Monday, April 27, 2009

The Winner is... And please Forgive me!

Okay, can I say that I hate the internet and phone companies (sorry if I offend anyone)!!!!! AAGGGGHHHH!!
For those of you who remember, I was having internet problems last week - first at work... then low and behold... our home modem went kuput!!!!! Internet sucks sometimes. That is why I was unable to post this whole weekend. ATT promised to have a new moden shipped to us overnight ~ that was Thursday~ ask me if we got our new one in yet.... NOOOO!!!!!
So, with my deepest apologies, I am very sorry that I had to make you guys wait!! Please forgive me in the world of internet problems.

The winner of the Charlaine Harris ~ Dead After Dark book... is...
drum roll please... *****drum roll drumm rolll drummm rollll*****

Lea... Ms. Closetwriter herself!!!
Ms. Lea, send me your info to my addy of

Ohhhh, and I will also be doing a review of Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon. I finished that books Saturday night!!! It was awesome!


  1. Congratulations! (to Lea ofcourse)

  2. GO LEA

    Congrats... An awesome read in store for you..


  3. Man! I wanted that book! :)

    Congrats Lea!!

    :) VFG

  4. Thanks for showing your love and support ladies!!! I really apprecite it! I loved doing this and I hope you had fun with it too... And VampGirl... I have my copy if you would like to read it... I will email you later!

  5. Cecile!

    Wow, thank you so much, sorry, I've been off line most of the day. Busy running errands and such.

    What a surprize!

    THANK YOU again


  6. Congrats Lea! (We've had cable modem problems as well and I've also been running away like crazy and the cable company is driving me crazy!!)


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