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My first M/M Book – I am no Longer a Virgin

From the keyboard of E.H>

As you all know recently Cecile decided to take onboard the challenge of dipping her feet into m/m genre waters. Cecile being Cecile does nothing by halves – so I toss her into the deep end.

I started with a short read, that was a winner for me on so many different level. It has audio and visual effects when it came to the smut scene and as Cecile was determine to rip off that virgin badge – I set her the task of finding a quite place, put her head down and give NOTHING BUT TROUBLE by Jenna Byrnes a go.

From there things went downhill – of all the places Cecile chose to read her first m/m book – yup right next to hubby….

(We IM the whole discussion – so you guys have to decipher and make the best of this conversation. I had a blast…)

This was at work – so short and sweet, loads of giggles!!!!

erotichorizon: Hello little grasshopper
cecile.smith75: hey there !! i read one of those books last night.... not the historical one.. the other one

erotichorizon: and how was it.... which one
erotichorizon: ok - any good
cecile.smith75: nothing but trouble
cecile.smith75: omg... at first i have to say that i was a bit.. squeamish at first... but omg it was freaking hot. i fogged up my ereader under the covers it was so hot.

erotichorizon: where was hubby
cecile.smith75: sleeping, lol
cecile.smith75: where else, lol

erotichorizon: you evil - thing... the true mark of a bitch.....
erotichorizon: wait until the man sleeps then you pounce
cecile.smith75: well, some things have never changed. he was sleeping from about 830. hey... he is lucky i did not wake him up!

erotichorizon: you are baddddddd
cecile.smith75: yea well... it was really good

The Book That Did The Deed

Adrian Scott doesn't expect to fall in love with his employer after spending one night with him. Graham Elliott is handsome and exciting, a very wealthy man, not in Adrian 's league. But their night together was intoxicating, and Adrian can't shake the thought of making a life with this older man. As per their arrangement, they have two more nights together. Will that be enough time to convince his boss they belong together, or will the deal prove to be nothing but trouble? (m/m contemporary erotic romance)

(Here’s our final chatter)

erotichorizon: How do you feel now that you have made the leap.
cecile.smith75: Well, very hot ~ just kidding. I feel like I am peeking into someone else's world; like a peeping tom. If that makes sense.

erotichorizon: Ok - Did you have to built yourself up to reading it or did you just jump in?
cecile.smith75: I just jumped in and read it. No build up, no illusions, just straight forward jump.

erotichorizon: what was the most surprising aspect of the scenes for you?
cecile.smith75: In this particular book, Nothing But Trouble, the most surprising thing about it was the emotions that were expressed. I could almost feel the angst of the characters and could feel the passion just the same.

erotichorizon: The M/M aspect of the book - now that you have read it, was it worth.
cecile.smith75: Yea, to find out what everyone was getting all hot and bothered about... oh yep!

erotichorizon: Did you actually read the smut scenes or did you jump them
cecile.smith75: Oh no... No skipping for this virgin... I ploughed through those scenes and then went back and re-read them again. You know, just to make sure I got it. I have to say though, that at first I was a little skirmish about reading them. I hesitated before I got there and had to examine the why did it matter question of gender differences...

erotichorizon: Which bit worked for you - hearing it being describe or actually visualizing it.
cecile.smith75: Hearing/reading it being described. The only part of it I visually pictured was the leading up to the actual act, until about half way through the book, then I started visualizing the act of two people in smut heaven.

erotichorizon: Was it what you expected...
cecile.smith75: No, I really had no expectations going in this. I mean, I have read reviews before, but nothing really prepared me for the actual reading it with my own eyes.

erotichorizon: And?
cecile.smith75: And it kinda took me by surprise ~ surprised that I liked it. It is different, do not get me wrong... but the passion is there, the emotions are there, the smut is there... (not in a bad way), the putting yourself out there is there. The only thing that ever held me back was it was two men. If you know me, I like my men, but normally catering to me. Knowing that it was a m/m book did prepare me for no woman in the HEA or the romance of the book. I guess because it is always thought of as taboo... And like I said, when I first started reading, I was a little skirmish about reading it.

erotichorizon: Do you want to discuss the book or do you want to write a review about.
cecile.smith75: We can discuss the book, if you want too... I know others want to know what I thought of reading my first m/m. So, talking about it with someone "experiences" as you... I think is prefect, lol

erotichorizon: Ok....
erotichorizon: What did you think of the plot?
cecile.smith75: It was almost like a "Pretty Woman" plot. And I absolutely love that movie. So this pulled at my heart strings.
cecile.smith75: I also liked the concept of older man/younger man.
cecile.smith75: Me being the cougar I am, I associated with it, if that makes sense.

