Monday, April 19, 2010

Bald Faced Liar, I mean "Creative Writer" Award

Eyre from A Reader's Journey & JennJ at Sapphire Romance Realm tagged me for this challenge to my followers: to see if you know me well enough to pick out the two true statements below amidst the "creativity" of the rest! Sooooo... here is my ten facts of my life!!

  1. I absolutely love the winter time; isn't it the greatest season of all!!
  2. I love dogs but have two tabby cats.
  3. I was once on the high school chess team.
  4. I love to jam out in the car and I really do not care who sees or what they think.
  5. I am one of the world's worst dancers. I virtually have two left feet.
  6. I am highly allergic to the material books are made out of, that is why I had to get an ereader.
  7. I have had one book published ~ under a pen name of course. Erotic style.
  8. I am a single mother, raising a 6 yr old daughter
  9. I use to read my mom's novels when I was a teenager.
  10. I have only met one online blogger - since I started a year ago.
Now let's see you pick out the TWO that are TRUE!!!!!!! How well do I lie..... hummmm.... I will be back in a couple of days to see how you did... And there might even be a little treat in it for the one that can guess!!


    1. LOL I love that picture!

      Congrats Cecile :)

    2. Oh no hard!!! Cecile, you liar ;)
      ok 4 and 10

    3. Congrats Cecile!
      The truth is:
      4. I love to jam out in the car and I really do not care who sees or what they think.
      10.I have only met one online blogger - since I started a year ago.

      Have a great day!

    4. I say 4 and 9 and hon I am shocked, shocked to have no man candy with this post. Is tax season depleting you of your smutty energy?...should I send someone over to take care of you for a bit??

    5. Hey ladies!!! LMBO!!! Yes Leontine, I have to tell you that tax season has really depleted me.... *Sigh* you might have to send over some of the beefcake bartenders to take care of me for a while... *waggles eyebrows*

      I promise to have some eye candy to come... I promise!!!

      Hummm, do I lie very good or what??

    6. HUmmm... I know 4 is true but I'm guessing with 10.

      I was car jamming to Brittany this morning!

    7. I know 4 cause you said so already - and 9 sounds like something you might have done (my first sort of erotic book was Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coehlo which I sneaked out of my dad's studio and read in secret). But ten sounds true too :)

    8. I'm also going with 4 and 9. If you mean with 10 'met in real life' then that one could be true as wel, I remember to have seen some photo's of that meeting :)
      Have a happy Monday, hon!

    9. #4 & #5.

      Tell me how I did!

      LY girlie!!

    10. Hmm well I was able to tell a few of the whoppers but not all lol. HMMMM I'm thinking 4 and 9.

      Hope your having a good one hon BIG HUGS my dear!

    11. C -

      O.K., I'm guessing 4 and 9
      I know you can dance! ;-)


    12. Okay, #4 I know for sure and I'm guessing #9? Hopefully #10 will be true if we get to meet in September!!!

    13. I'm guessing 4 and 9. I hope I'm right from looking at other people's guesses we're all thinking the same thing.

    14. LOL I say 4 but clueless on the ohters. Congrats!

    15. wow.... this is interesting... lol! i give away no hints... but you guys are good! =)

      Patti, I am hoping that if #10 is a lie... we do make it true in September!!!!

      Hope you ladies had a great day!

    16. LOL This is so much fun. But I don't want to guess, I hate guessing! :P

    17. hey Cecile,

      I am guessing that numbers 4 and 9 are true. However I love "I am allergic to the stuff books are made of so I had to get an Ereader" --- thats my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!! lol

    18. Allergic to books? Life is so unfair! Thank goodness for e-readers LOL.

    19. Gosh I have no idea! lol

      Ok - I'm gonna say 4 & 9

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