Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have M.I.A.... and here is why...

I have been absent from my own blog for a while now. I am sorry you guys; really I am. I have been a good girl though as I have tried to visit everyone and comment there.
But the reason behind me not being here is... No, silly... not him... although.... **evil wink**
Ware gearing up for Homecoming.... Not one... but two... And not one... but two birthday parties.... actually three if you count my blog party!!
Back to the dances... My baby girl got invited to go to another schools dance... This is last years picture....
It was one weekend for dress. One afternoon trip after school for shoes. This weekend for accessories, manicure and pedicure... And now we count down the days and figure out details on a daily basis... because if I have learned anything with "kids"... plans change every day!

I will keep you guys posted on how things are going with us and the chaos that I live daily!!! LOL!!!! The life of trails and tribulations of having a 15yr going on 16yr old daughter! Yeesshhh!
But, I will post some things we all need to see, read, here, look at... whatever you want to call it...

First up...Do you see how hot this cover is... Do you want this cover.... I know you want it... Just look at him... Well, if you want it that bad... keep reading!!!

Sophie Renwick needs our help!! I am going to sell my soul to the The Lord of the Underworlds for her!!! LMAO!!! Thought you would like that one Sophie!! LOL!!!
We need to round up our troops and help her books sales... or we might miss out on book 2... That is right... read....

This is from her site:
"Now, I know it's months, and months away, but I just got word that my publisher and I won't be going to contract for book 2 in the Immortals of Annwyn series till they find out the number of pre-orders. In layman's terms that means, 'if the bookstore pre-orders are good, we'll go to contract, if not, we'll see what sales are like'."

Please go to either of these sites and pre-order your book today!!!
You are sooo going to love this series.... And believe me, it is amazing! The woman is a fantastic author and a wonderful friend!!

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Velvet-Haven-Book-Annwyn-Chronicles/dp/0451229185

Chapters http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Annwyn-Chronicles-1-Velvet-Haven-Sophie-Renwick/9780451229182-item.html?ref=Books%3a+May+We+Recommend

Also ladies, do not forget to mark your calendars for November 2nd... You need to head over to Lust In Time ~why~ because on Monday, November 2nd the LIT Ladies (along with their devilish hell of a gorgeous resident Lord of the Manor) will be hosting an all-day event to celebrate the release of the first volume in the "Celtic Spice" series, WINTER'S DESIRE!

Now, also don't forget to go to Charlotte Featherstone's place... She left some more crumbs... but these crumbs were not included in the book... this is just for our viewing pleasures... Of Sinful...

Barbara at Happliy Forever After posted a while back Upcoming Releases... You need to check this out... why you might ask, because Barbara redid her place and it is freaking fantastic!!!!
Just look at her new banner.... Oh My Freaking Gosh!!! She is amazing and just wait till I show you what else this woman did.... Don't forget to go there.... Now... to get another good look at what Barbara can do... She did this for VampFanGirl... Check it out... and check out VampFanGirl's place while you are there....

Then... if you think Barbara is great... another reason Barbara is awesome!!! Look at what she did for Anna... She is amazing!!!
Now, if you head over to Amdnda McIntyre's place... she is Building A Hero... Thanks to Leontine for giving her the foundation! It is amazing story... you must go there and read it...


  1. Oh my goodness you've got a lot going on!!! Your daughter is so cute! I think I'll have it easier with my son than a daughter (that's still several years down the road, whew!).

    Ms. Renwick is a new-to-me author, I'll head over and check out her site. Now that I'm a fangirl of Charlotte Featherstone, I'll be spending more time at her place too!

    And wow, Barbara is one talented lady - those blogs are gorgeous!

  2. Great post Cecile :=)
    We never had any dances like that at my school, what a shame, but I did save a lot on pretty dresses. I hope she will have a great time.

    And yes some awesome headers Barbara did there

  3. Hi Cecile! It's good to have you back :)
    Hope everything goes well with those dances.

  4. Awww...Cecile your girl is so adorable! LOVE the dress...I wish we still got to do homecomings and proms even though we are out of school! lol

  5. Thanks for the pimping of Velvet Haven. Geesh, I'm not good at pimping, and this is the part of writing that really doesn't appeal to me. But thanks for makign it easy!!!!

    Proms. We only had one, which is senior prom, and in Canada we don't have Homecoming. I wish we did.

    Now your daughter...what a beautiful girl. I can't wait to see this year's dress.

    My daughter is 10. I have a few more years in which to think about this. I wonder if by this time she'll have quit asking her dad to carry her to bed! :)

  6. Brooke is beautiful!!! I think the next 2-3 yrs at your house are going to be very interesting;)

  7. Cecile your daughter is beautiful.You have alot going on this month,don't forget to take some time for yourself.

    I'm looking forward to Velvet Haven.But I don't think I'll pre-order from Chapters,their pre-order charges have changed and are insane.Its like another $8.So the bookdepository here I come :)

    Have a great day!!

  8. Woot! Woot! Lots of cool stuff happening with the LIT ladies and Sophie Renwick. I'm so excited for their upcoming releases. Awesome pimpage, girl!!

    Ooooo and Brooke looks gorgeous! I'm lovin' her dress. Homecoming at my high school wasn't nearly so glamerous.

    Barbara's racking up one hell of a portfolio!!

