Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An ABC Meme.....

I have been tagged by Blanche at There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Share your ABC’s.

3. Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs.

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Available or single? Neither... at least my husband would not think so....

Best Friend? My daughter, Brooke

Cake or Pie? Oh damn... Cake... Yellow Cake batter (yea, I love the lick the bowl!) and Milk Chocolate Frosting!

Drink of choice? Water... At least that is what the good girl in me is saying! The evil girl is screaming Kool-Aid!!!!

Essential item for every day use? Besides my computer/laptop.... My hair clippy thing or rubber band... Hair has to be out of my face!

Favorite color? Pink.... (purple & gold)

Google? Yea... I google, even though I misspell the name sometimes... lol!

Hometown? Labadieville, Louisiana... grew up there until I was 8.

Indulgences? Okay, I am glad that there is an "s" at the end of that word! Okay, you ready... Books, Chocolate, Books, Chocolate, did I mention Books.... Food, LSU!

January or February? I guess February...

Kids and their names? 1, Brooke

Life is incomplete without? Agreeing with Blanche... Family, Friends, Great food, good wine, lots of laughter, and books!

Marriage date? May 29th

Number of siblings? Oh wow, you ready for this one... One half sister - older, One half brother - older, One step-sister - older and One step-brother - older. Yep, I am the baby and the only one that is whole! LMAO!!!

Oranges or apples? Apples

Phobias and fears? Crawly things. No fears... Oh wait... scary movies!

Quote for the day? "Grab life by the horns and ride the bull"

Reason to smile? God allows me to wake up every day!

Season? Oh really... Fall Rocks!

Tag 3 people? Mandi, Leontine and Blodeuedd

Unknown fact about me? I use to eat ketchup with potato chips and scramble eggs when I was younger
Vegetable you hate? Lima Beans
Worst habit? Sometimes, I am to OCD... Clean freak
X-rays you’ve had? Back, Head and neck
Your favorite food? Italian food! - Blanche are we related!
Zodiac sign?Scorpio


  1. Great answers there :)
    Did mine too, and it sure made me ache for chocolate

  2. Ahh..I've been tagged.

    I love your quote!!

  3. I loed reading your answers, Cecile!! LOL!! My kids and I dip love any kind of dip. I've had ketchup with my chips before...shhhh...LOL! ((hugs))

  4. This was a nice meme - those are some fun facts about you!

  5. Hi Cecile,
    I loved your answer for "N" - your the only whole one - LOL!

    We are both Scorpios. You must have a birthyday coming up so... Happy Early Birthday!

  6. Yuck! I hate crawly thingies too Cecile!!! *shivers* Bugs in general gross me out!

    This meme is really cool. I enjoyed reading some new things about you girl! You're whole! LMAO!!!

    (((HUGS))) VFG

  7. Inhteresting answers Cecile! Love the one about siblings :) And I have similar indulgences

  8. Cecile, that was neat!! Clean freak? Ummmm, we better meet on your home turn 'cause my place is usually full of dust bunnies, dog hair and laundry that I've folded and put away. Bad me.....

  9. Cecile: Are you ready for this? My favorite cake is yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting. I have never met anyone else that likes it! I am also a Scorpio, and my favorite food is Italian. My favorite color is pink, fall is my favorite season.
    Are you sure we're not related? :-)

  10. ~Blodeuedd
    Hey Honey! Thanks! =)
    Oh... I can always go for chocolate... We dont even have to talk about it... and I want it!!

    Yes honey, you have been tagged... Sorry I did not get to you sooner... I had to post at 4 in the morning and I was not up to sent out the email to you! Sorry!

    Oh Barbara... you are anything but boring honey!!! I absolutely adore you!!! Thank you! Oh... so you like ketchup too!!!

    I do have to say, this was a nice meme to do! I enjoyed it.

    Hi!! Hope you stick around! "N" - yep that would be me... the whole one!!! Oh, I love Scorpios!!! When is your b-day!! Stick around there is going to be party...!! Nice to meet you!

    Thanks for tagging me. I had a blast!!!

    Oh yea... double yuck! This was a really cool meme to do. I enjoyed it... And I made my answers a little more than one answer, so it was fun! I love being the whole one!! Thanks for the hug!

    Hey honey!!! We share so many things!!!

    ~Charlotte Featherstone
    Hey Honey!!! How have you been? It's okay where we met... because I am sure cleaning will be the last thing on my mind!!! Oh Lord Craven Moore... or Oh my man Lindsay!!!! LOL!!!!


    We HAVE to be related!!!!!! OMG.... this is amazing!!! I can not believe your things are the same as mine!! That is awesome!!! Go us!!!

  11. *shudder* I hate things that crawl, or jump like grasshopers. Darn Indian Jones ruined me for all insects. And cake is def better than pie!

  12. crawly things are icky, but not nearly as icky as slithery things. Is that a word, slithery?

    I have run across a couple of scorpions recently, YUK! so maybe crawly things are worse than originally said. :)

  13. ~Smokinhotbooks
    Oh honey, I can not stand things that crawl!!! OR scurry across the floor or slither... (thanks Erika, lol!)
    But I do like that you stopped by! Hope you enjoy it here!!

    Slithery is a word and if it is not... we will put in the dictionary!!! Yuck!
    Hey, us Scorpios are not so bad, lmao!!! ((My zodiac sign!)) But yea, I would squish it! If it crawls, its getting squished!
    I am glad that you stopped by and I hope you enjoyed it! Also hope to see you around more often!

  14. Great answers this is so much fun getting to read these and learn more about ya! :)

    Hope you have a great one my friend BIG HUGS!

  15. Hi Cecile!

    Excellent meme, lol! Chocolate is on mine as well. I like to dip in chocolate milk shake, okay, I guess that makes me a freak, but I also passed it along to my daughter. We're the ones sitting in the back to the restaurant dipping fries in our shake. lol.

    Dottie :)

  16. Oh girl, you tagged me 0-0 Love the MEME but you really want to know all that about me LOL I got belly cramp from laughter as I read your sibling answer...cause it sounds so like my family :)

    I will take it upon me to do this MEME ASAP!

  17. Hey Cecile!

    Great answers. This was a fun meme to do. lol

    Thanks for sharing all your secrets.


  18. Hey, Cecile, what a cool meme!

    Loved your answers... I am a mustard gal.

  19. Thanks, Cecile, I had fun w/ this one.


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