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Review: Safeword - Rainbow by Candace Blevins

Tyler and Vivian have found each other again after a three day fling three years ago. They think they are ideally suited for each other and go forward to try to make a relationship work. And then they realize that Tyler was expecting a 24/7 total power exchange relationship and Vivian will never be a 24/7 submissive.

They want to make a relationship work, but how can they get past this? As they try to find a compromise Vivian must deal with what a Total Power Exchange means, even if it is only a part time power exchange. And Tyler must decide if he can be okay with a sometimes Master and sometimes boyfriend relationship. Will they find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Okay, you know how I start my review off with some type of warning about short stories... Well, this book is no different. The only thing that is different is the warning. If bdsm is not your thing... then I love ya and I know you love me but you don't have to read this review (cuz this book may not be for you). With that said... if bdsm is your thing ~ even a little, then please keep reading... And remember your safeword is Rainbow.

Ms. Blevins penned a very white/dark bdsm tale. I will compare it to the chocolate I love so much... White chocolate is just that... white, light, sweet, dreamy... All white and pure. The adventure Viv and Tyler will take you on... well some of it will be white chocolate. To watch them learn to grow for each other. To watch them fall in love with each other. And to watch them lose themselves to each other is just like that white piece of chocolate.

Viv is a very independent woman. Very sure of herself and her life career. She is serious in her work - it is her life. But her lifestyle is a whole lot different than that. She is into the bdsm style of living. Can Viv manage the life she wants, the life she needs and the life she desires all in one?

Tyler is a Dom. Period. A 24/7 Dom. He enjoys the lifestyle but knows that his career comes first. But one night at a club in a little town... Tyler loses himself to a woman he barely even knows. But the connection is there and has been made by him.

Now comes the dark chocolate... This side made me squirm some, it made me question my own "limit" and it made me see another side of the bdsm world. Dark chocolate, as some of us know, has some bite to it. Made to be sweet sometimes, but mostly made to be bitter than most. The world in which Viv and Tyler embark on is very dark. There is no vanilla in here.

Ms. Candace did an awesome job at keeping the threshold "just there" with the way she told the story. This is a love story, never fear that... and for a love story to happen, two people have to fall in love. Well, to watch these two is very intriguing to say the least... Because Viv, like most women, does not want to lose themselves to a man... And not just to any man... A Dom who wants his sub to be his 24/7. Can two people meet in the middle to make their relationship work? It was truly a joy to watch them struggle over that fact. Because let's face it, that is real life. Hell, any relationship for that matter is work... so this one was very refreshing to see that it was made of real life... Not sugar and spice and everything nice....

But Ms. Candace did push some buttons for me... in the right way or wrong way... No. She just pushed them to get me to think. She made me see another facet to the bdsm world. One I think I will pass on because those things were just not for me... but I saw them working for Viv and Tyler (and other couples like them). It just opened a new window for me... I will tell you this, if you know how far your limits are.. then you can read this book and not worry about it hurting you... This truly is a very good story. It goes back to my chocolate.... the white/dark working on either end. It worked, then it didn't work. I wanted soft and sweet, the book gave me hard and pain. But then like Viv, the thought of pain... kinda was a turn on. So... you will have a lot of up in the air about it! But I hope you don't safeword out of it... because it truly is an amazing story!

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  1. BDSM - I guess I find it fascinating because it has to do with the allocation of power - and not necessarily physical. However, not sure if it's for me.

    That being said, I loved your review! And I will definitely be keeping an eye on the book, it seems fascinating!

    Love your blog as well - you got yourself a new follower! :)

  2. I'm reading this book now, really just getting started. The opening scene at the club? Wow. Intense stuff. I was sore just reading it!! Great review, hun!

  3. you will have to tell me your secret shopping place for all these great books

  4. Nikola~ Hey there! Welcome...
    You are right and you have to know where you stand with your own limits to read a BDSM book. Because if you are not, then they will make you feel uncomfortable. But reading this did open up new levels of the BDSM for me. Not that those levels would be for me... but... Hey to each's own right!?! =)
    Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to seeing more of your comments in the future! And thanks for becoming a follower!

    Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey honey! Ohhhhh, now you know I will be watching to see your thoughts on this book! Oh yea... that first scene, I felt sets the stage for the book... and you will not want to put it down. You may.. but you will want to know what happens!
    Thanks for stopping by honey!

  5. becca~ Hehehe! I promise there are no secret places, but if you want I can send you the link! =) Thanks for peeking in today!

  6. Nice review.

    I think my buttons could not handle this, I think I need something lighter first

  7. I like reading m/m bdsm, but not m/f.

  8. Sounds interesting,I'll have to check it out.
    Great review.

  9. Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Thank you! Yes, I know your reading taste, and this one is probably not for you.... but it a great book!

    Chris~ Oh damn... you can play pretend, lmbo!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! It is a great book! Make sure you read it!

  10. If I enjoyed Wild, Wicked and Wanton by Jaci Burton this one should not be a problem Cecile... Your white and dark chocolate analogy was a stroke of sheer poetic genius my dear lady... And I now want to read this particular book, some day!

    have a good weekend and stay warm, think you are colder than we are right now but some of your books should warm you up!

  11. We were talking about this yesterday and after reading this review I'm curious...I'll have to read one to find out if I'd like it...why not this one, right?

    Thanks for the great review...they're always's what keeps me coming back again and again that and the eye candy! ;-)


  12. This book definatly sounds like it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Those types tend to make me squirm in my seat. Like when I watch scary movies through my fingers.
    The reviews sound great but intense. I'm curious now. Thanks for the review. I've been eyeing this one.

  13. Bdsm stories aren't my thing but I loved your review, Cecile.

    Hope you're well.

  14. jackie b central texas~ Hey honey! Oh damn, you are making me want to read that next then... Damn! =) I am glad that you liked the analogy of my chocolate. I thought that would help people to see the difference in types. Thanks for peeking in honey!
    I stayed warm honey! Believe me, I stayed warm! =) My reading was... hot!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey! Yes, we were! This is an awesome book to see how far you would go. I mean seriously, we all say we love to be spanked and such... but this brought it to a whole new level for me! But it is worth the read if you can take the heat!

    Janeen~ Hey honey! Oh, it was a little out of my comfort zone, but it was worth it. Because there is always a darker side to every situation and it was good to see it from another point of the view! Thanks for coming over honey!
    And yes, you may want to read this one with one hand covering your eyes, lol! But the love is worth it!

    Tracy~ Hey honey! Well, I am just glad that you stopped by honey! It is always nice to see familiar faces!


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