Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I got arrested....

Yep, it's a true story. Ladies, I am sorry to have to admit that I have done some time in jail..
Let me tell you the story... Sit down because it will be a long one...

It happened like this..

I was traveling through this little town one day, when I came upon this beautiful little park. There was no one around, peace cried out to me. I had to stop for a while; to sit and read. After all, I was on vacation - and when your on vacation, you can do what you want - right??
Well, I was sitting on the park bench, all alone. Well, I was not really all alone, I had a couple of my fictional boyfriends with me. They were keeping me company on this beautiful day. I was reading, laying on a bench, not a soul in sight. The stories were hot, steamy, erotic, and pure smutty - my kinda stories. ((What did you expect)) Anyway, I was reading my stories in peace...

When noises started coming from my mouth and throat. You know the ones... A heavy sigh here after my fictional boyfriend takes the heroine by surprise and rams her up against the wall to take her there... Then a moan here because really... oh my gosh... He did what to her... I had started fanning myself....

When I had a distance noise, the rustling of bushes and footsteps on the grass. So, I got up to see what the noise was. (You know, in case I had to summons my fictional boyfriend out the book to whoop some ass)... When I turned to see what the noise was - I think my mouth dropped...

"Excuse me Ma'am, are you alright?" I must have given him a very strange look because he asked me again, "Are you alright Ma'am?"
Of course I had to pick my mouth up off the ground... clearing my throat, because after all, I had just finished one of the hottest, smuttest sex scenes in my books... **cough cough**
"Of course Officer, I am fine." The flames from my cheeks were licking their way down my throat.
"Well Ma'am, you were making obscene noises and I just wanted to make sure you were okay." Still trying to control my voice after seeing this heavenly sight...
"Yes Officer (I tried looking for a name tag...), I am just fine. I was just reading."
"Just reading huh...??" And he looks around. "What are you reading?"
"Just a book," I shrug, not knowing what direction this is leading too... "Here, I'll show you."
He took the book from me and opened the book to my marker. He starts reading it. Again, my mouth drop. He turned to me and asked me to follow him...

I follow him through the park, over some bridges to where we come to meet another officer... Could my day get any better...I could not make out exactly what was being said, but I heard my name and sex in the same sentence. They both looked at me with a gleam in their eye.
The bald one now looked at me like I was something on a dinner plater...
"Ma'am, we are going to have to ask you to come with us. (and I swear I saw a evil grin on his face) We promise this is for your own good."
Wait a damn minute - is what I thought,"Officers (with no names but hot bodies), did I do something wrong?"
"Ma'am, we will answer all your questions in a minute, but you have to come with us please."
Well since they were saying please... I guess I could go. What harm right....
We walk some more... I am getting breathless at this point... I was planning a day in the park, not a day hiking. Well, Office Blondie must have heard me panting, he told me to get on his back... Excuse me!!!! OMG.... Okay... A little out there, but I was tired of walking... So ups a daisy I went on his back! Piggie back style. Finally, when I think they are taking me to their headquarters are something, we come across another officer.
"You found her. This is her. She's quiet the looker, isn't she (I could have sworn I heard someone say yum in there)" he says to Officer Blondie and Bladie. "The boys are gonna love her." Now at this point I am starting to get a little worried... I mean, I am only one woman. I can only kick so much ass if I have to....
But with these tempting officers... I decided my fate had to be good, right... They were hot after all... right... I was praying...

Finally, I see something in the clearing.... Officer Blondie sets me on the ground and tells me to stay put. He walks over, with the rest of them to Officer Big Guns and they all start chatting away. I am not sure if I should run away from them or to them... But I could not keep quiet any more...
"Excuse me... Any one want to fill me in on what is going on? What am I doing here? Am I in some sort of trouble??"
Officer Big Guns gives me his sexiest smile....
"Well Ma'am.... We have tracked you down while you were on vacation. We hear your name is Cecile Trouble Maker Smutty Hussy... and we want to welcome you to our club.... Your club... We are your followers and we want to cater to you..... This is our gang. Your gang....
The Cecile Smutty Hussy Followers"

I passed out!
I awoke to one of them fanning me, one of them had a glass of sweet ice tea for me, the other had bon bons for me - waiting to be eaten, one was massaging my feet, while another was massaging my shoulder...

And ladies... now you see that I have my own hussy men following me around... Hope you enjoyed!!! I know I sure did... And remember, this started out as a day in the park, lmao!!!

Oh wait... To prove that I am their leader....

Yea, just don't look at the alcohol bottles please... Okay okay... What kind of hussy would I be if I did not come with my own Grey Goose bottle... It was a present, I swear....
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  1. Oh, very nice day in a park :) No more comments...

