Saturday, August 29, 2009

Awww.... I have received a beautiful award from JennJ!!

This is taken from JennJ's Sapphire Romance Realm place... because I was touched by her words and her work!!!

""I have been wanting to start up some new blog awards to give out to blogs that I love to visit and that are big romance supporters. So this one is for those outstanding blogs that keep me coming back day after day and that avidly and passionately support Romance Novels and are not afraid to show it!!!
There are no rules for this one I only ask that you would to post where the award originated and who gave it to you when you post it to your own blogs. :)""

This is who JennJ bestowed it upon at her place:

Leontine at Leontine's Book Realm

Cathie at Caffey's Reads

Now, I was very touched to have been put with those lovely ladies for receiving this award!! Because we all know that those ladies live and breathe romance at their place!!! Please make sure you visit those places... they are awesome!

Before I pass it down... Cathie @ Caffey's Reads posted her 5.... The reason behind me posting her 5... is because some of her 5 would be my 5.... This is Cathie's 5...
Please make sure you visit their place as well....

Alaine - Queen Of Happy Endings

Lea - Closetwriter

Amy C - Romance Book Wyrm

Booklover - Seductive Musings

Blanche - There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books

So, this would be my 5 to choose...

Blodeuedd @ Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

Please link it back to JennJ's place... Because she is the awesome person that came up with this!!! Just show your love for the romance community!!! All this ladies rock... Hell, if you check out my blog roll... all of those places rock!!! Just hop on over to any one of their places!! They would welcome you with open arms!!!


  1. What a great award! I am starting to think romance books inspire optimism and enthusiasm like I detect in you.I think I am going to try one of those books and maybe I catch the "happy" bug!!!

  2. Oh Yvette, thank you very much!! Romance is something like a bug... once you catch it, you are stuck!!! LOL!!! Thank you for your kind words!!!

  3. My award ceremony will be next week but I sure enjoyed yours! I will look me up some more great romance bloggers to add to this wonderful list and Cecile, I am with you. JennJ is a wonderful and heartwarming personlity. I am glad I found her place :)

  4. congrats on the away hon... you so deserve it..


  5. Thankies!!! I love this community of ours:)

  6. Aww thank you Cecile!! :D
    That is one lovely award she came up qith. I am honored to have recieved it too.

    Will make a nice little award post this week since I am late with giving awards too.

    And congrats on getting this award since we all know what a lovely blog you have, and how sweet you are :D

  7. Thank you, you guys!!! I believe we all deserve them all!!!
    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope Monday starts the week off right for you!!!


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