Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a week!!!

I have to get something off my chest... I hate computer viruses!!!!! They suck!!!!
When I tried to access blog from my work computer Tuesday, it told me that I had infected my computer with a virus and it shut blog down. Well, low and behold... my computer was infected. The computer guy had to do some of his magic on my computer. So now, I am only allowed to do bloggin when I get home in the evenings... which is a pain in the butt because hubby normally has his grubby fingers on it!!!

So, with that being said.... I want you all to know that I will try my hardest to access it at work to check on all of you to make sure that everyone is playing nicely!!!! Barbara... Vamp... Rehv.... Nice not naughty, no daggers, no kung-fu crap... nice!! Okay...just a little fighting because he is yummy **not that I would know*** (((i am still under the bed with my Lords of the Underworld ~ hiding from Barbara for having VampGirl's back)))!

Now... let's see what's going on lately...
I went to Wal-Mart this past Sunday and I bought Edge of Danger by Rhyannon Byrd, Love Awakened by none other JR Ward, and Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks!! Now I am on the search for the rest of the BDB books... I will have them sooon.. very soooon ***rubs my grubby hands together with a haughting laughter***** Then I would love to make it to Borders (they have a 20% off coupon)... so I can buy it then... it is payday this Friday!!

Right now: I am reading Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank... Thus far, it is proving to be a satisfying (hellva man) series. But after this one... I might have to stop and do the ""No-No""" of my most hated pet peeve... break the series up and read something else... because if I get my hands on the BDB books.. you better believe I will be reading those next instead. Also... I am waiting (very patiencely) for my copy of Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione that I won from April 5th (but I am still trying to get my hands on the first two before I jump into that one). My collections are not quite complete yet.

Do you.... ever have that feeling when you see a book on the shelf... you think, I should buy it now... but you walk away from it... not because you do not want it now... but because you know you have 3 books in your hand already... so you leave.... and you leave the book behind... then you go there the following week... only to find it GONE!!!!! I mean, come on... no one else should be looking to buy the same damn book I want. That is what has happened to me two weekends ago at Wal-Mart. It wa Larissa Ione's Pleasures Unbound. It was there one Sunday... then I went back the next damn Sunday and it was GONE!!!! I think I must have screamed a little because Brooke (my baby girl) looked at me like I had lost my mind!!!! She did not realize the trauma I was going through. I searched behind every damn book on those shelves and nothing. I vowed I am never doing that again!

I buy a good amount of my books from there because they are closer to me. It is a half an hour away... my local Borders is an hour away (with good traffic)... And I hate to say this... but Wal-Mart is my Sunday grocery shopping store! So I am there anyway... and while I am there.... I can stop by the book section and no one is the wiser!!! Expect Brooke ***who gives me the mean eyes as we called them when she was little girl*** I just want to make sure that it is understood that I am not trying to promote WM or anything; it just happens to be closer. Besides (saving money tip, at least for my area) they are the only store that will match sales papers. So saving money to me means.... I can "treat" myself to some books!!! Isn't that the point of saving money ~ to buy more books... who needs a college fund for the kids... Just give them a few books! LOL!!!!

The next thing on my list is I want to find time to read all of these books that I have... so many books so little time!!!!

Question time ladies...

Are you ever at an lost as to what to read next?
How do you decide what to read next?
Does coming off a series of books make it harder for you to chose the next series... or single book?
Tell me your thoughts...
Does the cover persuade you to read one book over another (hot guy... yummy lips... delicious abs and gawd only knows what else **just giving you an idea**
Does the storyline draw you more.?
What makes you fingers pick the next book??

Well... looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening....

Oh ps... when you post... if you dont mind... let me know what time zone you are in... I know we are all over and you do not have to devulge your info if you do not want to .... just think it would be neat to know who is just going to bed and who is just waking up!!!

BTW, I am central standard time. I live in Louisiana. I am writing this to you at 10:12 pm on Wednesday night!!
So, with that... I will bid you a-due!


  1. Hi Cecile :D
    What a mean nasty virus! I do hate those.
    And it's 3.31 pm here.

    Many questions :D
    1-2 yes, sometimes I look at my TBR pile and wonder which one too choose, then I pick up the one that appeals to me most at that time. Or maybe it's a book that is due back at the library, or now, have to be reviewed. or a book I have borrowed from a friend months ago.
    3. No can't say that coming off a series makes it harder, well in a way cos I am so enthralled by the world.
    4. I should vacuum, soon I am going to my bf so gotta pack for the weekend...think of what to wear when we are going out tonight...the clock is ticking
    5-6. Yes I am a cover lover!!! They do direct me sometimes. But in the end if the story sounds awful then no cover in the world can make me read it

    Ok now I really have to start packing

  2. Hi Cecile!!

    (((hugs))) on the nasty computer virus!!!

