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Review: Girl Crush by R. Gay (Night Owl Review)

Girl Crush
Women's Erotic Fantasies

What if?

"There is something irresistible about a crush, about wanting someone you can't have, seeing someone you can't touch; about unrequited desire and how it quickly grows..." —from the Introduction

Even girls who prefer guys remember their first girl crush—that physical and emotional fascination with another woman. Who hasn't wondered, What if I acted on my desire, what if I flirted, what if I teased? What if I provoked?

In the steamy stories of Girl Crush, women satisfy their curiosity about the erotic possibilities of their infatuations. Delilah Devlin's "The Out-of-Towner" is a tale of attraction between total opposites. In Rachel Kramer Bussel's "Great Lengths," an unrequited crush on a fiery, flaming hot redhead finally evolves into something more. G.G. Royale's "An Introduction" follows a nice Indian girl on the eve of her arranged marriage as she wanders into a bondage bar. For some, a crush is a passing whim, for others it's just the beginning. In Girl Crush what happens next may take you by surprise.

With contributions by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Teresa Lamai, Shanna Germain, Gabrielle Foster, Angela Caperton, David Erlewine, Vanessa Vaughn, Heidi Champa, Kris Adams, Melissa Gira Grant, Julia Peters, Lori Selke, Delilah Devlin, Kirsty Logan, Geneva King, Carrie Cannon, Annabeth Leong, G.G. Royale, Evan Mora, Cheyenne Blue, Jennifer Geneva, Gina de Vries, and R. Gay

I obtained the above information at Cleis Press.

*I did receive this book from Night Owl Romance for the purpose of my honest review.*
*So, all thoughts and comments regarding this book are solely mine!*

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here goes...

Now this one will be a little different.. Why because these stories are very short stories... and there are a lot of them in here... So I will give you a thought or two (or three...) of my own! Now I will not have blurbs for any of them one.. Soooo just bear with me okay!!! Now take my hand for some f/f loving... Okay if you are uncomfortable.. you don't necessarily have to take my hand!

Some (or most) are written in first person, so I never get the main characters name.

Great Lengths by Rachel Kramer Bussel:
This is probably the story that would start it all off... They are bff's in school. This story is the girl crush everyone has but no one will admit. But at what great lengths would you go to have your first girl crush? What happens when you obtain it and it is not the same?

Mirado by Teresa Lamai:
This is a story of love gone wrong.... Couple dating, boyfriend decides he wants someone else... in the apartment they share.... Yeah, wrong. The girl leaves him and the "new" girlfriend to the apartments and walks out. But walking out and stalking are two different things. What does that bring you, watching what they do, in the places you use to do it...? Is it truly closure for you to watch them lives the life you once had? But this story has a serious twist in... You will have to read to find out!

Craving Madeline by Shanna Germain:
This is a story about two struggling women. Caroline and Madeline have disorders of some kind (to find out you have to read). They go to a counseling group together. But Caroline knows she would gladly trade the disorder she has for the addiction she wants.

Call Me Cleopatra by Gabrielle Foster:
Remember when you were a child and you would dream of being a ballerina, an astronaut, whatever your heart's content? Well, this story sort of like that... As Cleopatra (you will see that she has many names) puts it, "You are a dream I would like to dream," she said. "It's better to dream than have a lover. When you wake up from a dream you can tell yourself it wasn't real at all." This is great story of a woman falling in love with her dream.

Skinny-Dipping by Angela Caperton:
Maxine and Gina are college roommates. This is such a sweet story. Regina ~ Gina ~ wants what Les, Maxine's boyfriend has... Maxine. Gina is the shy one, the quiet one. Don't they say it is the quiet one's you have to watch out for? Will these two discover what is hidden in the treasure of their friendship?

The Things I Can Do For Her by David Erlewine:
Oh wow, this is a very hard story. From start to finish... This story is set in an office environment. Kinda like boss - employee. But Lauren Reynolds kinda made me mad. You will see what I mean when you read. But the question I begged myself with was: how much would let someone control you?

I Told A Stranger All About You Yesterday by Vanessa Vaughn:
I love this story because it is told with a need, a yearning. To come out and let the world know what you truly want. She hired someone to listen to her, to listen to her talk about you... someone else. But was it truly the other person she wanted or just the idea of being with someone?

Cut and Dry by Heidi Champa:
This is a cute story. You know how you tell your hairdresser everything.... Well... would you ever tell her that you wanted her?

