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Review: Hard Target by Tibby Armstrong

Hard Target is the third book in the Covert Attractions series.


With a body hot enough to inspire a second Trojan conquest—of the latex variety—FBI agent Alexandra Valentine could be Simon Jakes’ match made in heaven. If only she weren’t the reason his career as a CIA hacker ended in a pile of ash.

When Alex returns after six years, it’s with a proposition he can’t refuse. Work with her or return to prison. Compared to negotiating the powder keg of their relationship, the job should be simple. Take down a criminal organization run by one egomaniacal billionaire and try not to get killed along the way. The problem is, with a woman as sexy as Alex by his side, Simon has trouble keeping his mind on the mission and out of the bedroom.

At their darkest hour, each has a decision to make. To trust despite the fog of lies and deception being spun around them, or to fail because a second crack at love proved the hardest and most impenetrable target of all.

A Romantica® erotic romantic suspense from Ellora’s Cave

 I obtained the above information from Tibby's website!

Tibby Armstrong is an awesome writers. She has given me David's story in Sheet Music... Then she gave me Gunter's story in Undercover Lover and I mean she gave me Gunter! He was... Oh man... Tibby knows how to write the story that will bring you to the edge of your seat, she will make you feel the sweat drip down your shirt and she will definitely make you feel all hot and bothered while reading about these delicious men. She will also give you women (besides me) who can handle these men. David is the musician and Gunter and Simon are his security detail... And let's just say that you will wish they were your security detail... Oh man... Tibby rocks the world of undercover things!! :)

Welcome to Simon and I's story... Okay, okay, okay **Gives Elaine, Tibby & Mama Kitty a dirty look**... Simon & Cecile's story... Okay, okay, okay damnit... Let me introduce you to Simon and *sigh* Alex's story... I have been waiting very patiently for this story to come out. Simon has been my man since I read David's story, then I got more of him but not enough of him in Gunter's story... And I think I bugged the shit out of Tibby enough to give me Simon... And Oh Dear Gawd she came through for me with Simon's story!!!

Simon, oh man where do I start. This is a man that will do whatever is necessary to protect what is his. His family, his friends and his home. His heart - well, if he doesn't let anyone in, then he doesn't have to worry about protecting it. Simon has worked very hard to keep his past in the past. He has only divulged information that was needed when it was needed. He wasn't expecting to have to relive his past, so building the wall around his heart when he heard his ex-girlfriend would be his handler in a case that was proving to be life or death for him... well, he wasn't quite sure he was ready for this. But like it or not............... He had to be ready for it because losing his sister was not a option.

Alex wanted the promotion the FBI was ready to give her, but was she ready for the price she would have to pay for the promotion? Well, there was only one way to find out... She would have to work side by side with the one man that had her heart and then broke it by the worst kind of betrayal. But did she really think Simon was capable of doing what the CIA said he did... or did she believe in him? Alex was tired of running, tiredd of guessing... tried of the apologies. She was going to go all out with this job if it was the last thing she did... And omg... did it seem to be the last thing she would ever have to do!

This is an explosive story. Tibby put me through the freaking ringer... I mean seriously. This story is awesome. Simon has intrigued me from the very first line I have read with his name in it... I have wanted more. And this story has the drama, the action, the heartache, the heartbreak, the deepest, darkest past that was buried - that was resurrected, the lust, the desire, the love, the courage to stand for what you believe in, and of course second chances!

I cannot promise you a story that is filled with butterflies and rainbows. I cannot promise you story that is just a delightful read. No, I am sorry... I can promise you a story that is full of life, full of love, full of the feeling that I got your back... I  might not have had it before, but I got it now. You will get a story of trust, faith, friendship, family and reconnecting. Does the bad guy win? Does evil get away with the shit it has put Simon and Alex through? Will Alex get the man at the end of the story or will he turn his back on her like she did him several years ago? Will courage and faith come together to make things happen? You will be twisted up and turned around and you will find out some shit that you really did not know you wanted to know! And I will promise you a story that will heat you up on more than one level - because we are after all, talking about Simon!! And I finally got my Simon's story! Thank you Tibby! Ahhhh.... Now I am going dream about My Man!

To grab your copy of Hard Target, visit Ellora's Cave and enjoy!

To learn more about Tibby and my men... I mean her men, please visit her website!

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  1. I can say that I am 100% with you on this review! Hard Target is a freaking *awesome* book, one I waited so impatiently for. Poor Tibby. I think I bugged her incessantly about it. :)

    Simon and Alex's story is so rich and full of vibrant detail and heartache and hope, and your review captures all of that!

    Thanks for pointing others toward this excellent book,

  2. *glares at you* okay fine. You can have Simon because I was already promised Ian. And Greg & Aaron have announced that I'm their GF. It's true! It's on Twitter.

    Like Denise said - this review is right on. I've been dying for Simon's story and Tibby wrote an amazing one. It's on my list of re-reads when I'm having a bad day. Remind me to give that girl a huge hug for her ability to write characters so real and awesome that there are multiple people fighting over them. :D


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