Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elaine's Continuing Education of the Tribal Men...

Mistress Cecile has given Elaine the mundane task **oh yea right** of doing background checks on the Tribal men and **Cough** getting information from them~ for your pleasure of getting to know them better... So... I will allow Elaine to give you the low down...

Elaine fiddles with the stack of papers... watches as Jed comes from outside on the balcony... He puts himself behind and starts typing away...

**Sure is nice to have someone do all the work for me... Elaine ponders**

Elaine huffs out a sigh of annoyance as she glances at her watch.... Waiting for Max to arrive

"Finally," Elaine mutters to herself... "Damn man better be glad he is hot... or I would have his ass for making me wait..." Elaine turns her attention to the man that walks into the room...

Commanding attention... Max offers his hand to Jed... Then turns his attention to Elaine...
He gives her a thorough up and down look of appreciation... Elaine blushes....

Elaine clears her throat, "Max, please have a seat..."

Max turns his full attention to Elaine... Her cheeks heat... Then his voice rumbles out... "So, I hear you need me here to update my profile." He looks out the window to the driveway... "But I was wondering if Sweet was going to be around... "

Jed looks over from Elaine to Max... Trying to hide his smile... "Dude, she might be.. calm down."

Elaine rolls her eyes... "Men..."

Max sighs heavily... "Okay.. let's get this over with so I can go back on duty. I would hate for Mistress Cecile to find out I was not doing my job or anything."

Elaine hands Max a clip board with some papers... "I need you to fill this out for us Max. It has all the information we need from you."

Max eyes her suspiciously... **What, Elaine has been known to dipping her hand in the cookie jar a few times... lol** Max looks over the sheets, then looks at Elaine... "Why do you need this, I thought you had this on file already...?"

Elaine, knowing that Max has been the one to catch her a few times **with her hands in the pant... I mean cookie jar** gives him that look.... "Well, the computer crashed and we need to update it again.. And besides Mistress Cecile wants it done..." As if to prove her point, she puts emphases on the Mistress's name.

**Max and Jed trade off looks to each other... then both to Elaine**

"Okay, if you say so Elaine..."

Age: 28 years old
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 225 lbs
Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair length: short
Eye color: Blue
Experience: Ask the Mistress

Max hands back the clip board to Jed, "All done, now what about Sweet's..."

Elaine eyes him.... "I guess you're just going to have to wait and see." Turns her attention to Jed.... "Who's next?" while making a shooing motion for Max to leave... "That man is relentless for Sweets..."

Jed, sensing how tired Elaine is getting... goes to join her on the couch....

As if upon cue, the doors opens and in walk a God... Oh wait... now that is....

Luke glides in.... Looking over to the couch... "Princess, I heard you were looking for me..."

Elaine starts blushing... "Uhmmmm... Ahhh... Well...." Her glances go back and forth between Jed... and... Luke....

Luke and Jed share exchanges... friendly... or not... well....

Elaine clears her throat to draw the attention back to the matter at hand.....

"Gentleman.... Please... Jed - desk. Luke - chair... Now."
"Luke, I need you to fill out these forms please. We are updating the system with everyone's information."

Luke's voice is like warm honey..."You know I will do anything for you...." as he runs a finger down my check... Damn that man... How does Mistress Cecile handle all these men is beyond me...

Luke looks into Elaine's eyes... "But you could fill it for me though, you know everything about me..." He shoots Jed an evil smile over the top of my head..... Damn these men...

"Oh damn Luke, just fill out the damn papers." Trying to keep my cool... Damn man...

Luke smirks and starts writing....

Age: 28 years old
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: long enough for you to get a good grip
Eye color: Brown
Experience: I’ve never had any complaints

"Here you go sweetheart," as he hands me the sheet and bends to kiss my cheek. "I’ve got to run, but I’ll see you tonight..."

Luke looks at Jed.... "Later buddy"

Luke leaves office... and Elaine relaxes a bit... Until she heard Jed speak....

"Arrogant ass...."

Oh a dreamy sigh.... "Yes that is a fine ass..... aaahhhh"

Jed growls in back of throat.....

"Oh…uhm..sorry Jed," while the blush continues to stain her cheeks...

Is it hot in here? I think I need a drink..Where’s Caleb?

Oh just want to see who is next......
And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. holy mother of moses what a way to start my morning but by reading this well hello and good morning to me. thank you darling

  2. Can I just come keep Elaine company? I promise I won't touch...

  3. I do think Elaine has the best job ;)

  4. *sticks her head around the door* Hi Jed! You too, Elaine. *smiles and looks around*

    *Jed smirks* Whatcha lookin' for?

    *Sweet's head swivels around to catch his twinklin' eyes*

    Oh, nobody... I mean NOTHING. *she peaks out onto the balcony and catches movement down below patrolling the grounds*

    Well, gotta go! See you guys later! *With a quick air kiss she dashes out of the room*

  5. becca-LOL..glad we could start your morning off with a bang :)

    Rebecccccca-come on over and visit us at the lair anytime ;)

    Blodeuedd-Its a dirty,dirty job...and I do enjoying doing them...err..uhmmm I mean it..hehehe

    Sweet- go find Max..he's been anxiously awaiting your arrival ;)

  6. Elaine...I can wrestle the stubborn ones into submission for you.

    Just letting you know the offer is on the table.


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