Wednesday, December 9, 2009

**Road Trip** & Commercial

If you followed me yesterday... I got arrested -->> here is the story.
You have to read this story first to understand this story which I am about to tell you about...

This is another day in the life of Cecile Smutty Hussy - Oh wait... I can hear Mama Hawk fussing me that - that is not my full name. Like the Mama she is, she pulls out the middle name...
Cecile Trouble Maker Smutty Hussy...

Are you ready for this one... Grab a cuppa of cocoa and let the story unfold.

After being arrested yesterday, some of my fellow blogger friends wanted to come on a road trip with me. I mean, do you blame them. Go see what I am taking about. We will wait for you.

Seeeeee, aren't you glad you went see. Okay, now that we are all caught up... As I was saying... They wanted a road trip. This lead me and Leontine on a discussion about our men, our books and of course shopping trips- and me in the park with my hussy followers...
After I got arrested and frisked **yea, I left that part out yesterday, I was still "catching up" with things**, my group decided to follow me back home. They said they would open up their own police station around my house so they could protect and serve me!!
(*Oh man, I kill myself, rolfmao*) They are in the process of moving down here as we speak... or you read this.

Since then I have received emails from Host, Pearl, Blodeuedd, Brande (from Book Junkie), Susi and Patti - they want me to take them to my park.
Elaing8, Heather D and Pixie have texted me saying they want on a road trip.
Blanche Twittered me - she wants to be arrested.
Caroline facebooked me - she wants to borrow them.
And last but not least, Leontine chatted me and wants to live with me!!!!
**all this is made up people. i do not facebook or twitter, lol (but my men are real, lol)**

So, I did what any friend would have done, I bought them all....plane tickets to come to my house... I got to the airport... And picked them up in my car.....(**Charger is my car... just not this particular one...**)
and took them to my house... Upon arriving there.. I had to introduce them to some new members....
So, here are more Cecile Trouble Maker Mutty Hussy followers...
I present to you my tribe....
They were looking for their Eve to be put in the middle....And I needed my own Firefighters if I had my own Police Force....
Now, don't forget the original men who started this whole thing...

Now, if you made it this far... I am going to really make you laugh!!! One delirious night for me... I was online with Leontine. We were girl talking; about a book cover I bought at Borders.
I was explaining what I did in Borders when I saw the book cover - Yep, the Hussy CatCall!!!
The book is smoking freaking Hawt!!!Told you... See... I never lie!!!! **Tisk Tisk for not believing in me**

In the process of talking about the cover... We were wishing that she was with me at Borders. You know, so we could drool and catcall together...
Well this idea was born... You ready...

Airfare from the Netherlands to USA - $1700.00
Hotel for the both of us for a week - $1000.00

Being at Borders at the same time, looking at the same cover


$200.00 (depends on the amount of books we bought) - okay $400.00

Getting Kicked out of Borders for making said Catcalls & Drooling with my fellow blogger sister- PRICELESS
A trip well worth it!
Now - you all know how I feel about you... You are all priceless to me... I would give all I had to be able to have you guys with me shopping... Or I with you!!!
For that truly would be priceless!!!
Hope you enjoyed....

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  1. Wohoo planeticket. I am getting on that plane at once to meet you tribe of men. Perhaps you booked a plane for me, you know with one hunky pilot. I can sit on his lap while he fly *giggle*

  2. That was indeed priceless. Love it.

  3. Cecile, my dear friend^-^, of course it would be included in the draw of the book to Elizabeth Lane, is not excluded anyone.
    I read your mail last night, I've been away for a few days and I connect to the Internet only by phone.
    I answer calmly tomorrow.
    Fantastic day

  4. Hey, I'm taking a roadtrip to be in on this action! :)

    Love your place :)

  5. Oh My....what a tribe! I want this plane ticket right now lol Oh Cecile you crack me up, i adore reading your blog, so much fun. And you're one dirty minded girl! *g* (ohh yeah i'm so pure myself)

  6. Oh yes, men in jeans..very nice. Cecile, can I have one from each tribe ;) Again a hilarious post and just love the comercial would be priceless to be with fellow book-addict sista at a B&N. Nobody but fellow b-a would undestand my reaction to the rows of books and the smokin' CC I would have.

  7. LOL - and now there's a cast of thousands!

  8. Nothing like a roadtrip!!



  9. There you go that is Priceless indeed! You go girl! Loved it and I so wanna go with you on a roadtrip the next time! THUDDD goes back to drool over all the sexy abs ah er MEN! ;) Hope you have a great one hon!