  2. OMG!

    Cecile...omg...Someone as beautiful as you shouldn't be following big muscled guys around like that in the PARK!

    }:-/ No, no, no...the MOM in me says...no more following men, handsome or not, in the park!

    LOL, Love the pictures tho'


  3. OMG Cecile, hilarious post...very hawt, very...very good on the man-candy and it's so very you to have a gang of smutty hussy followers. If you go to the beach do you think you will encounter a group of life guards *humms; why won't you save me grin*

    I loved your recap of the whole event hon, it made my day!

  4. Hilarious, great post, you just made my day!! Loveee the eyecandy!

  5. OMG! That was one hot day, Cecile!! I'm speechless at so much male beauty, wow!! I'm gonna need a very cold drink and some time to catch my breath!!
    Btw you look gorgeous too, especially in that outfit !!

  6. What a hilariously funny story!

    I'm taking my ass to a park as soon as the summer weather arrives...maybe I'll get arrested too LOL

  7. Oh my, that was one hot day in the park. You sure got a lot of hunky followers Cecile ;)

  8. You crack me up!! I am laughing way too hard for this early in the morning! :)

  9. Cecile,.,.you naughty girl.... ok, now tell me where the heck that park is! ;-)


  10. LMAO.Oh Cecile you Smutty Hussy you.
    I went back a few times to take a look at those hawt officer**fanning self**
    You lucky girl, you have quite the following.

  11. I so need to go in the park now!
    Someone please stop the rain!
    Loved your story!

  12. A dear friend of mine sent me these pictures through an email and I knew the minute I saw the pictures what I wanted to do with them. When I told her my idea, she immediately became my cheerleader!!! So, on to writing I did. I had a blast last night writing this!!! And with such aspiration, how could one blame me!

    I am glad that you all have enjoyed my story. I did enjoy writing it!!! And I could not think of any other way to end the story but to tell you guys that I had my own followers, lmao!!!!

    And NO Mama Hawk, they followed me... I did not follow them!!!! I was crowned their queen!! LOL!! =)

  13. I'm googling that town so I can go there and get arrested!! Great post, you made my morning!

  14. Wow, Cecile,
    Where is my invite? I could give you a hand with all that testosterone. Yummy! *as she wipes the drool off her keyboard* I have to say when faced with that sight the mom in me passes out and lets the tramp out. *wink*

    Great pics.


  15. Come'on Pixie... **Hey everyone up for a road trip today** I'm driving back to the town... anyone up for it??!!

    Girl, these men are quiet a handfulllll, hee hee... In all ways imaginable!

  16. LMAO!!! Girl, you're too much!!

    *fans self* Yowzaa, I'm lovin' the eye candy. Hmmm the park never sounded so good. *wink*

    Love the pic of you. Beautiful.

    Hugs, VFG

  17. I bow down to your hussy awesomeness!!!

  18. Cecile said: **Hey everyone up for a road trip today** I'm driving back to the town... anyone up for it??!!

    me: SHOTGUN!!!!!

  19. *packs bag: toothbrush, thong, book*
    *grabs passport*
    *takes first plane to US*

    Wait for me Cecile, I want to go with you on this road trip!!!

  20. I will wait for you honey... Don't worry... I will wait for you... You will see tomorrow... I will wait for you... Girl, I don't want you missing out on all this hunkiness that is around here... especially when they aim to please, lol!!!

  21. Oh You Cecile Girl, you made me laugh so loud my mom thought i was crying. lol That's quite a nice day in the park. And to think i started reading it thinking...'oh how weird she got detained in jail! let's read why!'....i am SO naive ;) *g*
    So you're their leader huh? Any chance i can borrow them for a while? lol nomnomnonmnom

  22. Cecile Cecile Cecile!! LOL Can I be arrested too?!

  23. OMG Cecile!! That was Awesome! Loved It. Next time you must bring me on your day in the park!!!

    Great pics! You are truly beautiful!

  24. Cecile, what a way to get arrested! I would love YOUR fan club!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh! And in my opinion, those cops are the lucky ones :-)

  25. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! Hey if I make those noises while I was reading that can I be i the club too?

    I LOVED that hon that was great!!! And I normally am not a fan of the cops around here they all look like a mixture of Barney Fife and Elmer Fudd ROFL but I could definitely get to be loving these guys!!! Where can I sign up?????? ;)

  26. I wouldn't mind be handled by them.

    Great post.

  27. Hilarious!!

    You forgot to mention the EXACT location of this park, I think I am heading that way ... soon. haha

    Is there a sign-up sheet for the next road trip? Put me down!

  28. I'm with Hannay-- where exactly is this park? And could you put in a good word for me with your followers?

  29. OMG, that's all I'm going to say!!!

  30. lol great story Cecile! And great pictures too. It's nice to put a face with the name. :)


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