Saturday, February 27, 2010

The F*cking Dirty on Tavos...

I can not begin to tell you how stoked I am that Ms. Kimber has given me an all access pass with Tavos!!! Can you say Dayyummmmm....

Oh a trip to Belize!! I stop out the plane and I could feel the ocean breeze on my face and smell the tropical breeze filter through the air. Oh the things I do for you girls!!!! **evil laughter**

I pull up at Tavos' estate and let me say that I am shaking in my heels. I go through allllll the security and I mean alll the security. I even see Carlos, his main security guy! And even some other hotties.... A girl has to keep her eyes open - especially around Tavos' place.

I am immediately greeted by Grace! Can you say instance love!!! She is adorable and soooo warm and welcoming. She sees me in the house quickly!

"Tavos, my friend Ce-Ce is here!! Remember what you promised!" I think
the whole house heard her. She is a doll! And what comes bounding down
the stairs... but a beautiful little girl. She is freaking gorgeous...
Okay, can you say envious ~ just a tad!!! =)

"Grace, thank you for letting me come over to your house." I say
beaming my biggest smile I could.

"To our home. Of course I would let you come over." Grace gives me a
big hug. "You're my friend. Wait here." She excitedly taps my sleeve
with her gloved fingers. "I'll go get Tavos."

I am a little nervous about meeting the man who carries a knife like I
carry a purse. But I gather up my nerves and push them away. If this
dainty woman can capture the heart of this wild man, then I can surely
compose a conversation with him.

And on that note, the man himself walks in the tv room. And can you say
OMFGOSH!!!!! Freaking hot hot hot hot and dangerous. Just looking at him
makes me want to run for cover.

"Yeah?" Okay, not one to mince words...

"Travos, I want to thank you for agreeing to meeting with me. I
appreciate it."

"You f*ckin' should." This is being nice, remember.

"Tavos, you promised!" Grace's sweet voice filters through the room
even though the woman was no where to be find. "Ce-Ce's a good friend."

"F*ck. Everyone you meet is a good f*ckin' friend, Duquesa. And you
better remember your own f*ckin' promise of a reward. I'll f*ckin' earn
it. Allowing our private
information to be posted on some f*ckin' blog," he mutters. "Only for my
f*ckin' wife."


I just look outside, waiting for the battle of that word to subside. I
know he is going to use... and I would not expect anything less of him.
That is just who Tavos is: f*ck and knife carry hottie! Anyway... We
settle on the couch with a drink in hand.

Tavos, can you tell us a little about yourself, please. Of course if
you do not want to tell me, I will have a girl chat with Grace before I
leave. **brightly smiling on this note** (The mention of Grace's name
makes him chill out a little)

"My name is Tavos f*ckin' Santos. I design jewelry. I live in Belize.
I'm married to a f*ckin' mad woman and I hate answering f*ckin'
questions. Happy?

No, not really. That tells me nothing. I have been reading about you
through Ms. Kimber's book, how easy did you made it for Ms. Kimber to
pin you down to write about your story?

"Pin me down? What the f*ck does that mean? That this writer woman
knows me? Did she tell you that? She knows f*ck all."

~If you do not know, this man is 110% committed to Grace. The evidence
is all over his face. You can see it when he talks to her, talks about
her and is just around her~
When I read your story, you always that Grace could have done better
than you. Look at her... do you really think you would have let her go
to someone else?

"What is this? True f*ckin' confessions? Did Grace put you up to this?
Then fine. I'd" - he makes a slashing motion across his throat - "any
man daring to touch her. She is mine. She made that choice. She will
honor it."

Now before Ms. Kimber put Grace to pen, there is your Querida, you care
to share with those that have not read her story... what is the deal
with you and her?

"She does not f*ckin' exist. There is no Querida. Where did you get
that f*ckin' name?" He reaches around his back with one hand, taking
out a big knife. The light reflects off the blade. "Tell me where you
heard it and I'll-" Another slashing movement, this time more menacing
with the weapon in his hand.

I swallow hard and decide to ignore him. What is your idea of a perfect
evening out?

"Why would I want to go out? All that I f*ckin' want is here." He
extends his arms.

What makes you the most happy? Or should I say what makes you smile?

"Bunny rabbits and f*ckin' rainbows. What's with these sh*t questions?"

"Tavos" Grace's voice fills the room again.

"F*ck" Tavos rolls his eyes. "Grace, only Grace makes me happy. And
Trella. Our princess is so f*ckin' Grace, I didn't stand a f*ckin'

Do you have a collection of knives?

"Knives are like women. You only need one f*ckin' good one." White
teeth flash in a dark face.

Are you still trying to teach Grace how to throw?

"See this?" He lifts his shirt to show gauze wrapped around a flat
stomach. The man has abs. "What do you f*ckin' think?"

What is one thing you have not done in life... that you want to do?

"What do I want to f*ckin' do? End this f*ckin' interview and reap my
f*ckin' reward." He grins, stroking the scar on his face with the tip
of his knife. "Carlos will show you out." The big man fills the
doorway, his legs braced apart, his arms folded. "Grace," Tavos yells.
"You have ten seconds." He takes the stairs two at a time, a sparkle in
his normally dead eyes. "It is f*ckin' reward time."

Well Tavos, I appreciate you taking time to talk to me. I can not tell
you how much you have been in my dreams, I mean made my dream come true.
((What, he has been the star of a couple, I mean, just look at that
picture... f*ck!!)) If you ever found yourself around my area, you,
Grace and Trella need to stop by. I would love to have you over.
Grace, thank you for helping set this up. {{{hugs to you hon}}}

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  1. Oh my, that you dared to go there Cecile! He sure is intimidating, but so worth it ;)

  2. LOL! So, how's your head after all that tequila at Kris' last night? ;)

  3. Oh Blodeuedd, this man was something else. And the love and devotion he has for Grace is just unbelievable! It was worth it!

    Hey Chris... Oh I am just peachy fine this morning... although I did wake up with a couple of men in my bed, lmbo!!!!!

  4. holy f*ck he's scary...he didn't want to give anything away,it must have been like pulling least he gave you some time to answer questions,even if he was bribed to do it ;)
    Good job Cecile,I bet you had a few drinks after that interview.

  5. oh you naughty naughty girl! Lovin it!



  6. LOL you sooo had me laughing out loud!

  7. Cecile,

    This was awesomely done...I really enjoyed this...interview!

    Big Hugs

  8. Spectacular post! Hope you're having a great day!

  9. Cecile, you are the bravest woman I know. Of all my characters, you wanted to interview...
    He SO doesn't like being interviewed, especially in English. He isn't comfortable with the language and feels he comes across as a f*ckin' idiot.
    It took Grace some talking and she did that only because she adores you so.


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