  10. LMAO...I think I will like this road trip and where it will lead ***wiping drool off keyboard***
    You know I love the firemen ;)

    a road trip with blogger friends is priceless
    shovelling out of this snow storm is not :)

  11. Cecile... You are such an awesome Slutty Hussy! Priceless and now I'm breathlesss! Whewww.. I think I need a drink. ;)

  12. LOL I read your story yesterday and cracked up. You of all people would come up with a story like this one. hehe

    You know, I was thinking...if we all did get to meet up in Nashville at Nationals, I'm pretty sure they would haul our asses out of there for endangerment to the public. LMAO With all the hooping and hollaring...yeah. It would be a total blast!! Just saying!

    You're the coolest!

  13. ~Blodeuedd!! Hey honey, of course you know I have your own plane with your very own pilot. Now you might have let him actually fly the plane to get you over here. But once you landed ((cough cough)) you can do what pleases you!!! LOL!! Or who... Then you can come to the Tribal meeting!

    ~Dru! I am glad that you liked it! I had a blast doing this! And whew... what a sight to behold!

    ~Veronica Bennet! Hey my dear friend! No worry, you write when you can. Oh yea... I am entered for a chance! Email me when you can! Ciao!!

    ~Mandi! Roadtrip indeed... Plane ticket is on its way to you!!! You know my place would not be the same without Smexy Mandi here!!! Come'on!

    ~Pattepoilue! Girl, you had me dying in the other comment! I am glad that you come over and "play" with us Carolina!
    Girl, you know with a name like that... I have nothing but a dirty mind... hey wait a minute... I am good ~ sometimes, lol!

    ~Leontine!!! There is my commercial girl!!
    Oh, don't ya just love those men in the jeans. They wanted to be a part of my tribe... so much they forgot to get fully dressed. I told them that was perfectly find with me... That is how I like my men anyway.. Half dressed!!! MMMeeooowwww!!!!

    And yes, it would be so priceless to have ""fellow book-addict sista at a B&N."" One day... One great day - we will be able to do that!!

    ~Chris! Gotta love them...!!

    ~MsMoonligh! Girl, there is nothing like a roadtrip like this one!!!!!

    ~JennJ!! Hey honey! LMAO!! Priceless indeed!!! You can come on this one... your ticket should be in the mail!

    ~Elaing8!!! Hey honey!!! Ohhh, Elaing, just think of all the trouble we would sooo get into together.... **ohhh, yes**
    Ahhhh, found your weakness... Firemen!!!! LOL!!!! **what tricks are up my sleeve today...**
    Shoveling snow, I can send some of my men to help you out with that... If you want!!! Hee hee!!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr! Awwww, thank you -->>"You are such an awesome Slutty Hussy!" Thank you!!!
    A drink you say... hum... might have to summons bartender from your place... OH wait... He is shaking/stirring me for his Martini!!! LMAO!!

    ~Kira Daniels! I am glad that you liked my story!!! That just came too me!! Like I said, I had an absolute blast writing these!!!
    Nashville.... humm... more talk... I am peeking my head into this trip... slowly... Don't need to freak hubby out though... 0_0

    OMG... then maybe this is a premonition of what is to come... LMAO!!!
    Awww, shucks thanks honey!!!

  14. Wohoo private plane here I come ;)
    I can't wait to see the tribe

  15. Hon, I am getting on that plane, I have this thing for firefighters since I read Bella Andre's firefighters, and we don't have have them like your guys over here... and then set up camp at B&N!

  16. Woohooo waits by mailbox!!! ;)

  17. Have you ever thought about being a writer? Too funny :)

  18. Hey girl!! You crack me up with your witty stories :D
    And WOW those hot men... I wanna take that plane too!!
    *pouts a little bit*
    Now, I let you take showers with my hubby and than I don't get an invitation??
    You hurt my feelings, hon!
    Btw I bought that book for the cover too!! LOL!

  19. You are too stinking funny girl. Thanks for sharing your man candy. :)

  20. Gotta Love a good road trip with friends and lots of smoking hot men!!!

    Cecile, you are a hoot! (wow did I just say hoot... told myself that was one word I would not pick up from my husband... damn the man is wearing off on me! I guess it's okay cos I got him saying Y'all)

  21. When I saw the Border's pic I swear I heard "awwwwwwwwww" in the background. It looks magical. Oh, and I uh, may have drooled on my laptop when I saw your "hussy" followers!

  22. I am loving your short story adventures! Now I am thinking about some of my stories that might translate well to my blog.... hummm...

    I can't seem to find your email address but mine is mdwartistry at yahoo dot com.

    Happy Friday! Miranda

  23. Cecile you lucky girl to have all those fine followers!! I'd love a hot road trip right about now!


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