Cecily by Kris Adams:
Okay, I love this story and not only because it half way spells my name, but it is a great story and one that I would love to see more of. What I will give you... Humm, let me see. Two best friends - both married - about to be torn apart by one husbands job... What happens when you honestly love your best friend and don't want her to go? Give her the best going away present?

The Leopard-Print Menace by Melissa Gira Grant:
This one, I could not follow to well. Might be because my brain is just on a high from so much f/f smut.

The Bachelorette by Julia Peters:
This is one bachelorette party you will not forget, I promise you. This is just one of many quotes that made me giggle and blush at the same time, "I tell my brain to stop thinking of this searingly hot girl like she's a math problem. My brain shuts the f*** up."

The Girl in the Gorilla Suit by Lori Selke:
Our main character has a run in with a girl... in a gorilla suit. It is not every day you have a girl, a hot one at that, drop from the stage and into your lap. And that is where things get crazy for our main girl. She has no clue who her mysterious girl is and it is driving her dreams to the brink.

The Out-of-Towner by Delilah Devlin:
Co-workers who really don't know each other well. But sly glances here and there. Things accidentally being dropped from the desk for the peek-a-boo look at what's under the skirt today. So being thrown in a meet and greet presentation, do they show more the graphs and charts to each other?

Rebel Girl by Kirsty Logan:
Katia and Evie are two friends who want something else besides the guys they are sharing the backseats with. What happens on night when the boys send the girls to get cigarettes? Do they come back with more than just cigs or do they even remember the cigarettes?

The Best Kind of Revenge by Geneva King:
This one is really - on one hand the best kind of revenge, but on the other hand really not kinda of nice. What would you do if you caught a peeping "Tam" in your apartment? Going through your personal things - very personal things? What would do to her if you had your chance to extract revenge on her? When is the revenge part gone to far?

One Eighty by Carrie Cannon:
The prefect wife, the prefect housewife, the prefect neighbor.... What happens when you despise someone so much... but all the while they are just trying to get on your good side? And what happens when two lonely housewives literally - come together?

Running Away and Running Home Again by Annabeth Leong:
Oh this story tugged at my heartstrings a bit. I really can't tell you more than that because it will give it away.

An Introduction by G.G. Royale:
This story will flip your lid. Arranged wedding, constricting parents who control your life beyond the continent, and one strong woman... oh wait, make that two! This is a great bdsm short story.

Seduction by Proxy by Evan Mora:
Hummm best friends... Heather and Jeanie... Can best friends become lovers? What happens when Heather makes the claim that she only goes to guys? Can Jeanie make her realize that she could have what a guy has to make Heather want her too? It could happen, especially when you have such a wonderful imagination as Jeanie. She comes up with a plan that will literally drive Heather into her bed!

Discovering Donnie by Cheyenne Blue:
This story you will have to read and think about it. This story left me scratching my head, then going to back to re read a few sections. It is a different take.

Good Neighbors by Jennifer Gevena:
This is a hot little story about Lisa, Rob and Jess. Rob and Jess are married - happily I assume. And on one hot... sulty evening/night.... Let's just say being a good neighbor is an understatement! And by the end of the story... Jason, Lisa's ex-boyfriend whom she is a sucker *pun intended* for, may be joining the neighborhood gang.

Girl Crazy by Gina De Vries:
This story is a one time shot. She has one time, one play date and it stayed with her forever.

Psychology 101 by R. Gay:
A professor's assistance and the professor. All I can say is I want that job...

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  2. Some of these sound really good.great review Cecile.

  3. Great job at the way you reviewed all these short stories! You weren't kidding when you said there were a lot of them!:) In all the blog hopping I've done, rarely do I see reviews on f/f stories! I think I may still be in the stage of needing a male to join them, LOL, but they do sound good! :)

    Great job sweetie! *hugs*

  4. You're sure going for these girl books :) I will just stick with men, bf totally got me today, awww, love him so much..ok now I went somewhere else, lol

  5. I'm glad you liked my story! Thanks so much for the kind words.

  6. Wow...all of them sound good...some sound light hearted and other seem deeper in plot but they all sound like fun reads.

    Awesome reviews, Cecile...great job!

    Big hugs

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  8. ParaJunkee~ Hey hon! Yeah these short stories have been very hard to review but I did try best to review the books. But my next review coming up I did a little different. But thank you for coming over! Oh honey, I try to make it everywhere.. as often as I can. And I have you in my reader to see what's going on!

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  9. Hawk~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! I appreciate it! And you said it right.. some were a little hot, some a little cold and some just flipped your lid!

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