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Review: Hot Fusion by Cristal Ryder

Hot Fushion
Cristal Ryder

After fleeing her hometown years ago, Kara Sinclair has returned to breathe life back into the bakery her deceased grandmother left behind. She has a history in this town—one that involves her one true love. A boy she’d thought she’d give her life to before circumstance got in the way. She needs to focus on her task, but one look at Maxwell Stone and all the old feelings return. And it isn’t long before she can think of nothing else but reigniting the passion they once shared.
Max never understood what drove Kara away all those years ago, and once she returns to their Canadian hometown, he’s hell bent on getting her back into his life…and his bed. But when he uncovers the reason she left him behind, he must decide if he can move on from the past and trust his heart with the only woman he’s ever loved.

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I obtained the above information from Ms. Cristal's website!

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review..

I received this book for my honest thoughts and words... So here goes!

Ms. Cristal is one of my favorite authors... So, I was tickled when she asked me to read Hot Fusion! Of course I said yes! But I do have to say that I was disappointed..... ****pause... pause....**** Why, because I wanted more damnit!!! This is a short story, but one that does not hold back anything and gives you everything. Ms. Cristal's writing style always keeps me in suspense as to what is to come when I turn the pages of one of her stories and this one is no different. And even though I wanted more, I had to trust Ms. Cristal to know how much to give me to leave me wanting more...

I will give you a peek into Kara and Max's story. You will meet two people who were made for each other. But a dark secret that Kara kept is what haunts them till the present day. Can love over come hurt and mistrust? Can two people learn to forgive and forget and move on with each other, or will their pride get in the way of what could be a beautiful reunion? This is a story of coming home. Rekinlding an old love. Could it be what it once was? Well, allow me to let Kara and Max show you what their story of what "coming back home" truly means.

Kara is the one that ran.... Ran until she eventually wound up on another continent. Hurt, heartache, and just plain beat up emotionally, she decided to focus on the one thing she knew was a steady - her cooking skills. But with the passing of her Gram and inheriting the family business.... It forces Kara to face her demons and put them away.... And it also forces her to look within herself and take what she truly believes to be hers..... Max.

Max is the one that had his heart ripped out and trampled on. He knew one day he would get the answers to his burning question, "why did you leave?" he knew one day things would come together for him, he just didn't expect for his world to be turned upside down in a matter of a fews days... All be cause he never stop loving her.... Kara.

Ms. Cristal did a great job at giving me a taste of old fashion romance. A taste of past hurt, regretful decisions and a whole dose of growing up. She proved to us that love always deserves a second chance - no matter how stubborn we are. We also watch as Kara stands up to her demons and Max... Well, he gets what's coming to him ~ Kara! The story is so well penned, that you will fall in love all over again!

This story might be short, but it is packed with enough heat to make you go to bed with the air condition on... Or better yet... It might make you go to bed naked and have some of your own Hot Fusion! If you are looking for a quick little short read that will make you fall in love, leave you hungry for some pasties and thirsty for some delicious wine ~ then this is a story you will want to read!

To see more about Ms. Cristal, please go visit her website!!

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  1. Great review Cecile. Sounds like Cristal has another winner :D

  2. Wow, thanks Cecile! I'm so glad you like Kara and Max's story.

    Elaing8 I hope you get to read it too. Give Cecile a little nudge...I'm sure she can be coerced.


  3. Hey Elaine! hey honey! This one does sound very good because it is!!! Hugs to you!

    Cristal! Ohhhhh you evil woman! Coerced me.... How well do you know me! It was awesome honey! And I did fall in love with Kara and Max!
    Hugs to you honey! And I will be looking for more to come!!!

  4. awwww sounds like a cute short story. ^.^

  5. Great review! I am a fan of short stories. You get just the story with none of the page fillers.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  6. Oh there's more don't worry about that Cecile ;)

    Thanks Carole and Kristin. I do like writing short stories - instant gratification ;)


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