erotichorizon: Yup, I thought so as well..... What about the pace of the book?
cecile.smith75: Since it was a short story, I thought the pace was very good. I was never at a point where I wanted to put the down - even for a second. Especially towards the end, omg!

erotichorizon: Ok - Did you have any challenges reading about the physical side of the relationship. Was any part of the love making, as expected, less or more than you expected.
cecile.smith75: At the beginning of the story... I was challenged at the idea of reading about two men having sex together. But once the story kicked off and I started reading, the story unfolded and it was more than just about sex. But when I got to the first sex scene I was tempted to skip it... or skim it, but I pushed forward and read it. I needed to read it and see how I felt and if I did not like it, then I would just skip the rest, but it was okay... the description of the lead up was just as hot as any other sex scene in any other romance book I have read.
erotichorizon: Ok

erotichorizon: And that leads to my next question... what did you think of the emotional aspect of the book?
cecile.smith75: Well done. All of the emotion one hussy wants in her romance novels were there. I could feel the "let down," I could feel the hard time Elliot had about coming out. But the storyline of His (I forgot the younger guys name, hold on) was wonderful. I felt for the poor guy. The story was real, the emotions were real. It was something in a m/f relationship I could see happening.

erotichorizon: There was a moral issue there - How do you feel about how the author dealt with that..
cecile.smith75: I liked that. It was very touching. I don't want to give to much away because I think this would be a great book for those virgins out there... But the moral issues was dealt with, with class. And the family issue for Adrian was very well played and I like how that was handled. Showed Adrian had more strength than he thought he had.
erotichorizon: Well said my dear.

erotichorizon: Did the length of the book suit the story.
cecile.smith75: For it being my first time, yea. Really, I would like to have seen more between Elliot and Adrian, but the pace of the book was prefect for this size of the book.

erotichorizon: anything else you want to mention about your first experience with m/m...
cecile.smith75: The power of the emotions surprised me. For the good. I was not sure what to expect of the book... or how I would come away feeling, but I do know it was a hot read.

erotichorizon: With m/m book there is a misconception that the story would be different because it has male protags doing the nasties.. What would you say?
cecile.smith75: no, i think it has to do with how you view m/m books. I mean at first I was hesitate about reading those books because I did not know if I would be able to handle the reading of two males being involved with each other . But as I read the chapter and I saw the human side of the emotion. Now don't get me wrong, I want my woman involved in any relationship, but for m/m, it is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Those that will want to read it have to be easy, carefree about what they read and remember they are reading it because they want a story.... And if they get uncomfortable, close the book.

erotichorizon: now that you have had a few days to read and simmer - How do you feel now about waiting so long to try m/m
cecile.smith75: Crazy, romance is romance. The taboo of reading it is still in the air, like I said... I feel like I am peeping tom. But I will be back for more - soon - very soon! I guess I can see how some would still say it has a ick factor to it, but really - it is fantasy land...

erotichorizon: I'll leave it there and when you are finished a few more books - I'll ask you the same question again.
cecile.smith75: okay...

Cecile's Final thoughts

cecile.smith75: My cherry has been popped and popped by the best... Erotic lead me to the perfect book to be broken in. This book was a treat to read - it really was. The character's relationship was believable and their life situations was one on a real basis. My heart went out to Adrian and his situation and I so fell in love with him. It was short and smutty enough for me to be welcomed into the world of m/m... but I still wanna be in the middle, haa haa!!! Smut here I come....


“I want you to spend the night with me. I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars.”

Those were not the words Adrian Scott expected to hear when he is called into the office of the owner of the casino where he works. Although he has always been attracted to the man, and despite the fact that he has a girlfriend and is definitely out of his league, he genuinely did not think the boss played with the boys as well.

Graham Elliott, owner of the Graham’s Aces casino, has one secret, and that’s his attraction to men. He hides it so well that not even the men he eventually approaches are aware he is into men. When he makes a proposition to one of the casino staff, the last thing he expects is for trouble to follow in his wake.

When Graham does what he normally does and propositions Adrian for a set amount of nights for an agreed amount of money, it all sounds tawdry and tasteless. However, the author has humanized Graham with his care and respect for Adrian’s situation so that you easily forgive him for how he starts the relationship.

Adrian is consistent in his values and true to his sexuality, irrespective of how he goes about dealing with life's challenges and changes. He is a character you can’t help loving and genuinely wish the best for.

