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Guest Post: Beneath the Surface by Joya Fields

Thanks very much for hosting me today on All I Want and More Books to chat about girlfriends and friendships. I’ve been lucky enough to have lots of girlfriends in my life. Through my school years, I had what I’d consider close friends, but never a best friend. I envied girls who were so close that everyone knew instantly that they were “besties.” I also came to realize that the reason I was never drawn to that tight of a girlfriend relationship was because I had built-in best friends: my two sisters.

My sisters and I are close in age—one is two years younger, and the other five—and the age difference disappeared once we became adults. However, I must admit, I am still the bossy older sister. Since they’re both taller than I am, I don’t think I intimidate them much, though.

We’ve done some really cool things together, and I think it’s the sort of things that besties do. First and foremost, we’re there for each other for the happiest of times, and the toughest of times. We offer a shoulder to cry on, a hug when things are rough, and a high-five and girl’s night out on the town to celebrate the great stuff.

There’s something about the support of sisters, too. An unconscious connection. My sisters are both runners, and talked me into trying it out. Before long, we were running races together. My youngest sister always won—she’s speedy. I take full credit for her speed because I think I taught her to be fast by chasing her when we were little.

Then it was my turn to try a marathon. 26.2 miles and a goal of completing it in under four hours. My sister helped me train for months, jogging beside me for hours. When marathon weekend arrived, she got a babysitter for her little girl, traveled to Washington, DC with me, spent the night in a hotel with me to ensure a good night’s rest before the big day, and then cheered me on from different spots along the route. She met me at the finish line with a big smile and a water bottle.

This, I’m guessing, is what best friends do. Share in the journey of an accomplishment, and help celebrate the milestones and victory. Or cry along when things don’t go as planned.

In my debut novel, my heroine, Brooke, heads to Florida to spend time with her best friend, Linda. Two years earlier, Brooke lost most of her leg in an accident, and Linda helped push Brooke through the pain and recovery. After a boat explosion in Florida leaves Linda injured, Brooke cancels all of her plans to be by Linda’s side, and find out who was behind the explosion. Of course, since this is romance, there’s a good-looking policeman involved in the situation, too.

That’s what friends are for, right? They’re by your side at the best of times, but more importantly, they’re by your side at the worst of times too. I’d love to hear about your best friend, what you think is the best part of having friends, or any topic you’d like to discuss. 

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Beneath the Surface
By Joya Fields

She’s fighting to stay independent—he’s determined to protect her no matter what…

Brooke Richards survived the earthquake that took her parents and most of her leg, but she needs time to regroup. A trip to Florida for a state-of-the-art prosthesis and to visit her best friend Linda seems ideal. But the trip turns traumatic when Brooke witnesses Linda’s boat disintegrating in a fiery explosion.

Police officer Garrett Ciavello believes the blast was intentionally set to hide something Linda found on a dive. When Brooke offers her expertise in underwater archeology, Garrett accepts her help with the investigation. But since his fiancée’s death years ago, Garrett has become overprotective, and as they are drawn to each other, Garrett realizes he will risk anything to keep Brooke safe.

Brooke is fiercely independent. Garrett is fiercely protective. Will they heal each other’s wound and find a killer…before it’s too late?

About the Author:
Joya Fields has had over 100 stories and articles published in local and national magazines and her debut novel, BENEATH THE SURFACE, a romantic suspense, released in January, 2012. LOVE DELIVERED, a romantic comedy, is also now available.

Over the years, Joya has taught arts and crafts, worked in public relations, owned a daycare center, helped her children raise prize-winning 4-H livestock, competed in three marathons, and even spent a year as a Baltimore Colts cheerleader. Joya loves spending time with her high school sweetheart/husband of over twenty years, two very supportive children, and a pug who follows her everywhere.

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  1. hi popping in to say have a great weekend

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  2. Thanks so much for hosting me today, Cecile! Wow, you have some smokin' hot photos on this page. Yum.

  3. Drat - I'd love to have a sister - don't suppose you'd be willing to share one? My best friend and I live on opposite coasts, and can't chat as much since she had kids, but I know she'll always be there for me. And I've talked her through a broken engagement, being abandoned in Europe by a guy, major illnesses and marital rough spots. All in a day's work!

  4. Hi Christi! Thanks so much for stopping by. LOL, sure, I'll share my sisters. They'd welcome you with open arms. That must be a terrific feeling knowing that your best friend will always be there for you. Qualitiy, not quantity of time, right?
    Thanks very much for your comment. :)

  5. Great post.Beneath the Surface sounds really good.
    I have two sisters.Only really close to one.Weird but as kids I was closer to the other sister,but as adults I'm closest to my eldest sister.

  6. Elaing8-
    It's tough to stay close as adults because we all get so busy, don't we? Glad you still have sisters who are also friends. Funny about being closer to them at different times.
    Thanks so very much for stopping by and for taking time to read the excerpt from Beneath the Surface. Happy weekend to you!

  7. While I'm close with all of my sisters, (I have four) I seem to be closer to my sister who is only one year older than I am...or it could be that she lives across the street. LOL. Enjoyed your excerpt.

  8. Wow another awesome book to read. I can't wait to read this book. It sounds very good.

  9. @Katherine: Wow! Four sisters? Lucky you to be close with all of them an physcially close to your one-year-older sis. Must make borrowing a cup of sugar (or tequila?!) easy. Thanks very much for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. :)

    @Tore: Thanks very much for stopping by to comment and for your kind words about Beneath the Surface. :)

  10. I wonder what she found now, and lucky her to get hunky protection


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