Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You know you wanna Look....

Did I get your attention yet... If not...
I will let my construction man tell you what is going on...
Hello Ladies (He says as he tips his **cough cough** Hard Hat)
Let me tell you what I have done to Ms. Houston A.W. Knight's place. You see my boss, Ms. Hussy here, told me to put my muscles to work and kick some blog ass.
Of course, I know she just wanted to see me shirtless (she thinks I do not know).
So, I gather a couple of men to help me out.
Of course I do not have any pictures of us working because they know what a cougar my Hussy boss is and they were a little afraid of her. I told them they were not ready for her and her fellow hussy friends yet... They may come out later to *cough* play with you ladies, later!
As for now, Ms. Hussy, Ms. JennJ at Sapphire Romance and I were allowed to highjack Hawk's (Houston's A.W. Knight) blog this past weekend to pimped out her place!
It was my pleasure to do that for. I am a giving man after all.
So, please head over to Hawk's place to see what me and my men did over there...

This is just a taste of what you will see....

And of course... my Man Servant kept Hawk busy will we played over at her place.
He did a very good job! She came back smiling this weekend!!!!!

So what are you waiting for... Go to Hawk's place now!!!!!
And do not forget to go to Jenn's place and let her know how much she freaking rocks!!!!!
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  1. Ohhhh pretty buttons, and shirtless mean. Heading over ;)

  2. Cecile!

    You girls are awesome and I can't tell you how full you've both filled me heart with what you did.

    I'm thrilled with the new look! And I thank you both from the bottom of me heart!

    Lots of Love and hugs

    I'll answer your e later today xoxoxo

  3. Good morning,
    HAWKs place looks fantastic.
    Isn't that construction guy the same one that came over to my place and fixed my pipes ;)

  4. Man look at that chest...what was I going to write?? Oh yeah...sorry got distracted there for a sec...
    Feel free to come pimp up my blog anytime!

  5. S'excuse me as I drool and pet my computer screen.

  6. Yummy hawt shirtless men!! Must go seee...

  7. Hi sweetie, sorry that it took me so long to stop by!!! Darn day time job!!
    Can't believe I almost missed your droolworthy workmen, wow! I'm gonna stay here and stare for a while, if you don't mind my company ;)
    After that I'm going to Hawk's place to admire the new look!
    Have a great day, hon :)

  8. Wow that looks fantastic! Great work girls!

  9. It was my pleasure working with you and the boys! ;) Love ya hon!


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