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is a great outing by Jenna Byrnes; the wealth of emotions that is condensed in this short story definitely highlights this author as a superb storyteller.

E.H> © Erotic Horizon

Stay tuned, as I guide Cecile through this smutty land of sexy men and untold adventures – you will all hear about it… If I survive that is….LOL

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  1. Ohhhh i love the synopsis of the book! As you said very Pretty Woman-like.
    Lol you ladies made me laugh. I'm STILL an M/M virgin but that won't last! You are making me even more impatient to read one *sigh* Such a hardship. ;)

  2. Well done Cecile.... at least no screaming..

    You took it like a champ, now - to break out the toys.....

    *** off to check my bag of tricks****


  3. I had a blast reading your conversation Cecile and EH. It brings back memories of my first M/M book. EH, thanks for making Cecile's first time a wonderful one and Cecile, welcome on the M/M bandwagon hon. I'm glad you're finally here, it wasn't the same without you!

    I recognized this very much Cecile:
    surprising thing about it was the emotions that were expressed. I could almost feel the angst of the characters and could feel the passion just the same.

    I had that feeling too after reading my first M/M. Just because it is about two men doesn't mean the emotions/romance/feelings etc are not involved...on the contrary, they are just as much involved as with any other romantic development in a book. I was hooked from my first book.

  4. Well EH sure knows these books, I am always finding goodies over there..though yes I have still not crossed over.

    I am happy you liked it!

  5. Hi Cecile!

    Glad you enjoyed the book, great conversation between you and EH. It was interesting to see how each of you became involved in the story, what pulled you in and kept you going.

    Great review!

    Dottie :)

  6. Congratulations Cecile!
    Happy m/m deflowering LOL

    Liked reading a review of a book this way.
    This m/m virgin is still sticking to her virginity with both hands, as much as I enjoy m/f/m erotica and erotic romance I do not feel the urge to read m/m but do live vicariously through you ladies who have taken the plunge though.

  7. Great post! I'm glad you liked it! It does sound like a good book and I like the "pretty woman" theme too. EH asked very good questions to get you to explore your reaction!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. This was a fun post!
    EH, you did a great job taking Cecile through her first time!!
    And Cecile, welcome to the club, honey! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, since we all made such a big fuss about it ;) I'm looking forward to your next experience!

  9. Yay, Cecile! I haven't read that title, but now I want to... oh, did you know that there's a sequel called Valentine's Trouble? And it's free!

  10. Congrats Cecile! Thanks also for posting your responses to EH's questions. It was great to experience this with you and, yes, revisit some of my own initial thoughts. :)

  11. Loved this review or talk...LOL
    I felt a little like Cecile as I read my first m/m.
    So have to get this one!
    Sounds great!

  12. Great post.Glad you liked the book Cecile and I liked the Q&A.
    you are now officially deflowered :)

  13. Hey Cecile,

    I'm thrilled that EH recommended one of my books to you, and even happier that you enjoyed it. *G*

    I blogged about this, the post is scheduled to appear Sunday morning. Have a look at my website and see what other book you might like to read. Leave the title in a comment on my blog, and I'll send you the book.

    I'll even open this up to your blog readers. Everyone who leaves a title in the comments section on my blog Sunday will be thrown into a hat (well, your names, I mean...) and I'll give away another ebook to one random winner, chosen Monday morning at 7 a.m. CST. Good luck!

    Thanks and hugs!


  14. I want to thank all of you for coming to see my deflowering. I really want to thank Erotic, she freaking rocks apples! She is the best!

    ~pattepoilue, Hey honey! This really was a great book. It did remind me of Pretty Woman. It really was a great story! I am glad that I could make you laugh!!! =) Oh honey, take my hand, I promise it will not hurt!

    ~Erotic! Honey, you rock! Thank you so much for taking the time to ask me those questions. And for suggesting this book. **toys... eyes widen** lol! Bring it on!

    ~Leontine, Hey GodMother! I am glad that you had a great time reading our little conversation! I had a blast doing that with Erotic! She truly did make my first time very enjoyable. I am glad that I made my way here honey!!! I truly feel smutty now, lmao!! Leontine, I really was shocked that the emotion was there and on that level. I was a little scare that the ick factor would discourage me to read it, but when I started reading and the feelings and emotions rushed to me, I could not put it down. T hat surprised me. I am not sure what I thought was going to be there. But I was not expecting that.

