. Ms. Moonlight @ Moonlight To Twilight

Have a great Wednesday you all!!!


  1. I need a scorecard to keep up! ;) Congrats!

  2. Thanks Chris... I am trying to make a special one just for you and the kitties!!!! I showed my daughter Mayhem's picture on my site as the contest pic... She fell in love!!!
    They are something else!!

  3. Oh my first award, how awesome! Thank youuuu =)
    I do believe I have to post it on my blog yeah? Help the newbie out haha
    I'm really flattered thanks! <3

    By the way, your hubby is awesome! He got you an ereader! I'm talking about them on my next post.
    I didn't leave this comment on the other post 'cause my internet is being stupid and I had to wait like ten minutes for this page to open ¬¬

    Have a great day!! =D

  4. Hi Cecile...congrats on the awards and do let us know what you think of the new ereader hubby got you!!! I hope you tell him daily how your blog pals think you're a lucky duck to have such a sweetie :-) Hope the job is treating you well...

  5. Hey Cecile - you have two more over at my blog too. LOL

  6. Hi Cecile!

    Congrats on your wonderful awards!

    And many thanks!

    Give your hubby a big hug from all of us, he truly is a knight in shining armor. Only a real man buys his wife an areader. lol.

    Great entry on at Hawks! I left a comment for you over at her place.

    Such a sweet ending to a crappy day!!!


    and cheers \~/

    Dottie :)

  7. Congrats on those lovely awards :D
    So truly deserved. Just love your pretty blog, and of course you are so sweet

  8. Congrats Cecile on your all awards! You deserve them and many more!

  9. Congratulations on your awards and thanks for sharing the love! (Like Hilda, I will try to figure out how to post on my blog - haha!)

  10. Congrats on your awards Cecile, you deserve them. Your blog is wonderful and I truly enjoy visiting it.
    Thanks for the shout out!



  11. Congrats on receiving your beautiful awards Cecile! And thank you with gifting one to me.

    (((HUGS))) VFG

  12. Enjoy the award love Cecile :::smooches::: and thank you for giving me some *smiles* It was wonderful news to start the day with!!

  13. Hey hey hey!!!
    Congratulations.Extremely well deserved,and congrats to the nominees.I will go check tem out right after this.

  14. Congrats on your awards. Very well deserved!

  15. Aw, thanks for your sweet words Cecile!!! And a BIG congrats on your awards. Very well deserved!


  16. Congrats on your award!! Thank you so much for mine!! ((hugs))

  17. Oh, you ladies are sooooo sweet!! You are my chocolate in life!!! I love each one of you and thank you for being my friend!!!! You all mean the world to me!! I just wanted you to know that!!!!

  18. Congrats Cecile on your awards and thank you for sharing the love made my day! :)

  19. Big Congrats on the awards hon they are well deserved indeed! :) BIG HUGS!


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