    Miss you!!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  9. Your daughter is beautiful. These special moments in her life...the dances, dresses and manicures will be made even more special because she has you! You are one terrific mom, Cecile....be proud. Your daughter will never forget this! :)

  10. Hi Cecile!!! You have your hands full sounds like but in a good way! Such memories you are building with your girl that's wonderful! She is beautiful just like her mom! :)

    Thanks for the heads up on the Sophie Renwick news gee yet another series they are wanting to stop UGH what is wrong with the publishing world lately??????

    And oh WOW I just can't say how beautiful Barbara's work is she's such an amazing lady all the way around! BRAVO!!!

  11. Patti~ Hey honey! Oh, a lot going on for sure! Thank you, she is my baby! Yea, a lot easier with your son than the daughter... They are something else!! LMAO!!

    Oh, if you have not checked out Ms. Renwick's place, you must. I implore you to you there!!! She is awesome! OMG... Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone rocks it out in that book!!!! LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!

    Yes, Barbara freaking rocks!!! She is amazing!

  12. Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Oh, no dances like that at your school =( That really is a shame! But you are right about saving some money on dresses! But still... I am hoping that she will have a blast... Let me re-say that... She will have a blast!
    I hope you had a great night and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  13. Hey Host! It is nice to be back! It is nice to see you back too ;)
    I will take tons of pics! And email will be coming soon!
    Have a great night honey and a wonderful Wednesday!

  14. Monroe~ Hey honey!
    Thank you honey! Her dress last year really was precious! Yea, I loved dressing up for a "your day" kinda thing! I wish we still had those kind of things too... proms for adults... lol!
    Hope you are having a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

  15. Sophie! Hey honey!
    You are more than welcome for the pimpage!!! There will be more pimpage in the future!!! You don't have to be good at pimping when you have friends like this! =)
    Oh, I wish you would have Homecomings too. They are wonderful.... for now... until I lose my mind with daughter driving me nuts!!! She is something else! She is a very pretty young woman. That will drive me nuts!!!

    ""My daughter is 10. I have a few more years in which to think about this. I wonder if by this time she'll have quit asking her dad to carry her to bed! :)"" Don't count on it... We still tuck her in every once in a while (because if I say all the time, she may not like that, lol) and kiss her good night!

    I hope you have a great day and a wonderful tomorrow!

  16. Mandi! Hey honey!
    Thank you! Oh honey, stick around... my life is only to get interesting as the moments go by!!! I am sure of it, lmao!!!

    I hope you have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

  17. Elaing8!! Hey honey!
    Thank you! There is a lot going on this month in my house!! WOW.... honey.. time out for myself.. What is that?!?! LOL

    Oh, honey you are not the only one looking forward to Velvet Haven.
    That woman has me on my knees waiting for that book!!! Ouch... $8 extra bucks... yea... I would go with the bookdepository too!

    Oh and do not forget to come back for my party!!!!
    I hope you had a great night and have a wonderful tomorrow!

    Have a great day!!

  18. VampFanGirl
    Girl, don't you just love that cover and that damn book!!! That woman is something else!!!

    Thank you! She is my baby! That is her favorite part of the whole thing... dress shopping and I can NOT forget SHOE shopping!!! LMAO she is a typical woman in the making!!

    Honey, I miss you too!!! Hopefully my time management is going well!
    I hope you had a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

  19. Hey Missy! Thanks for coming!
    Thank you honey! You are right... I am enjoying every moment... although there are times when I want to ring her next!! LOL!!! But she is enjoying herself and yes the memories are priceless!

    I am just glad that I am still "kinda cool" to hang around them!! LMAO!!!

    Thank you very much, those comments warm my heart! Thank you!
    I hope you had a great day my friend and have a wonderful tomorrow!

  20. Hey JennJ!!! Thanks for coming from under the umbrella!!! =) Glad I could give you shelter for a while!
    Hands full... oh yea! But yea, the memories are priceless!!! She is truly an amazing person and my best friend! Thank you very much!

    Oh honey... I am glad to give this woman props, she is awesome!! These publishing people are really getting on my nerves, they need to ask us before they decide to do that!!

    Yes, props goes to Barbara! She is amazing!!!
    I hope you had a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

  21. Our daughters are the same age.15 going on 16 (next year February for mine) and it's school holidays today so of course we had to go do the nails.(not allowed to have long nails school time) so I took her and a friend and then picked them up after with the longest nails.I was not impressed nor were they.The lady made them so looong and they both look 35 or something.Then Shan got oil under the one nail while searching for something.She used a bottled water in the car to clean up then closed the bottle.Some oil still in cap which was then drunk by big brother who then got a runny stomach.This is now just the first day of holidays!!!!

  22. Yvette~ Oh hon...sounds like the holidays are starting off just "great" for you! LOL!
    Isn't life with a teenager just wonderful! We all tease each other with the stages of life, terrible twos... things like that... Hump... no one told me about these years! LOL!!! But oh the memories I do remember when she was little and even now. It is priceless!
    Thanks for coming over! Miss ya! Hope the house is going better for you!

  23. Thank goodness, I have at least 6 more years till the dance stuff starts. Hang in there and have tons fun! You did get mommy a mani-pedi too right ;)

  24. Hey Hon!

    Just stopping by to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you!

    Awesome blog today!

    I'll write a Private E when I get home from Vacation!



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