    ~Blodeuedd!! Hey honey! Yea, that woman (EH) sure does KNOW her way around books. She is amazing!
    I can not wait for you to cross over! *rubbing hands together.. can not wait*

    ~Dottie! Hey honey! Thanks for coming! It was great to have that conversation with EH. I never looked at it that way ->"what pulled you in and kept you going." But true. I have always wanted to try to read this genre - to see what all the hottness under the panties was all about and now that I am in the baby pool & I can see, had a taste of what it is like, and it is not as bad as one's imagination would think, lol!!

    ~Pearl! Hey honey! I am glad that you could make it over!! Thank you! You crack me up!!!! ->This m/m virgin is still sticking to her virginity with both hands, but do live vicariously through you ladies who have taken the plunge though.<- I promise you will take the plunge one day. Oh I am with you on needing a female to be in the story; but this was a great story.

  15. ~Patti! Hey honey!! Thanks! I did like, I did! (Mikie likes it - from the Chex's commercial, lmao)
    This really was a great book, short, sweet, sexy, heart-wrenching and hot/steamy. EH did ask some very awesome questions. They really did get me to explore my thoughts on reading the m/m genre.

    ~Janna, Hey honey! I am glad that you enjoyed the post! Thanks for welcoming me to the club hon! LMAO at all the fuss, but it was so worth it!!! And I hope to convert a few people myself, lol! Privately, lol!
    Oh, my next experience will be coming shortly, lol!

    ~Chris! Hey there!! Oh Chris, you must read this book!!! ;) Oh... **ears perked up, sequel** Going the the bookstore right after this!! And free!!!! Will definitely be reading it! I loved this story. And again... I totally fell for Adrian.

    ~Kris! Hey there honey! Thanks for coming over. You are very welcome. I wanted to be able to show the other virgins that it is okay to be deflowered. EH is awesome! And I glad that it made you revisit your thoughts as well.

    ~SusiSunshine! Hey honey! How have you been? I am glad that you enjoyed the talk me and EH had. It was a fun thing to do with her. This one, yes, you have to get!!

    ~elaing8! Hey honey! So glad that you made it over! You are so right. I am offically deflowered - in public, lol! And it was a great read!

    ~Jenna Byrnes! Hi there!!! Welcome to my home! Thank you so much for coming over! I can not tell you how much this means to me. Thank you. I am very glad that EH recommended your book to me. That is my first ever m/m book to read. And I loved it. I really did. The characters were believable and the back story line was too. I fell in love with Adrian and I just wanted to take care of him too. And I loved how you could feel Elliot's angst over his decisions he had to face. I will be heading over to your place tomorrow... or should I say today. since it is 12:48. Awww, thank you so very much for the offer. I will be sure to scope them out and pick one, thank you!

  16. Cecile..

    Oh I found this interview very interesting! I leanr something new every day.


    Hon, I've got an award waiting for you - come get's KICK ASS!


  17. Congrats Cecile! You did very good :)

  18. Welcome hon to the smutty side of m/m. Mandi from smexybooks got me involved with m/m romance. I think we all need t-shirts saying " we like boys kissing boys".

    P.S. The AIM chat was hi-larious!!!

  19. Wow - great interview! Welcome to the dark side Cecile. I love the naughty feeling I get when I read M/M romance... and now you know too!

    *Flounces away back to the bar and her ski bunny hotties*

  20. Cecile: Love your blog site as well as your post. I had no idea an dhave learned so much just from reading your interview. Thanks!!

  21. While I'm still on the fence bout M/M, I really enjoyed reading you and EH discuss this book and I have noted author and title for future reference, maybe sooner than later;)

  22. ~Hey host! Thank you very much. It was nice and smooth with this book. I finally made my way to your place today... sorry I have not been there... But I made it! Yay!

    ~Smokinhotbooks! Hey honey! Thank you for rolling out the red carpet for me! Mandi got ya!! That shirt would sure catch some eyes... lol!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr, hey honey! Oh honey, I have seen those snow bunnies you have, hee hee!!! Thank you for reading the interview. Yea, I did feel a little naughty reading it... but a verra good naughty!

    ~Lorelei Confer!! Thanks for coming over honey! I am glad that you like my blog! Hope you feel at home... that means you are welcome here anytime!!!

    ~Tricia! Hey honey! Well, if you are on the fence, I would say read this one. Erotic did not steer me wrong at all. Ms Jenna's writing is so well done that I fell in love with Adrian.... Just in case... I am hoping sooner than later... If you do read it, please leave me a comment or link or email... I mean I check your blog everyday anyway... but that way I can make sure I do not miss it!!

    Thank you all for coming to my First m/m discussion...


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