Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Award time...

I have made some new friends in the land of blog and I thought it would be nice to share... since we share the stories of our fave books and we share our thoughts on our fave yummy delicious men... I wanted to share a personal award... I do not require you do anything... this is just to express my thanks for all of your friendship!!

First, let me thank Smexy Books for presenting me with this lovely award!!!

Now, to present her with an adward... she will get the Friendship Flower award... What girl does not love getting roses, especially those that will not die...
And to the rest of my "Princess" friends... I present to you... The True Fairy Tale Award. It is for the hopes that one day all your dreams will come true!! Because we all are still Cinderella's at heart!

This goes to: Anna @ Anna's Book Blog, Amy C @ Romance Book Wyrm, Blodeudd @ Book girl of Mur-y-Castell, Lea @ closetwriter, Erotic @ Erotic Horizon, Barbara @ Happily Forever After, VampFanGirl @ Lovin' Me Some Romance, Ms. M @ Moonlight To Twilight Blog, Dottie @ My Blog 2.0, Ms. Sohpie/Charlotte @ Scribe's Scroll, Blanche @ There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books LadyTink @ ~Up Close & Personal wi..., and Bridget3420 @ Readaholic! Hope you ladies enjoy!!!
Smexy Books.. you also receive this award, because you are deemed a princess as well!!!
You girls make my day just a little bright.... !!!


  1. Thank you so much Cecile! :D That is one lovely award.
    We sure all are Cinderellas at heart

  2. Cecile!!! Thank you so much! That has just brightened my day:)

    I look forward to getting to know you better and drooling over Edward!!! :)

  3. BTW - I love your new slide show!!!!!! :)

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  5. Thanks Cecile! I love the Disney Princesses. This has to be of my favorite awards to receive, next to Dottie's Tink award. :D

  6. Thank you Cecile and congrats on your blog award!

  7. Thanks Cecile!! I LOVE IT!!

  8. Thanks Cecile!! The award is beautiful!!!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  9. OMG Cecile - you are too sweet! Congratulations on your award!!!

    Thank you, the award is beautiful I will display it proudly. (What makes it extra special is that it's my birthday. lol)

    You Rock

    Warmest Regards

  10. (((Cecile))) Thank You so much, this is a wonderful award!! :)

  11. Aw thank you! What a lovely award!!!

    Would you like my Tink Approved award that I made?

  12. Hey Cecile,,

    what a wondeful thing to come home to... I am having a cup of tea and doing my whip around the blogs.. and my cup is more than half filled with this wonderful award...

    Thank you...

    Congrats on your awards as well... Enjoy it, you are great..


  13. Thank you, Cecile :)

    I hope your week is going well!

  14. Hey you guys!!! I am glad that you all enjoyed it!!! What better way to say thanks and love to my friends!!! You guys are the best!!!

    PSS Happy Birthday Lea!!!!

    Ladytink... I would love the award!!!


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