    I hear you on the books you decide to pass up only to find when you go back to get's gone!! Happens to me a lot and I hate that!
    My TBR is overwhelming me at the moment! I know it is there and yet I continue to buy and add and well it is a nightmare at this point!
    I love covers too but I don't rule out a book just because the cover doesn't really "speak" to me!!
    Usually when I read a series (like the BDB series I'm reading now) I want to read more series books, not sure why but I do!
    I'm on the West Coast so I'm on Pacific Standard Time :)

  3. Oh yes, I have walked away from a book thinking I will just pick it up next time and then it's not there when I decide to get it :(.

    You asked alot of questions...let's do I decide what to read next, soemtimes I'll pick up a few books, read the first few pages until I find the one I'm in the mood for. Sometimes I just feel like reading a particular author. Sometimes it is the cover.

    I'm on the East Coast :).

  4. Hi Cecile!

    I'm in the central time zone like you, crappy Illinois though, not sweet Louisiana.

    I usually have several books going at one time. It's just how I like to read. I might have a romance, mystery, and an urban fantasy or paranormal going (usually three is my limit). That way I'm never tied down to a certain type of book. I'm a little lite on romance right now, not because I want to be, but because none of the books I've ordered have come in.

    I too am a cover lover, but the cover doesn't decide the book for me. I read the blurb and the first few pages, if I like the prose and the way it's used, then it's a book for me.

    I love reading a complete series straight through, but sometimes it's impossible. I always try to start with Book One of a series. Otherwise, I feel like I've missed something, usually not, but one never knows.

    I let my mood decide what's next to read, which is why I have soon many books going. I might be in a different mood by the end of the day.

    If I just completed a series I was totally enthralled with, it does take me time to get over the storyline. I might wait a day or two to start something new, because it's kind of like losing something when the series is completed. Like I was looking forward to doing something and not having it there anymore. I know I'm a freak!

    Mostly I just choose with my heart, what my desires are at the time. How I want to lose myself in a particular way or world I would like to enter. I call it my 'what if it were possible to be' syndrome.... I seems to invest a lot of emotion into my reading time. It's also how I create... I'm a total addict, I would need a step program if I had to quit!!

    Boy, you asked a lot of questions, hope I got them all and wasn't too wordy.


    Dottie :)

  5. Hey Cecile!

    Yeah, computer viruses - fun eh?? NOT!! I'm happy you got it resolved.

    I'll have to get back to your questions later, very good ones indeed!

    Warm Regards

  6. Hi Cecile,

    That is awful about the computer virus. My daughter had the hardest time with that new one that came out on April fool's day. I didn't think she was ever gonna get rid of that one. Grrr...

    I find myself doing the same thing with books - I see one and think to myself that I will come back for it - and then it's gone. Especially at Wal-Mart cause let's face it, they are a couple of dollars cheaper than the book store - so, I just grab them when I see them now. :)

    I will stand in front of my book case and just look at the TBR books. I have about 80 now, maybe more. LOL I pick them up and read the back - but them back down - walk away - come back - pick up another. LOL My daughter says it would just be easier to close my eyes and reach out and grab one. I will admit, I have done that. :) I figure I must want to read them all - otherwise I would not have bought them.

    I have had an entire series on the shelf - but aside from Kenyons' Darkhunters - I don't read them one after the next. I will read one in the series - read something else - then come back to the series - but I MUST read in chronological order...I'm just weird that way.

    I'm on the East Coast - Georgia - and it is 10:50 Thursday morning.


  7. Hi Cecile!! I like this post!!

    I always try to support my local bookstore...I really wish I had a borders or B&N can always hope for the future:)

    I always have a fear that I will not have any books to read. That being said, I have about 35+ books in my tbr pile - so I have no idea why I have anxiety about it:)

    I really have no system as to what books I read next. I usually just stare at my bookshelves and pick something. If I start a series, and have all the books, I try to finish them.

    Yes, I am a cover hussy:) I LOVE a good cover. I also have learned to try books that have unsmexy covers as well:)

    I live in MD so I am in the EST:)

  8. WOW, you have had quite a week Cecile!

    There has been dozens of times that I'm at a loss at what to read next. I think that's mainly because I'm in TBR overload. I have over 200 books that I have yet to read. It's shameful! And I just keep buying more. Seriously, it's an addiction.

    Sometimes, if I'm having trouble deciding what to read next I'll just give it a day or two. Catch up on my shows and then try again. Mostly though, I commit myself to read something like with you and Charlotte, I promised to read Lords of the Underworld. That helps me. It's like I have a plan...

    The covers, well they already snagged me when I picked them off the shelf. Mainly I think about what I'm in the mood for when I'm pulling from my TBR. Do I want a paranormal? I'm I feelin' a historical at the moment? Am I craving something really hot and sexy??

    Great questions!

    (((hugs))) VFG


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