Thursday, April 2, 2009


Okay, now that I have your attention... **grinning**

I have not been around the world of blogging for long, but I have noticed something.... We all LOVE books!! But between the evil eye from hubby to the disgruntle daughter trying to get us out of the store... or hating the damn PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button... we still buy the books. Now I am not saying that we stop buying books..... OH HE double hockey stick NO.... But maybe we can come up with something wiser... like swapping... I see on blog sites that people want to get the book we read or haven't have a chance to get it yet. And the list of our tbb gets longer and longer... Just go check out Blanche's blog (just kidding with you)!!

I am going to have to go hide mine now...

Now the good thing bout my hubby is... he turned me into the world of EBay! I have bought books cheaper there than I have in the store, and it beats paying for the gas to get there... but I have also found some excellent books at my local thrift store/goodwill stores.

I might not have everything you want, but what I have I will share. Let me know what you think about that. Some may think I am off my rocker a bit and that is okay... because if I love the book... I want to own it. I love seeing it sit on my shelf... but it wouldn't hurt to share.
Tell me your thoughts on this...


  1. I'm pro book swapping! :)

    I've definitely been helped out by blogger friends with book swapping. I certainly don't mind mailing away books that aren't keepers. Plus I'm not a big re-reader of books and if something is good and deserves another audiance, then I'm happy to give my books away. It's not necessary at all for me to get them back either.

    :) VFG

  2. Hey Cecile!

    Great idea! Except I live in Canada and it costs me more to post a book to the US than to purchase it!! lol

    So while you might be able to pry a book out of my clutched fist (I tend to hoard). It doesn't make sense for me. :(

    But thanks!

  3. Thanks for the feedback you guys!!
    Vamp, thanks for being in the digs...
    I might have to investigate a little place on my site to do just that!!! What you think.
    Lea, I am sorry that you live so far away *sniff sniff*... but if you ever want something you see on the list of mine to read... just let me know... hey what are friends for... I don't mind shipping!!

  4. I am on the other side of the i am all out of luck..


  5. I'm all about the swapping. I know I'm the odd one out because I'm the historical romance nut of the bunch, but if any of you see something you might enjoy, by all means tell me :) I'm happy to share!!

  6. Hey and if there is something you are interested in... please post it... my hubby found a new salvation army shop that he checked out the book section and said it was a decent size... so I think I am going to create a post called Trade & Swap... that is where we can put what we want and to whom we want to swap with... what do you guys think?? If you have ideas or suggestions... to make it better or different let me know...
    Erotic Horizon... girl, don't let distant get in the way... I am serious... I don't mind shipping... actually my daughter thinks that is cool (first of all that I now have friends lol ~ yea, I kinda like a loner) that I have friends that live in various places!! So, don't count your chips out yet honey!!!

  7. Hi Cecile!

    I don't mind sharing, it only costs a couple of bucks to ship, and if it's something I want back, I'd let you know. I won a whole year of books from EOS books, so my TBR stack is ginormous. Some books I give to our poor local library because their funds are so limited.

    Dottie :)

  8. Oh Cecile,

    I forgot to add that I love your daughter's post. She sounds so cute and funny. I bet she's a doll!

    Dottie :)

  9. Hi Cecile!

    I love the idea of swapping books!! I hold on to every book I buy keeper or not. I would love to share them so that they could find loving homes!!

  10. My daughter is going to love hearing that! She is something alright!! LOL!!

    Thanks both, Dottie and Blanche for the support. I will have more information to come about this program... Thanks!!!


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